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Jil White 0:00

I think first and foremost, it's about finding what you love. For me, for example, I love lifting weights. I ran my entire life and so as soon as I didn't have to run, I didn't run.

Unknown Speaker 0:15

I go on the occasional walk. freediving is, is where I get my cardio. So I think it's, yeah, first, most important to find what you love. Because if you find what you love, then you don't mind doing it. You know, you're gonna wake up and want to go lift weights, you're gonna wake up and want to go slim. That's a clip from today's interview with the Gil white. He lives on the island of Oahu. And today we talked about her journey to Hawaii and what that was like for her and also some of her tips on how to experience Hawaii to its full. So stay tuned. It's gonna be a good one. Let's go.

Unknown Speaker 0:55

Welcome to Hawaii's Best travel podcast where we help you prepare for your next trip to Hawaii. Discover the experiences businesses and stories that make Hawaii the Aloha state. And now your host, Brian Murphy. Hello, and welcome to another episode of Hawaii's Best where we help prepare you for your next trip to Hawaii. I'm your host, Brian Murphy, the owner of Hawaii's Best and on our blog. And on this podcast, we offer resources and tips for travel to Hawaii. Just want to say thank you so much for joining me today. Today's conversation is with Jill white who lives on Oahu. We talk about her story and move from Tennessee all the way to Oahu and what that has been like for her this last year and a half or so. What's cool about Jill is she is a fitness trainer. She's an influencer on Instagram, so you can hear how she has been creative and making Hawaii a reality. These last, you know year and a half or so, and how she has discovered new passions and living in Hawaii. And I think that is so cool. So you can find Jill on Instagram at Jill underscore white and on her fitness page on Instagram at job fitness by Jill. Also search Juliana white on YouTube, where she is active over there. And that's a new platform for her that we're going to talk about and and how much she's loving that. So stay tuned and let's go ahead and talk story with Jill white.

Unknown Speaker 2:39

Alright, Jill, thank you so much for coming on Hawaii's Best. How are you doing today? I'm good. I'm awesome. Thank you so much for having me. Absolutely. It's gonna be a lot of fun. How were the holidays for you? It was actually really good. I was fortunate enough to be able to go home and home is Franklin Tennessee.

Unknown Speaker 2:59

Traveling actually wasn't that bad. Going to Tennessee, you know, mass on the airlines are taking precautions, which is awesome. And then coming back. You just have to test negative less than 72 hours beforehand. And it was easy peasy. So it was good. Good. I want to pick up that part because a lot of people have questions about traveling to Hawaii. But so home is in Tennessee, Franklin, Tennessee. Mm hmm. We've been in Tennessee once and loved music and the scene is just fine. Yeah, that's kind of like the environment you grew up in. Yeah, so Nashville is country music through through live music from 8am till whoever knows what time in the morning.

Unknown Speaker 3:45

It's awesome. It's a really cool environment to be around. Especially if you love country music. Yeah. Do you? I love it. Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 3:55

Default. Yeah. You gotta love music. So like is like music happening and the whole scene is happening again or

Unknown Speaker 4:04

not. It's pretty mellow in Nashville. I'm not sure when they'll be opening up live music and bars. It's a little different than it was a couple years ago. Alright, so flying back then. It was a 72 hour. You know, that's something that we've been talking a lot about here too on the podcast is just kind of helping people just go through the process of like, Okay, what does it mean to get on a plane coming to Hawaii and basically that is it sounds simple. It's testing negative 72 hours prior to boarding and prior to your final leg of sounds.

Unknown Speaker 4:41


Unknown Speaker 4:43

Yeah, so if you have a layover like le x, you know, you got to make sure the all the 72 hours lines up correctly.

Unknown Speaker 4:52

You're right. So but for you your experience, maybe impact that a little bit. As someone who hasn't done this yet.

