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Welcome to Hawaii’s Best Travel – we’ve been around since 2017 helping people plan their travel to Hawaii through our top-rated podcast, this website and our social media network.

My name is Bryan Murphy, a certified destination expert by the Hawaii Tourism Authority and author of

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Episode 117: Koloa Rum Company: What Makes Hawaiian Rum Unique?

Episode 117: Koloa Rum Company: What Makes Hawaiian Rum Unique?

Today, we're venturing into the lush landscapes of Kauai to explore a story steeped in heritage, culture, and the smooth, rich flavors of rum. Join me as we sit down with Bob Gunter, President and CEO of the Kōloa Rum Company, a beacon of Hawaiian tradition and a...

Episode 113: Discovering Pizza Madness on Maui

Episode 113: Discovering Pizza Madness on Maui

Dive into the savory world of Pizza Madness Maui with Emma Wheatley. Beyond the lip-smacking pizza, there's a cause that's stealing hearts. Discover the story behind Maui's beloved pizzeria and its “Pay it Forward” initiative reshaping community ties.Planning a trip...

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