12 Best Coffee and Cafes on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii – Haleiwa and Beyond

by | Jan 30, 2024

The Sunrise Shack – Across from Sunset Beach

Welcome to the North Shore of Oahu, a place where waves crash on sandy shores and the scent of fresh coffee fills the air. Here, cafes are not just places to grab a drink; they’re cozy spots that capture the true spirit of Hawaii.

They serve everything from rich coffee brewed with care to mouth-watering treats like chocolate haupia cream pies. Over time, these cafes have become key spots for both locals and visitors looking for tasty food and friendly vibes.

On this part of the island, cafe culture thrives with its own unique flavor.

So grab your sunhat and get ready because an adventure full of delightful sips and bites starts here.

Let’s begin our journey through these remarkable cafes!

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A Brief Overview of Oahu’s North Shore

Nestled on the northern coast of Oahu, the North Shore presents a serene escape from Waikiki and the city of Honolulu and all its busyness. It’s an area where enchanting waves whisper tales of old Hawaii and today’s surf culture coexists with ancient traditions.

The region is acclaimed for its legendary surfing beaches like Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach, drawing wave enthusiasts and professional surfers alike especially during winter months when swells reach towering heights.

But beyond the allure of its turquoise waters lies a land rich with coffee and chocolate farms that tempt both olfactory senses and taste buds—offering some truly exceptional farm-to-cup experiences.

The North Shore isn’t just about riding waves; it’s also about savoring life at a leisurely pace. Here, visitors find themselves wandering through vibrant farmers markets in Haleiwa Town or lounging at cafes that serve as community hubs—each one brewing not only great coffee but fostering connections among locals and visitors.

Over the past decade, this Hawaiian haven has blossomed significantly due in no small part to these inviting eateries, which embody the aloha spirit so intrinsic to island living.

They invite you not merely to dine but to immerse yourself within Oahu’s captivating cafe culture—a brew of local charm and interactive culinary delights that range from Kona coffee to plates spilling over with fresh poké.

With all of my travels to Oahu and especially it’s North Shore I’m always trying new spots. The cafes on this list are some of my favorites that I am excited to share with you!

Key Takeaways of the Best Cafes on the North Shore of Oahu

  • North Shore Oahu cafes offer a mix of local Hawaiian flavors, fresh ingredients, and beach views.
  • From vegan options to Kona coffee, these spots cater to different tastes and include gluten-free choices.
  • Many establishments support local agriculture by using island-sourced produce in their dishes.
  • Cafes on the North Shore have unique vibes, from laid-back surfer hangouts to cozy family-friendly places.
  • Visitors can experience farm-to-cup coffee at places like Kahuku Farms as well as indulge in treats at popular spots such as Ted’s Bakery.

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Best Cafes on the North Shore of Oahu

Dive into the heart of North Shore’s vibrant cafe scene, where each cozy corner and beachside spot tells a story of the island’s rich flavors and local charm—read on to discover some standouts that just might become your next favorite spot!

P.S. I can’t stress enough…these are in no particular order. These are ALL great cafes to try during your visit to Oahu. You may not have time for all 12, but choose a couple that sound good to you and those you’re traveling with.

1. The Sunrise Shack

the sunrise shack - best cafes on the north shore of oahu

Credit: Bryan Murphy from Shorebreak Media Group – Sunrise Shack across from Shark’s Cove

The Sunrise Shack stands out with its Bullet coffee. This drink blends organic, single-source, mold-free coffee beans with top-notch ingredients. Visitors love the unique flavor and healthy boost it gives their day.

The shack (original location) is just across from Sunset Beach, making it an easy stop for surfers and beachgoers alike.

Bright yellow walls welcome you to The Sunrise Shack. Inside, people chat happily as they dig into delicious acai bowls packed with fresh fruit and granola. Reviews often praise the friendly staff who serve up smiles along with great food and drinks.

This spot has become a must-visit for anyone looking for tasty vegan options or simply the best breakfast on the North Shore.

With its rise in popularity over the past decade, The Sunrise Shack is now key to what makes Oahu’s North Shore special. It’s more than just a place for good eats; it’s part of your Hawaiian adventure.

In addition to its rise in popularity, the Shack now has four locations on the island of Oahu. Two are on the North Shore, one is in Kailua, and one is in Waikiki.