Unknown Speaker 5:00

It worked. We're kind of some of the steps that you would recommend. There are a couple places that Hawaii does recognize as credible testing facilities. I went through Walgreens, and it was awesome. You just went through the pharmacy line, you did a self test, which I thought was really cool. There's no contact with anyone. And then you've got your result. There has to be a rapid test, obviously, because lesson seven, two hours is the self test. The split test. Is that no, so I had to stick a Q tip up my nose, you had to stick the Q tip.

Unknown Speaker 5:34

Gosh, there's no way I know he was I was like, how far do I need to go? And he was like, once you start crying, then you're hiding out. And I was like, okay, seeing my car, just like tearing up by myself rubbing A q tip around my nasal cavity.

Unknown Speaker 5:49

But it really wasn't that bad. Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 5:53

I haven't been tested. I don't plan on it unless I absolutely have to. Right. Yeah, I know. Like, I want to do this or quarantine for two weeks. But now, right.

Unknown Speaker 6:04

Testing was a Yeah, it wasn't that bad. They're really speedy about it, too. Yeah, that's good. I mean, I know that was one of the things when the whole program launched was like, really gonna be able to turn around in 72 hours. And from what it sounds like a lot of people have had success. And yeah, yeah, I was surprised at how easy it was. And then you just have to upload your results on to Hawaii government travel website or whatever. And then you just get a QR code, they scan it, and you're on your way. Awesome. So this goes along with your passport or whatever. Yeah, yeah, they gave your ID and negative. Right. Well, hey, but you get to go over to Hawaii. And you've been on island for about a year. Yeah, it was the year exactly January 1, there's probably a lot to unpack there. And I'm sure this past year has been probably an interesting year to like, make that big move and all that.

Unknown Speaker 7:04

Yeah, yeah. So what led to the move on? So I had just graduated college, this was back in 2018. I just graduated college was just working at a desk job, you know, insurance typical. I was planning out my vacation days as one does. And I was talking to my friend who lived on the Big Island at the time talking about visiting her and I was like, Oh, I'm gonna fall in love with Hawaii and not want to leave. And she was like, well, we're hiring at the job, the job that she worked at at the time, why don't you apply? And I was like, okay, like, why not apply to a job in Hawaii. And I ended up getting it and moved out to the big islands in April of 2019. Supposed to be only be there for the summer, but ended up extending that throughout the fall. I think it was October of 2019. My friend actually decided to leave and move back to the mainland. And I was like, well, I love Hawaii. I am not done with I don't think Hawaii is on me. So I decided to move to a wahoo in January, just because I think there's more opportunities and connections out there. So I moved there. I didn't have a job at the time. I just did it. And it worked out very, very well.

Unknown Speaker 8:28

Very scary. But it's it's worth it. You just got to make it work. And how have you made it work? Like what are some of the things that you've been doing? So I got a job at a hotel here. I was very fortunate. Got a job before, you know the whole COVID hit. Right. I actually ended up getting furloughed, which was terrifying at the time. But it happened to be a blessing. Because after all that mess, I picked up all these hobbies that I'm in love with now like free diving surfing, I met my absolute best friends. So all things considered 2020 was was actually a pretty good year. Have you been to Hawaii prior to April 2019? No. So I had never been to Hawaii. Yeah. And I remember I was talking to the manager. And I said yes. And he was like, whoa, whoa, you do realize that you're moving to Hawaii? No. But yeah, I'm

Unknown Speaker 9:27

like no experience. No, nothing. I was like I'm coming. Why not? And how is the fan back? And Franklin with that? Oh my gosh, that conversation with my mom. She was like,

Unknown Speaker 9:38

why not? Yeah. And it was funny because the job involves working with dolphins. And so she was like, Joe, what, what are you doing? What do you say something to and I was like, Oh, don't worry on the face this summer. Like I'll come back and she's like, Okay, and then after summer I was like, I can't leave this place. It's too amazing. I barely

