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Welcome to the first episode of Hawaii’s Best, a podcast all about exploring and discovering the best of Hawaii. We hope that this podcast helps to prepare you in how to get the most out of your experience and visit to the Hawaiian islands.

As I interview and highlight businesses and influencers it’s our goal to give people a better understanding of the culture so that they can experience the islands to their full when they visit as they learn more about the stories of the people who call Hawaii home.

Our mission statement: “Hawaii’s Best exists to share the best of the islands with the rest of the world. Learn the stories behind Hawaii’s best experiences, influencers, and businesses. Discover everything that makes Hawaii the Aloha State.”

In this introduction episode, I even give you five not so well-known facts about Hawaii. Some of them may surprise! So don’t hesitate — press play and discover what makes Hawaii the Aloha State.

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Hawaii's Best 0:05

Aloha Welcome to Hawaii's Best podcast. Learn the stories behind Hawaii's Best experiences, influencers and businesses. Discover everything that makes Hawaii the Aloha state. And now your host Brian Murphy.

Bryan Murphy 0:21

Hello and welcome to Hawaii's Best. And this is an introduction episode of what Hawaii's Best is really all about. And I guess probably the best place to start is at the beginning. Back in July 2017, I got the username on Instagram Hawaii's Best. I simply started that account just as a passion project just out of my love for Hawaii. And it wasn't until probably 2018 where I really started putting more effort and focus towards the account. I was learning Instagram and learning tips, tricks, hacks and all that good stuff me some of that I'll share with you and I've learned a lot. I've studied a lot And I don't know, I'm just super fascinated by social media, and how to communicate and market messages and vision, Hawaii's Best was simply started to help make known of what Hawaii is really all about. And it's really all about people and culture. There's a lot of people who go to Hawaii as a destination vacation spot. And the premise of Hawaii's Best is to help educate help to equip those coming to Hawaii maybe for the first time, or maybe coming back to the islands for a visit and is to give you the real Hawaii. And if you want to experience Hawaii to the full, this is where you're going to find the best tips and the best stories behind what Hawaii is all about. And it's really a people it's really about listening and hearing the stories behind his people. That's really what Hawaii's Best is all about. So we hope that you come away along this journey with us as we discover everything that makes Hawaii, the Aloha state, and like I mentioned, our passion is to help prepare and equip people from all around the world. So no matter where you're at everyone around the world who are coming to the islands for visit, you know Hawaii's Best is for anyone who has a love for Hawaii, and wants to learn more about his culture and people. And it's important to know that Hawaii is a whole other world that really deserves our love, respect, and understanding. Well, my name is Brian, and I'm married to my beautiful wife, Ali. She's probably the most not probably she is the most supportive and honest person that I know. She keeps me grounded. It keeps me humble. It helps me keep perspective and to stay honest and it's amazing. As I was putting together this kind of mission statement and our website and our vision and our direction for Hawaii's Best There's a couple questions that I hope to answer. Or maybe there's there's some questions that are on your mind that we're going to cover in this journey together. One of those questions is, is that we get is how can I experience Hawaii like a local, you know, you do a search and you get the top 10, you know, best beaches in Hawaii, you get the top 10 restaurants or what have you, and you get it on TripAdvisor, and you get it on Yelp. But it's our goal to bring you the true Hawaii to bring you those little hidden gems that you may not know about. So that's one of the questions we hope to answer. We also want to answer what is the culture like there, and especially for those of you who are going to the islands for the first time. It's important to know that going to Hawaii is is like going to a whole other country, a whole other world and we hope to educate you on on just some things to know prior to your To the islands, we also obviously wants to cover some of the must sees, and the must dues. And we'll hear some of those stories from some of the guests we bring on. And we'll be sharing some of our own experiences. Another thing we want to cover is, when is the best time to visit Hawaii, we, we get that question a lot. And my answer is typically, like there's always like, right now's a good time to visit Hawaii, right? Like, but there are certain times of the year, that if you're if you're able to, you can probably get the most out of your experience at these specific time. So we want to share that with you. And why if you're going in July, or if you're going in January is a totally different experience. We also want to cover the best places to eat and the best