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The very thought of moving out during these times of the pandemic and socializing could be unwelcoming and exhausting. How then do you flex your mind, muscle, and body when you know you need some time to relax and enjoy the breeze? Our guest today knows just how to get your social selves to enjoy quality time while keeping your pandemic fears in control!

Join Bryan Murphy on this episode of Hawaii’s Best as he interviews Michael Klem, owner of Land & Sea Golf, based in California and Hawaii. He is a sales and marketing professional focussed in the golf, resort, & corporate markets.

Michael shares that golf is that therapeutic sport you could resort to during these trying times of the virus. And though his business Land & Sea, started in California, he says, it developed in Hawaii. By also discussing his personal experiences with the sport and the impact of the pandemic on his business, he elaborates on why Hawaii is the perfect travel destination for golf and sea lovers alike! Also, know how he finds balance and rhythm with managing the multiple areas he owns and runs his business in.

Living by the ocean and playing golf in the soothing Hawaiin air is sure a priceless luxury you could choose. And for those of you who feel out of place with the “big bright-pink Nike t-shirt” and attire, Michael is totally someone you can connect with for better tips on enjoying both the sea and a round of golf on the same day. Today, tune in for a fun conversation and get a closer picture of life in Hawaii!

Now that so much has been said about Hawaii and it’s love for golf, wouldn’t you wish to know what those must-visit places are that would give you reasons to come back again? For Michael, Kahuku is a sure shot if you have eyed a freshening and enjoyable visit for its wonderful people and ambiance. Need more options? Continue to listen through as Michael shares his favorites with us!


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Bryan Murphy 0:00

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Hawaii's Best 0:33

Welcome to Hawaii's Best travel podcast where we help you prepare for your next trip to Hawaii. Discover the experiences businesses and stories that make Hawaii the Aloha state. And now your host, Brian Murphy.

Bryan Murphy 0:48

Hello and welcome to Episode 47 of Hawaii's Best. So glad that you are tuning in today. Today I am joined with Michael Clem, who is the owner of land and sea golf with locations in Carmel by the sea, California and in Honolulu that recently just opened up back in November of 2020. On today's episode, we talk all about that opening up of that new location. We also talked about the current golf, climate and culture, how right now is an incredible time to pick up the game of golf. And especially if you're traveling to Hawaii, some of the best courses in the world are located on the islands. And getting out there on the courses. You not only got to look good doing it, you got to feel good too. And that's where land and sea golf come into play with their incredible attire and golf gear. This is gonna be a fun one. You want to make sure you go to land and see golf.com where you can check out everything that Michael and his team have going on over there. So let's go ahead and we're going to head on over and we're going to talk story with Michael from land and sea golf.

Michael, thank you so much for coming on Hawaii's Best today. How was the holidays for you?

Michael Klem 2:21

I was really good. I got to spend a lot of time in California and heading back to Hawaii. Now. This is the first time in a couple years where I haven't been out in Hawaii for Christmas. So a little different for me excited to head back.

Bryan Murphy 2:32

So land and sea golf. This is something that actually started in California, correct?