Unknown Speaker 10:00

past the surface. So the dolphins I mean, obviously Tennessee has a huge dolphin dolphin rescue sanctuary. So

Unknown Speaker 10:12

was it kind of like it was a it was a connection, obviously on the Big Island. It was just like, yeah, I can go do that. Basically you just kind of jumped into it. Yeah. Anything to get away from the desk. Right, right. Yeah, I know. And I've always told everyone I'm like, I am not a desk person. Like I got to be outside adventuring. Something active. My friend was a as a trainer. And I obviously had zero experience in that. So I work kind of like the front of house. Guest Services. That's where my experience came in. So I did have experience in that specific job. But yeah, I had never I don't think I've ever even seen a dolphin before. Maybe like a zoo or something. But yeah, I've never been that close.

Unknown Speaker 10:56

So you moved to Hawaii? What's that first year been like for you like as far as? Because Hawaii, obviously technically part of the United States. But it's such a it's like a It's its own? land? It's his own? country, really? So what was that like? One for you kind of, you know, come alongside of the culture and also to how did you feel like you were welcomed into the culture? Yeah, so it's super different from the mainland. It's, it's seriously, it's unreal out here. It's obviously incredible that people are so nice. The amount of times that I've had to ask a random person to help me with my car is insane and ever goes above and beyond like, the sounds super corny, but I swear it feels like one big ohana out here.

Unknown Speaker 11:46

And going back to the mainland, I'm like, Who am I probably wouldn't ask a random person to help me by the road.

Unknown Speaker 11:53

But yeah, it's it's incredible. I love that their focus out here is conservation, not only with Hawaii, but the earth and animals. And I love that. So that's probably the one of the biggest differences. Yeah, totally agree. And what is awesome is to you've discovered some new passions and some new, some new ventures and for someone who is maybe kind of where you're at a year and half ago. Like, I feel like there's more. And I think 2020 did a lot to us, like asking ourselves those big questions of, Is this it? Or like, Okay, what am I really gonna be dealing with with my life and really kind of like struggling with some of those big questions. And those are fun to wrestle with. But we can plan all we want. But those plans will usually more than likely get, you know, destroyed or Exactly, yeah. And it's, it's all about really the journey, and at all. And for you sounds like you've discovered some new things along this journey. And how was it for you in discovering these new things like freediving or even doing some of the influencer marketing stuff that you're doing? What was it for you? Was it just saying yes to everything? Or was it like, I know I need to do this, or I know, I don't want to do that, like process of elimination. After college, I felt like I wasn't really growing as a person, I was kind of like stuck. And I'm not someone who goes out of their comfort zone all the time. I like my little bubble.

Unknown Speaker 13:26

But once I got to Hawaii, especially a wahoo, I was like, You know what, I'm in this beautiful place, I need to pick up hobbies, I need to do something that I typically don't do and can't do back on the mainland, especially at home. And it's actually funny growing up, I was never one to go swimming. Whenever we'd go on vacation to the beach, I wasn't like jumping in the water, like playing in the waves. And I went freediving one day and I was like, Oh my gosh, like you can be under the ocean and see all this stuff. And it was absolutely incredible. And it just took that one day of going out with a friend. And just really seeing that there's a whole new world that I didn't even know existed, like I didn't know that you can freedive as a hobby. I didn't know that you'd have to be a pro surfer to have fun on the waves. Like it's just it's about just going for it and getting out of your comfort zone. which took me a while to do but I'm so happy that I did because, again, I freedive almost every single day if it is the least good winter, it's kind of tough, but it's incredible. What is like a typical day for you as far as like creating content, doing brand deals, like maybe just kind of give us a sneak peek behind like a day in the life of Jill. Yeah, so I try and work out in the morning. Sometimes that does not pan out.

Unknown Speaker 14:53

After that my roommate and I we try and go diving, she scuba dives, so all three dives. So just relax.

Unknown Speaker 15:00

free diving is you get to go dive in for free, right?