places to stay. Those are the probably the two biggest questions that we get. We want to share those with you and you hear some of the stories from the people who own some of these places and who manage and who operate within Some of these these phenomenal resorts and these restaurants that we can't wait for you to hear about. So if you resonate with any of those questions and you're in the right spot, Hawaii's Best is for you and you're gonna find value in it. Here's our mission statement. Here's everything that we kind of hang what we do, on Hawaii's Best exists to share the best of the islands with the rest of the world. Learn the stories behind Hawaii's Best experiences, influencers and businesses. Discover everything that makes Hawaii the Aloha state. So we're going to explore Hawaii together through this podcast through different partnerships that we're going to bring on through the blog to the shop and social media. Those are probably the best ways to stay up to date. So I want to encourage you right now to hit subscribe to this podcast because you're not gonna want to miss an episode. And also find us on Instagram at Hawaii's Best. Well as I was thinking about this introduction episode So, I thought it'd be great to share with you some interesting facts about Hawaii. Some not as well known facts about the islands. I'm gonna give you five in this first one is pretty interesting. the Hawaiian Islands are a chain of 137 Islands. Now I know when we think about Hawaii, we automatically think of Waikiki. And is that the is that the capital people sometimes you know, ask about that. Or maybe Maui in Hawaii there eight major islands who got a wahoo you got Maui, Hawaii Island are also known as you know, Big Island, Hawaii, Lanai Molokai II, you got Niihau, and you also have kaha lava. Now many locals also jokingly refer to Las Vegas as the ninth Island. Maybe we can in fact that in later episodes as well. So those are only eight of the hundred and 37 islands that comprise of the Hawaiian Islands. Number two interesting fact that I thought was Hawaii has 10 of the world's 14 climates. So while Hawaii enjoys some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world, its diverse climate might surprise you on Hawaii Island, or the Big Island. You can find 10 zones so you got, you know, from tropical to continuously wet to hot desert to ice climates. You know, you may see pretty much everything that the Earth has offer on one island that that what makes Hawaii Island very special, very magical. Number three, the Hawaiian Islands are the most geographically isolated island chain on earth. And as an introvert, that is kind of attractive to me like okay, so you're just say like, I'm on these islands, and there isn't anybody. There isn't a contract. Like 2000 miles away. I love that. I don't know. But some people don't. And we'll hear some of those stories about Island fever is is a true thing. So we'll be able to unpack that some more. Number four, and this one, I love this one right here. There are no snakes in Hawaii. Now Hawaii has worked hard to keep snakes out of its state in order to protect the native birds and other species. So it's important to know I don't know who would do this but those found smuggling snakes into Hawaii. They can face three years in jail and fines up to $200,000. So to me that's like a huge plus no snakes. Okay, I'm in number five. Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee. The only coffee you can drink that is grown in the US is from Hawaii. Why Island you've probably heard of Kona and all that grows the majority of coffee in the Kona district growing and growing the bulk of it. Now coffee does well in Hawaii's warm tropical climate and higher elevations and rich soil. And Kona coffee has earned a reputation of being exceptionally romick and tasty and make it a one of the most expensive coffees in the world. So those are my five kind of random facts about Hawaii. We'll be sharing more throughout our journey together. But we just want to encourage you again to go ahead and hit subscribe. Go ahead and get on over to live Hawaii's Best calm and you'll you'll get all everything that we're up to all the latest. And we're so excited to do this journey together. And I know if you love Hawaii as much as I do, this is going to be so much fun as we unpacked really And truly, what makes Hawaii the Aloha stick? So stay tuned. It's gonna be awesome. We're gonna have a great journey together. Aloha.

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Thanks for listening to Hawaii's Best podcast. Stay up to date on future episodes be sure to hit the subscribe button and follow us on Instagram at Hawaii dot fast

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Bryan Murphy, owner of Hawaii’s Best Travel, is a certified Hawaii destination expert from the Hawaii Visitors Bureau. He actively participates in the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau as a member and has a strong educational background focused on local culture and sustainability. As the host of “Hawaii’s Best Travel,” a top-30 US travel podcast, Bryan combines his years of experience with valuable insights. He connects with a broad online community, reaching nearly half a million people, and offers a richer, more responsible way to experience Hawaii.