Michael Klem 2:38

Yeah, you know, I would say it was kind of developed more or less in Hawaii. Okay, I moved out there in 2008. I went and played college golf for BYU Hawaii, which is a campus up on the North Shore of Oahu. I lived up at Turtle Bay, the condos there which is super close to golf course and the North Shore and surf and everything and I went to college out there finished up I ended up staying out there and working as a sales rep for a golf surf company called link soul. They're based in Oceanside, California and kind of deep roots in the surf culture and then a lot and then golf also. So I worked out there for about two or three years. And you know, as I was selling, you know, this golf clothing company to you know, all the different like resorts and mostly like resort shops and beach shops. And so lots of like Turtle Bay and like, it was kind of cool to see how this brand which is a little more lifestyle and the golf space was able to kind of translate into like, you know, a little more of a surf culture, we get a lot of like hybrid shorts and products like that. So I always had this thought of like incorporating this brand with a lot of other like like minded brands into kind of a retail concept. You know, I was always super impressed by some of the really cool like surf boutique retail out there like meelo down in town is super cool, a little hot exchange and quiet. Like we have these really, really more destination retail like you go to the shop because they have really cool stuff and their vibe and their Instagrams really cool. And I was like you know, there's really is nothing like that for the golf. You know, all these golf shops are pretty cookie cutter, kind of basic, more like club driven, not less about like the style and like, the nice thing about Hawaii is you can wear a T shirt most places when you play and wear shorts, it's not so much about like tuck your shirt in Polo, where you can kind of wear that weird untucked and wearing you know, aloha shirt want to play. So I kind of thought that it was a space for that more lifestyle retail and the goal of the little golf focus. And so I will you know, as I was out there, I thought about it. And then my wife who's from the wahoo sharees. She's funny, okay, we got married three years ago, and so I was kind of in a transition of taking over the California territory for link so I was going to still keep Hawaii but I needed to move to California. So with that I can kind of pick where I want to live. The company was based in Southern California, but since I do sales, it can pick up Wherever I want to live, so we picked Pebble Beach just because while there's epic golf in this area, and I figured if I was gonna, you know, commute around the state and commute to Hawaii, like where would I want to be on the weekends if I had to live in California, so we chose this area. About a year after being here, we kind of decided to roll out that land and sea concepts and open a store May of last year in Carmel by the sea, which is pretty close to where we live. And we rolled that out pretty cool launch, we did it right before the US Open, which was at Pebble Beach that year, couple pool parties and kind of rolled up from there and some of the concepts and like we always kind of wanted to have a little Hawaii influence, you know what, pretty well. And then about six or eight months after that, we were like, okay, let's, you know, we always want to do one Hawaii. So we kind of started to develop that one. And now we open that Honolulu location was supposed to open early, early 2020, then, and then, you know, COVID happen

Bryan Murphy 5:53

in though that that location recently opened, correct.

Michael Klem 5:57

Yeah, it was slated to open march of 2020. Like, perfect timing. Right, right. Yeah, like we're gonna open the end of the month, we got everything done definitely, like, early April was the timeframe. You know, we were kind of I was there really, like, early March, just like finishing up a couple things with the painter, getting ready to ship, you know, ships and fixtures in picking up a couple things that I was getting made on the island. And then they're all scheduled dropped back, I was gonna fly back for a week two, just to California to get some work stuff done, and then come right back out that, you know, the whole world was it, March 16 1718, everything just started to shut down. And then so luckily, you know, my landlord was very nice and epic and super easy to work with. And we're able to push back that opening, you know, was a little bit scary times, you know, our shop here shut down for almost 90 days in Carmel, and the Hawaii one and we'd really didn't know when I was gonna open. You know, through that whole time. We're like, Oh, it's open in June was open in July, you know, I listened some of the other podcasts you had about, like, you know, the whole testing program being rolled out, that, you know, was always delayed every month, you're like, what am I gonna go out there and finish this thing? Should I have this thing, always on my mind the whole time, but we were able to, with the, with the great support of our landlord we have, and down there at the core tower. We were able to open up, you know, right November, early November, you know, different kind of opening and our Carmel location, no big party, no big, you know, anything like that, trying to follow the COVID procedures. You know how to tell family Hey, guys gotta wait outside. You know, it's amazing. The locals forgot from my wife's family from all my friends and family lives on the island that come out and visit and you guys feel like snap like, you know, five people in the shop at a time you know, all these roles. It's like hard. Tell your family. It's like 20 people show up. You know, like, you guys space it out. Don't come you gotta wait outside. But yeah, you know, we opened up in November it was it was pretty exciting for us to do that. And I really think it was special for my wife and all her family because it was a pretty much a family affair having like my, you know, my father in law helped out he's pretty handy up do all the work and save a little dough there. Because it was so interesting. Try to navigate all that especially being delayed so on.