Unknown Speaker 15:04

Yes, technically

Unknown Speaker 15:07

free diving, I just have these really long leader, I think they're a carbon fiber fins. And then I have a weight belt that I wear. And then just a mask and snorkel and just dive down as far as you can go. And then come back up, take a breath and do it all over again, it's crazy. It's old enough to go across the pool.

Unknown Speaker 15:28

That was me, when I first moved here, I went down like 10 feet, and it was dying. And now I'm like, I don't even know 35 it's pretty easy.

Unknown Speaker 15:38

It takes practice. Alright, so you go dive in. And then what else and I try and sell my vlog most of my adventures, sometimes they doesn't pan out, but I'll vlog it, and then come home kind of edited. And then post if I need to post for a different brand. Sometimes it's protein powder, something like that, just kind of sharing what I'm using or doing that day. Lots of editing. It's very tedious. But it's it's so much fun. So I really don't mind it.

Unknown Speaker 16:10

It seems like a lot of people in Hawaii, discover these new passions and discover more about who they are and what they can do. But more importantly, how they can add value to others. Some of the things that you provide love to get more into the fitness side of it all. But you talk about working with brands and you talk about being an influencer in that sport. Is that something that you just kind of hustle and grind to get like to get those brand deals? Because I'm sure that was a whole new learning curve, too, right? Yes, yeah. So I feel like I've been asked to say influencing the past. I wouldn't even say a year, maybe nine months. Okay, I had always loved filming and kind of like that world, you know, the YouTube world and Instagram and stuff like that. But it wasn't until I met my really good friend, Sam, she works a lot with influencers just with her job title. Yeah, she was a marketing major out of college. But she really told me she was like, you can start, you know, actually making money with the products that you're using. And I was like, Yeah, but I don't even know how to get into that. And she was like, emails and just share your life. It's, it's really not that hard. And so I started to do it. And I started to like it, connecting with different brands, with people. And again, sharing what I use every single day. You know, me use it myself share it, you know? So yeah, she really introduced me to that world. What's been maybe the hardest part in that world? Because being so vulnerable, sharing your life, right? Yes. Yeah. Two things, one consistency. Some weeks, I feel like I'm growing exponentially. I have all these brand deals, I want to work with me. And then the next week, like, I feel like it's just at a standstill. So it's kind of being consistent with my own work. And not feeling like you know, no one cares. No one's paying attention or watching my YouTube videos.

Unknown Speaker 18:13

You just got to stay with it. And I've gotten a lot of hate comments, which, yeah, about like, my appearance and stuff. So it's kind of like getting used to that. So it is that like a common thing? Yeah. It's kind of it kind of sucks to say, but, you know, if you do put yourself out there, if you do, you know, share your life, you are going to get hate. But it's also important to see and to know that those people's opinions don't matter. As long as you're happy as long as you're doing what you want to do and adding value to other people's lives. Whether that's just entertainment, or education, like anything, then you just got to keep at it. Yeah, I totally agree. I mean, we can't let the opinions of others deter us from our life purpose and what we know and the track that we we've set ourselves on. And the moment that you do that you lose your your focus, and that's no good.

Unknown Speaker 19:15

Is your passion. Yeah, for sure. You have a whole fitness side too, because, at least from what I've gathered, like your friend Sam, she mentioned like you're already using these products. You're already doing this. And you're already kind of doing the fitness thing. Yeah. Yeah, I grew up playing soccer. I played soccer all through college. So I was always in the fitness and health world. But it wasn't till after college, I graduated. I didn't have to eat or workout solely based on soccer. And so I started going to the gym and started posting about it. And a lot of people started asking questions like, Oh, well, what do you do this for this body part or what do you eat during this time of day? And so I just started