Bryan Murphy 8:22

So how does that I've been just thinking as far as balance life, and still doing, obviously sales with linksall, which is a huge, awesome company. And now opening another spot and still running the one in Carmel, how have you kind of found a rhythm? You know,

Michael Klem 8:41

I think the biggest thing is just communicating. You know, luckily, my wife's cousin or the two of our employees that run the shop in Hawaii. My brother's super cool, easy, you know, luckily is my brother so my younger brother is easy to work with and kind of listens to me and we've been able to work together and you know, open and you know, run programs and incentives and you know, different things with him and make it work. So, you know, luckily with the you know, the the Hawaii testing program, it's pretty easy to fly back and forth now is the test so you can get it pretty quickly. So now I go back and forth couple times since then. So that's that's working and the rhythm, you know, I wouldn't say we're, you know, it's still trying to find the rhythm. It's only been two months, but we don't have a lot of support from some friends and family on the island. So it's been great.

Bryan Murphy 9:28

Now how would you compare kind of going more into depth in the golf culture because a lot of people who are listening to this right now are dreaming of that next vacation to Hawaii and a lot of those people do come with their clubs. Yeah, and want to get on the course but I'm just curious because you talked a little bit about links all and their vibe as far as a brand. And with Lana See, I'm just curious just as far as the golf culture is concerned, comparing to where you're at in Carmel and Alaska. How would you compare those two cultures?

Michael Klem 10:02

A lot of like my friends here that golf, a lot of them do surf, you know, it's

Unknown Speaker 10:07

a little colder, you

Michael Klem 10:07

have thrown a wetsuit. And I think that's one of the things that kind of drew me to, like, if we're not going to live in Hawaii, where else reading I live in this area, the quality of golf, the surface like was like, Okay, this is a good spot to live. And so, you know, they call this area, one of the greatest meetings of land and see that whole Pebble Beach Monterey Peninsula area. And so that's kind of where we can see the whole land and see golf cart is like it's a, it's that lifestyle of like living by the ocean where you know, you do surf, you do golf, and I think that is no more evident than, like, you know, a wahoo in Hawaii, where there's some of the, you know, best golf in the world. And same thing in the Monterey Peninsula area, like quality golf is like, second to none between those two areas. Pretty good. So, you know, I consider, we can, you know, that whole lifestyle and by the land sea, and kind of working in Lynx soul is just a very kind of casual take on golf attire. You know, I think it that resonate with me, like living in Hawaii, where, you know, you don't want to wear that big, you know, bright pink, you know, Nike shirt, and, or else if you're like going out to dinner the North Shore, people would, I would, I would just feel out of place and, you know, you would get people be like, what are you doing here, but like, you know, that's just not the attire that I would like to wear. And especially, I think that resonates on the golf course, it's a little more casual, it's clothes that you can wear out to dinner wear to work, you know, go to the bar after you know around a golf and grab some food and not feel totally out of place. Like I feel like some golf attire, like the white pants in the white belt is really kind of what links for what latency is about. It's more, you know, that take of like a surface aesthetic of just very casual natural colors. And natural fabrications is kind of what we look for in the land and sea vibe is same thing with blink soul. So they paired well together. And then a lot of same thing with some of the accessories other brands that we have in there.

Bryan Murphy 12:04

Now, some of the most incredible courses obviously are where you're at right now Pebble Beach area, but also to on Oahu, and also the surrounding neighbor islands. What are some of the like, must do, you're coming to Hawaii, you got to make sure you head up this course or that course.

Michael Klem 12:24

Yeah, totally. I think if you go to a wall who, you know, public kahuku on the North Shore for what you pay is awesome. It's a nine hole little gem on the North Shore of a wahoo like 10 minutes through Turtle Bay. I think it's a great like, go play there in the morning, maybe go to Turtle Bay in the afternoon. And it's want to get like a full day of golf. But nine holes, epic, you know, views are all on the ocean. And for it's super reasonable. I don't remember what the like non local rate is. But I think it's like 18 bucks or 20 bucks, you can go play this dope golf course, on the ocean. anywhere else. You're paying hundreds to hundreds, you know, I live next to Pebble Beach for the charge, you know, $550 and you're at a golf on the ocean for like 20 bucks. I mean, you really can't beat that on the North Shore with a walker. And the conditions aren't like Primo. But I mean, hey, it's all about the views more or less. are sure and you're in your you're hanging out with. So I think you know kahuku is a must go see Turtle Bay. I love all the guys that they're amazing. And it's a fun spot to hang. And there's a little restaurant ladies there, which is a little putting green out front, you can hang out. As far as COVID COVID environment super mellow. It's a great spot to hang out there.

Bryan Murphy 13:34

Now talking a little bit more about resorts and obviously, you think of resort you naturally think about the golf course attached to it. Or I'm thinking about like the colina area right, Westside. How have those types of courses fared this past year?

Michael Klem 13:51

Yeah, you know, what's cool about what I do is I sell also links to all those guys that work in the resort business. And it's been interesting to see how they've been able to handle and manage and I talked to them a lot just because now we're involved in what products to buy, whether it's like LA, which is a great area, and they have you know, they sell products that I work with another link sold to and then colina like the other businesses definitely been effective. I think golf as a whole. In general in the mainland, you know, the United States has been really boosted by COVID is one of the only safe activities you can do. You know, outside of you know, maybe cert like surfing and golf are booming now, because it's one of the few things you can do. It's very COVID friendly and code safe. Those golf course has been drastically impacted. You know, especially with the resorts not open or just like Turtle Bay as an example the resorts shut down right now but the golf courses opens their business is way down. You know, I think as we've been on the open up the last two months, you've seen some of that business come back, but I think it's, you know, a while a couple months away from getting back to healthy levels for for the islands, but vice versa, the low municipal golf courses are very packed clubs in the area are, it's hard to get a tee time the people are playing golf, I think just those resort courses on islands are a little bit more open. And you also can get some great deals now if you're willing to venture out to the islands too.

Bryan Murphy 15:15

So just for clarity, those courses, even though like a resort, like Turtle Bay may be temporary close right now. The courses are available to be played.

Michael Klem 15:25

Yep. Absolutely. out to local and to visitors to

Bryan Murphy 15:30

great. Yeah, you're absolutely right. You know, being in California at the golf course is one of the first thing to like, reopen one of my buddies, he's an avid golfer. And that was one of the things that he was, like, just so pumped to get back out there. And I know that there are a lot of people who hadn't played in a while, who kind of got back out on the on the courses as well. So that's cool. Yeah, totally. I

Michael Klem 15:52

you know, it's kind of therapeutic, you think, Hey, this is this was a very stressful year for everybody, no matter how you fared out, you know, economically and socially, it was a hard, it was a hard time, but I think being able to go golf, and if you can socially, you know, hang out with some of your friends and do it in a safe way. And it's a great thing to do for a couple of hours. And, you know, I'm glad to see that the industry is kind of at a resurgence this last year, I think that'll definitely help, you know, the courses in Hawaii, you know, just in general, the whole golf industry to kind of grow and expand which it needed a little bit of a boost in the last couple years. I think this, you know that there's a big rise, I was reading a couple articles where, you know, there's more rounds played this year than in like 1997 with golf with Tiger Woods was like kind of a resurgence of the game. And this year was like the same amount or more rounds played. So it's cool to see that golf is making a comeback. I think he'll continue to kind of stay strong as people realize the great social activity, you know, when you can't go to your friends, you guys can probably go out and play around and hang out. And now you don't stress about, you know, COVID where you can't really go have like a you know, a family barbecue or something like that, or hanging out watching you know, a game just because it's a little more socially a little safer to do that and go play golf. So, yeah.

Bryan Murphy 17:10

So in comparing to like, 2018 2019 the rounds played were a lot less it had it been on a decline, would you say? Yeah,

Michael Klem 17:17

definitely, I would say definitely been on a decline, you know, a lot of golf courses for closing this little, you know, little there wasn't the demand, there was, you know, 789 10 years ago. But now, I mean, you start to get a tee time at most places, especially I know an area where I live where, you know, you're in Monterey, Carmel, you're, you know, an hour and a half drive from San Francisco an hour from San Jose. those courses in the area people want to get out of their house and go and I know the same thing in Hawaii, like all the way which is right in town is super packed, like you need to, you can book a tee time a week out, you have to call that morning, like right when they open or else you're not gonna get the tee time for the following week. Like you can't just call and be like, Hey, can I get out tomorrow or today or something? No tee time availability. So it's cool to see that. That is cool.