Unknown Speaker 20:00

posting about my journey and my transformation, I actually started trading specific workout plans for people and meal plans, which I think is so much fun and so cool because you can do what you want. When it comes to fitness and health, you don't have to run 10 miles a day to be healthy, you can swim all you want, you can lift weights all you want, I think people kind of get freaked out when they hear, you know, fitness and health, you know, is a lifelong journey. But it really doesn't have to be boring, you can, again, do whatever you want to do, as long as you're healthy and growing. And, you know, keeping your health in check the whole time, from what you've experienced in some of your coaching. What have you seen, like as the top struggles, and people? I've seen a lot of people getting discouraged really early? Yeah. I think it's kind of a misconception that you work out for one week, and you're going to lose 45 pounds. And it's like, Yes, that would be awesome. But that's not you know, that's not how it works, you have to stay consistent, you have to continuously, you know, eat healthy and eat in moderation. And you have to continuously exercise you know, it's, it's a lifelong journey. It's not, you're not going to get there and even one month, you're going to feel great. After one month, definitely. But you know, you're probably not gonna hit your goals in a month. And that's what's frustrating when I hear people say, Oh, I didn't see results. So I thought I'm like, Oh, God, you gotta do over more than a week. You have to keep it keep consistent. The whole fitness world is like really results based. And you're like, Okay, how much? How much can I lose in you know, 21 days? And, you know, you know, how much can I get away with and still keeping on my plan? And not? Am I sticking under 15 calories, 1500 calories or, you know, do I have to do 1200 to like cut, but you mentioned it, it's more of a lifestyle. And we're talking about Hawaii is our main, you know, topic here and people traveling to Hawaii. And one of the best ways in really experiencing all of Hawaii is it's not having the six pack. It's not having, you know, the arms, the legs or whatever. It's, it's more about being able to shoot holding your breath for, you know, more than 30 seconds and experience in this whole other world and doing that hike that you've always wanted to do like you're traveling out of family, like doing that hike with your kids you've always wanted to do and not feeling stinking winded at the top. And like, I guess I could get my camera I could barely reach you know, yeah, my camera, but like it's more about experiencing life to the full. But specifically we're talking about Hawaii and being able to experience all of Hawaii. Yeah, exactly. One of the best things about you know, being healthy is being able to do that amazing hike to the top of the mountain diving down and holding your breath and seeing this incredible wildlife and marine life. Yeah, for sure. It's it's not about Look, I mean, that's a that's a good Plus, I guess. But it's a good byproduct. But yeah, yeah. But it's not the most important thing. It's being able to run around the beach with your kids.

Unknown Speaker 23:23

You know, not needing to take a three hour nap in the afternoon after you went, you know, on one hike. I bet that can be that can be tough and helping coaching people. It's all about your mindset. And sometimes that's easier said than done. But, you know, you just have to remind people, it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. It's it's your life. It's not this, you know, 21 Day Fix, and then you're done. I hate those 21 Day Fix 30 days like, no, it's your life. You know,

Unknown Speaker 23:58

it's a commitment. It's a lifelong commitment. It's worth it. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And having that bigger picture in mind thinking about I mean, it's really the the memories that we'll be able to take, you know, I guarantee, you know, 30 years from now, will you know, be talking about that one hike that you did, because you got an amazing shape and you did the right things for your body. Yeah, you probably won't be thinking about, like, oh, man, you know, those jeans. I was able to fit in those jeans or, you know, my my abs were that way. Like No, you're gonna be thinking about, man. I did that with my kids. And yeah, I just.

Unknown Speaker 24:34

Yeah, yeah. Love that. Okay. Joe, you mentioned a few minutes ago that you do workout plans, you provide workout plans, and maybe talk a little bit more about that as someone who is interested in looking more into that. Yeah, so I create workout plans. And it's really cool because I kind of do like a questionnaire and I'm like, What do you like to do you know, do you like to do only

Unknown Speaker 25:00

But only lower body do you like to do only upper body, you know, everyone's different, everybody's different, everyone's goals are different. So I really try and focus the plans around that specific person. I do have set plans, you know, upper body, lower body, full body, but the custom is really cool because you can really make it your own. And again, like, if you don't want to run at all, you don't have to, you know, do something, but you don't have to run.

Unknown Speaker 25:30

And that's it's fun to create plans for people because, again, everyone's different. And it's kind of cool to see what everyone's goals are and how I can help them achieve those goals. And when they do achieve those goals, this is incredible. Like the the competence, people change, I swear, after they, you know, discover the fitness and health world mindset change. And again, your body changes. But that's just a thought about the mindset about the Healthy Mind healthy lifestyle. And it's just so incredible to help people achieve that. So is it fair to say that it's more important for someone to find what they truly love and can, can stick with? And they look forward to that type of movement? Is the movement more important than actually? So someone loves, I just love lifting weights. But as long as you get your heart rate up, or you stay consistent with that, is it more about finding the right workout? Or how would you answer that? Yeah. So I think first and foremost, it's about finding what you love. For me, for example, I love lifting weights, I ran my entire life. And so as soon as I didn't have to run, I didn't run.

Unknown Speaker 26:44

I go on the occasional walk freediving is where I get my cardio. So I think it's, yeah, first, most important to find what you love. Because if you find what you love, then you don't mind doing it. You know, you're gonna wake up and want to go lift weights, you're gonna wake up and want to go slim. Sometimes you do have to, you know, do stuff that you don't want to do. But I think Yeah, first and foremost, it's finding out what you want to do and what works with your lifestyle. As long as it's healthy. As long as you're active. As long as you're getting your heart rate up. I think you can honestly choose what you want to do and just do it. Goodness, I got to get back on it. Like

Unknown Speaker 27:26

we can work on it. You know what I mean? Like, so, it 2020 dude, like, I know, we're all tired about talking about it. But yeah, that that for me. And then 2020 like, going forward, I feel like I'm making like, I'm having confession here. Like I'm making excuses right now. Like Joe like, please have Have mercy on me, like 2020 it was like, Ronnie, good. I had so many good routines like built in from like, 2015 all the way to like 2019. And then,

Unknown Speaker 27:57

you know, I went full time into this and then into audio production and now working from home. It's like, you know, you're like, Well, I'm not seeing anybody right now. I'm not really doing much. And

Unknown Speaker 28:09

I've taken a backseat. Totally. Yeah, yeah. And I've transformed like, I have this room outside of this booth. That's you know, like, the bike the the treadmill, the weights, the you know, the whole thing like, it's all right, and they're like, Oh my gosh, just actually doing it.

Unknown Speaker 28:27

For sure. But yeah, maybe you can fix me.

Unknown Speaker 28:34

So then how can people get in touch with you but but also talking about the workout plans? How can they find that? As far as workout name so you can obviously DM me on Instagram, but email me at john fitness by [email protected] and Jill is with one l but YouTube as well. If you just search Giuliana white on YouTube, that's probably my favorite platform of talking to them and in YouTube. But I do of course have Instagram. That's just Jill underscore white. But yeah, message me anywhere. If I don't get to you immediately. I will eventually if not double double messaged me. I promise I won't mind.

Unknown Speaker 29:19

Yeah, any of those. I'm, I'm all over it. Awesome. All right. So someone's like 2021 this is the year I'm doing it. I'm like actually really doing it. And then I'm gonna plan for that trip. Maybe later on this year, maybe summer might be a better time. Fall probably is looking pretty good as you're booking your trip. Right? now's a good time to kind of put yourself first get that workout plan, do the thing. But as you're planning for your trip to wahoo I'm just curious, Joe, for people who are listening. What is something now that you've been on island for a little bit? What would it be something that you want to maybe

Unknown Speaker 30:00

Highlight or encourage somebody to, to do maybe come in for the first time. Probably. I mean, I'm in love with the ocean. So I would probably say, trying to swim with the wild third, often, there are precautions that you need to do you know, don't chase them. They obviously don't touch them. But going early in the morning and just seeing just this huge pot of wild dolphins is it's absolutely incredible. And if you're lucky, they'll swim close to you, you know, again, don't chase it Don't touch but they do get pretty close. It's an experience that I think everyone should, should do and should see.