Bryan Murphy 18:04

Yeah, what cause kind of that decline or lack of interest the previous years,

Michael Klem 18:10

I think it was the lack of time, you know, I think a lot of guys were commuting to work spending two hours in a car, you know, they had to be at the office at eight o'clock, they had to be there till five they got a family kids, it might have played a little bit when they were growing up. But now you know those things, pull away from the ability to go spend a couple hours and go play golf whereas now you're stuck working at home, you've been home with the kids all day you know you need a little bit of a break and get out of the house and you know you're not driving two hours or you know you're say live on the west side and a walk when you're not driving an hour and a half to town for work anymore. You work from home. I think that part of the art community that can work from home and sell them a job has a lot more time on their hands and I think golf is a great outlet for that. I think that's kind of helped surge interest into the sport.

Bryan Murphy 19:04

That's great. Now for Landon see how has interest in this past year with the resurgence of rounds played speaking mainly into your Carmel location but then also love to shift over to how things are going on a lot.

Michael Klem 19:21

Yeah, you know, the Carmel location we were to open back up in June and it was a little you know, I think people were a little uneasy about going back and being around people and shopping like the first month or two and I think that was definitely shown in sales and you know versus June of last year was our best year that mess month a year and it was besides maybe shut down and it wasn't one of our greatest funds. So then you know it close slowly kept you know building in I think as more people got into the game, you know they needed clothes and accessories and gloves, different things like that and issues and we saw our sales you know every month since opening back up slowly and creasing increase and increasing the Carmel location. So it's been a nice kind of to see, you know, year over year, I mean, not being open a full year, we were shut down for about three months that COVID shut down. But this to see sales kind of increase and see the interest in golf and new customers and new people like, Hey, you know, like bringing their wives and their girlfriend into like, hey, my wife is learning how to play golf. We're both getting back into it. You know, we need to get gloves and shoes and all these things like, Oh, that's awesome, you know, like kind of being stoked for them getting back into the game. And so I think you see a lot of newcomers come to the game, which has been cool to see over the last couple of months. And I think as we've opened Hawaii in November, you know, that interest is definitely like, you know, November 1 month being open, you know, holiday season pretty good, but then December slowly increase and you know, we hope that in January here we'll just continue to see a little increase as more people come back to the islands more people that live there part of the year are going to come back is January, February March.

Bryan Murphy 21:01

Yeah, I'm curious you know, surf lessons are a thing you can go you know, get surf lessons and Waikiki. Yeah, pretty much anywhere if someone is coming, and maybe they've never even picked up a club before, but they see like this beautiful scenery. They want to get out in the course. How would you help that person? Or what are some tools that someone can you know, be directed towards on vacation or just picking up golf in general?

Michael Klem 21:27

Yeah, I think picking up golf you know, what's super cool is about a lot of the resorts have these beginning packages that you can go out and play like three or four holes. I know my friend on coai your help runs the princeville area and they do this little like wine and dine thing where you go play three holes, get some wine, and then watch the sunset. And it's a great way to like kind of introduce your you know, your spouse or your loved one to the game. And also like get her on the golf course. Get yourself out there too. Yeah, I think you know, a lot of these resorts and offer like less than packages where you can come out if you're staying there for a week, you get two or three lessons and go play an afternoon nine I think if you're learning the game, the best time is to kind of go and try to play. Don't play the full round and go play you know, nine holes in the afternoon and take your time and enjoy it. Enjoy more or less just being outside. You know, I think that's what the game is about. It's not so much about hitting the ball far trying to be good at it. It's more about enjoying being outside. Yeah, I think you know, if you're new on the island, look up wherever you're staying, if there's golf packages or lesson packages, and I think what's really cool is the golf space. You know, being able to open right back up has kind of figured out ways to do things and teach lessons and get out there.

Bryan Murphy 22:40

And probably one of the very first things that you'll notice once you step out on your first hole is you got to have like the right attire to write. Yeah, so that's kind of where land and sea comes into play. Just golf attire in general and the the products that you guys offer. How would you help just kind of describe why would someone want to look into like Atlanta and see. And as far as golf attire in general,

Michael Klem 23:06

cool thing about like the gear that we sell and seeing the brands that are part of that product mix shops is like it's super easy to wear, you know, our shorts or t shirts, like we make a hybrid short from links so that you can take go jump in the water and play golf, go on a hike, go do a quick workout outside and you don't really have to change because the fabric is like a super quick drying and Fabius fabric that you take in the water and play golf and go hike it's stretchy enough you can kind of where wherever and saying things or shirts or shirts are kind of like well you know, while I'm organic pods and recycled poly kind of sustainable fabrics that don't look like big bright, you know, things that you're wearing. But we also have some really cool patterns you this really kind of fun it's like a knit fabric so it like feels like a polo but it's an aloha shirt so you can like it stretches enough to you know play golf in it. That's cool, but it kinda has that like nice you know, go play nine holes in the afternoon and go out to dinner and you know performs and stretch enough to where are some of the like the standard old school Aloha shirts or just a little too stiff and don't have enough given the shoulders to you know, kind of be you know, move around enough as much as as the kind of some of the products that we offer. So, you know, we have some great shoes from this shoe company that's truly square they're like a knit golf shoe. So it's like a knit top so you can wear it you know socks, cruise around, kick them off and running on the beach or go on a quick hike and get them where they dry out super fast. So you know I think we got a couple really cool products that make your vacation a little easier to do if you want to go hike, go golf, go to the beach. I think having gone back and forth to Hawaii. I think you know the safe place to go to do a right do testing and I think you know it's gonna be a great place to go play golf. There's amazing options on Oahu. Maui, Big Island, Hawaii has some new programming, we can get back over there and enjoy being outside and enjoy golf. And if you stopped by a wahoo, or you can stop our shop or kind of right near down, you know, near that South Shore marked area elewana zone. So kind of gear up for a great trip. If you're only there for a week, we got some nice gear to kind of do a couple different activities and

Bryan Murphy 25:19

so people can find you online and on.

Michael Klem 25:23

Totally if you know we have a website, everything that's available. Liquid COVID was cool as we had a lot of time to work on our online presence, everything that's available in our shops in Hawaii, Ottawa was available online. So Atlanta and see golf.com, you can go check that out. We have some, you know, in our we have collection pages just here in Hawaii gear from Carmel. So yeah, you can totally find everything. And you would be able to get in our shops in Hawaii online, too.

Bryan Murphy 25:49

Yeah. And we'll definitely guys will link all that into the show notes. Obviously. I'm curious, Michael, because you, you've been going back and forth a couple times, like you mentioned, from California to Hawaii. And that's a lot of people from California that tend to travel to Hawaii. I'm curious, from your perspective, what has that been like for you? I know you mentioned, you know, testing, and it's been pretty seamless. We still get a lot of questions and a lot of, you know, clarity, but we'd love to hear firsthand from you. How has traveling to Hawaii, and then traveling back to Hawaii band and what tips would you give to someone?

Michael Klem 26:28

Totally. Okay. So, you know, before COVID, I would go back and forth to Hawaii probably once a month, or once every six weeks for about a week to work. And I was more like a business traveler. And so I was there quite a bit. So I'm used to traveling, I think as COVID hit, you know, you have to do your test before you go. And I found it super easy to use that ball health one where you ship it to your house deal, you spit in the thing and you ship it back. I mean, I have not had any issues with it. Trying to go outer Island, I had a little issue with Walgreens doing my steps back in time to go to Big Island. But you know, it's been pretty easy, I think, you know, planning ahead, getting your test, it looks really awesome, right now, as Hawaiian Airlines is super flexible, allowing you to change your dates and move back and forth. So, you know, plan a window of like, Hey, I'm gonna go Tuesday, Thursday, I don't get my test back in time, you know, they're very, they're very cool about letting you move the ticket back a day or move it up the day. And just be flexible. I think, you know, your hotels and stuff are probably the same way to, you know, just plan ahead and do tests and have a good mass, it's comfortable to wear, because you don't have to wear it on the plane for a couple hours. But you know, going back and forth six or seven times now since COVID. It's really pretty easy. So I mean, just gotta wear your mask. And that's pretty much about it. The only difference? The airlines I've flown every time with Hawaiian and they've been super clean and nice and spaced out. Not super cool. Which has been, which has been cool, too.