Unknown Speaker 30:42

Just seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, unbothered. It's incredible. So definitely some of the some of the wild dolphins. That's awesome. One of the other things too, just talking about the ocean, the beach is try to never miss a sunset. There's something sacred about a sunset, even in like Waikiki.

Unknown Speaker 31:06

It feels like like, everyone just stops for like, 1520 minutes. Yeah. And like the whole, the whole island just like, feels like, I got chills just thinking about it like it is. There's like this. There's just, there's this reverence for like, this, even that sliver of 15 and 20 minutes as the sunsets like eatest that night like, yeah, so I feel like all of our problems melt away, like as the sun sets, like, our problem is kind of set with the day. It's like you said, it's incredible. Everyone stops, like, you know, no one's arguing no one's talking. Just peace. Yeah, there's nothing like a Hawaii sunset. It's not like that on mainland.

Unknown Speaker 31:49

100%. All right, Joe. So I know you've kind of talked a little bit about how people can find you work with you. But just again, what's the best way to connect with you? Best way to connect is probably to message me on Instagram or email me, my Instagrams are Jill underscore white. And then my fitness Instagram is john fitness by Jill. And then you can email me from there, or just email me at john fitness by [email protected]. I also I kind of said it earlier, I have a YouTube channel. If you just search Giuliana white. That's my my favorite platform. So I'd love it if you're listening to love it.

Unknown Speaker 32:31

anywhere on there, yeah, message me, hit me up. Awesome. Appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time today. Thank you so much for having me. You got it. All right, take care. Well, I just want to say thank you so much for Jill, for her time today. My biggest key takeaway from this conversation, you probably heard it from our conversation. But for me, the biggest key takeaway is, it's not necessarily about being strong and healthy, so you look good. And all that the main thing, and that's a cool byproduct. But the main thing is that you can experience Hawaii to it's full, and no matter where you're at, no matter what age, what your current health condition is, I know we're all wired differently. And we all have our own things that, that we're staring down our own limitations, some within our control, and some that are not within our control. So whatever we can do, whatever you can do whatever I can do, just let it be an encouragement. So if it's walking on the beach, and being able to do that, you know, working up towards that, that could be a great goal. Or if it's just simply being present, that's another thing that we didn't get to touch too much on is his mindset, and being present, mentally, wherever you're at. I know for me, sometimes when we travel I, I take work with me. And I don't always switch off when I should switch off. That's another health and fitness aspect, that's a huge part of it is mindset and being fully present. So if that's something you need to work on, it's kind of like a muscle in itself, right? Like being able to mindfully be present, say, with your family, when you're traveling, or on vacation, or whatever it might be. Maybe that's your next step. So whatever it is for you, I want to encourage you to, you know, press into it, and make it happen. Know that you have support. And I think Jill is a great resource to be able to reach out to and ask any questions or just just However, for some accountability, some support. So thank you so much for making it all the way to the end of this episode. And if you did, because you're still listening, I appreciate that. Go ahead and just hit subscribe if you haven't already. If you're listening on Apple podcasts and drop a review below. You might not realize how much that does help this podcast being able to reach more people who love Hawaii just like you. Well until next time, friends be well. Aloha.

Unknown Speaker 35:01

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Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy, owner of Hawaii’s Best Travel, is a certified Hawaii destination expert from the Hawaii Visitors Bureau. He actively participates in the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau as a member and has a strong educational background focused on local culture and sustainability. As the host of “Hawaii’s Best Travel,” a top-30 US travel podcast, Bryan combines his years of experience with valuable insights. He connects with a broad online community, reaching nearly half a million people, and offers a richer, more responsible way to experience Hawaii.