Bryan Murphy 27:55

Yeah, that's great. And Hawaiian air isn't a sponsor of this podcast yet. And they'd be great if they were we play Hawaiian, that's this is what we do. They're always great from our experience. So you mentioned the out home test, the saliva base test, which is super convenient. And you can do that through Hawaiian site as well. Correct?

Michael Klem 28:15

Yeah, they have a link and it brings you right to the ball helps thing. And then, you know, once you create your profile, it's pretty easy to reorder tests do it there. I think the hard thing is, you know, the first go around, there's a little bit of a learning curve. Yeah. And so you know, if you're going back, you're going twice a year, and it only gets easier going back and forth. So

Bryan Murphy 28:34

and how quick did you get your results?

Michael Klem 28:36

You know, I did in the morning, I mailed it in that day, and I got it the following afternoon. Yeah, yeah. You know, it's super cool. They overnighted to you, you get it the next day, and then you just ship it in the next day. So that's pretty quick. You know, if I was planning on traveling, I'd probably plan on flying out like Wednesday to Friday. You know, just so you know, take your tests Monday, Tuesday, you get it back Wednesday, Thursday, you have some time there to make sure you get the results back in case your delays. Yeah,

Bryan Murphy 29:05

no flying back. Do you have to test again or

Michael Klem 29:09

no see don't have to test again. The only thing is if you are trying to go inner Island, you can fly to like Big Island, you know, with one test like you fly, you know, find a Honolulu take your plane over to from you know, Honolulu to Kona and that one says you took before kind of things but if you go to Honolulu for five days, and then you want to go to Big Island got to get tested really. So that is the only like, but I realized I'm praying to go to Big Island first, but then when you go from Big Island to Honolulu, you do not have to test again. That's what I did. I'm pretty sure let's change the last couple weeks. Well, great.

Bryan Murphy 29:44

Michael, thank you so much for coming on Hawaii's Best today. Appreciate you man and we'll definitely link out all this good stuff and best of luck to Lana see going into 2021

Michael Klem 29:56

Yeah, absolutely. I'll probably get out there and get outside and play some golf this year. For sure,

Bryan Murphy 30:01

appreciate you and your time.

Michael Klem 30:02

Absolutely. Thank you for your time, man, I was awesome.

Bryan Murphy 30:05

I just want to say thank you again to Michael for coming on today and just sharing some of his insights, some of his perspective from this previous year, but also his heart behind land and sea golf. So again, go to land and sea golf.com To find out more about what they got going on. And I think the biggest key takeaway for me, and just hearing Michael's story is to try something new if if golf happens to be one of those things that you've always wanted to try and do doing that in Hawaii, with no judgment, you just got to get out there and do it. A lot of the resorts do have packages where you can you know, go ahead and do a few rounds and and do the dinner thing. Wherever you're staying, I would just kind of look into that. But even if you are at home or wherever you're at, maybe look into your local golf course and and see what they have, you know, going on their golf is such a cool thing to get into. It's been a while since I've played around, probably back in high school, it's been that long, maybe college. I just love just you know, getting out there. And the actual game of golf is is so much fun and relaxing. And it's just about being outside, relaxing, and all those things that Michael already talked about. So that was my biggest key takeaway, even if it's, you know, surfing or whatever, try something new, and maybe golf is that for your next trip to Hawaii. In the next couple of weeks. I do have some exciting news that I can't wait to share with you guys and how it affects this podcast and how it affects Hawaii's Best. So stay tuned for that. You want to make sure you hit subscribe, so you get notified on the next episode. And I just want to say thank you again for your time, and being awesome. Until next time, be well. Aloha.

Hawaii's Best 32:01

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