Both locations on the North Shore are great. The original is on Kamehameha Highway, just across from Sunset. The newer location is across from Shark’s Cove and has more parking and is relatively easier to get in and out of.

Grab an iced coffee or smoothie here before exploring local farms or hitting Waikiki’s waves!

2. Ted’s Bakery

Ted’s Bakery is a must-visit on Oahu’s North Shore. They serve up some of the best chocolate haupia cream pies around. Their macadamia nut pineapple cheesecakes are also a crowd favorite.

You can find this well-known cafe among other top spots for food lovers in the area.

At Ted’s, you’re not just getting dessert; they offer a full menu that includes breakfast and lunch options. Sink your teeth into local style plate lunches or grab a coffee to go.

With their wide selection of bakery treats and savory meals, Ted’s has something for everyone craving great flavors by the waves.

3. Makua Banana Bread

makua banana bread - best cafes on the north shore of oahu

Credit: @yasavur.merve (Instagram)

Our friends at Makua Banana Bread is a must-visit spot while exploring the North Shore. They bake their banana bread fresh every day. It’s soft, moist, and full of flavor. People love it because it tastes like homemade.

Visitors can grab a loaf on their way to the beach or as a snack after surfing. Many say it pairs perfectly with coffee. Makua Banana Bread uses local ingredients, which makes each bite remind you of Hawaii.

They have more than just banana bread. You’ll find treats like macadamia nut cookies and coconut pastries too! Every item tells you something about island life. Enjoy these goodies under the Hawaiian sun for an unforgettable treat!

On the continent? You can now order banana bread to your doorstep. Check out their site for current shipping locations.

4. Coffee Gallery

coffee gallery - best cafes on the north shore of oahu

Credit: Coffee Gallery

Step into Coffee Gallery on Kam. Hwy. and you’ll feel the warm vibe of a local Hawaiian coffee shop. They roast their own small-batch coffees right there, filling the air with an irresistible aroma.

Choose from a menu that boasts more than just great drinks; you can grab a hearty breakfast platter, munch on fresh salads, or indulge in homemade granola.

For those craving something colder, they whip up refreshing smoothies too. Sip your drink while browsing an adorable gift shop loaded with unique finds.

Coffee Gallery is not just a place to get your caffeine fix—it’s where flavors and community come together for a memorable coffee experience on the North Shore of Oahu.

5. Wicked Hi Cafe

Wicked Hi Cafe is a gem you’ll find in Waialua. Step inside and the aroma of fresh sourdough and rich coffee greet you. Their menu surprises with creative offerings like slushies and Brioche Waffles alongside hearty breakfast bagel sandwiches.

For lunch, try their pizza or a fresh caprese salad.

Locals love this spot for its cool vibes and tasty eats. Open most days from 9am to 6pm, it’s a great place to fuel up after surfing or exploring the North Shore. Just remember they’re closed on Tuesdays, so plan your visit accordingly! Grab a seat at one of their cozy tables and enjoy some of the best café delights Oahu has to offer.

6. Cafe Haleiwa

Cafe Haleiwa beckons with the charm of a family-run eatery, steps away from Hawaii’s famous North Shore waves. Locals and visitors flock here to dig into a blend of classic American diner food twisted with island zest.

Picture yourself biting into pancakes that taste like sunshine or savoring coffee that captures the essence of Hawaiian mornings.

This cozy spot boasts a 4.3 rating and for good reason—every plate is a hearty welcome to the day ahead.

From breakfast platters heaped with local produce to lunch options that satisfy your midday cravings, Café Haleiwa serves up memories alongside meals.

Here, you’re not just eating; you’re soaking in the very spirit of Oahu’s North Shore.

7. Beet Box Cafe

beet box cafe - best cafes on the north shore of oahu

Credit: @h2ohanahi (Instagram)

Beet Box Cafe sits right in the heart of Haleiwa, offering a haven for vegans and anyone craving plant-based goodness. You’ll find a treasure trove of options like their popular Yogi Bowl or scrumptious vegan donuts that have customers raving.

Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with their gluten-free tortillas, all served up in an atmosphere as laid-back as the North Shore itself.

Hearty meals without meat are the norm here, where even the desserts—think peanut butter cookies—leave you feeling full yet refreshed. Not everything is perfect; some folks aren’t fans of tougher bread and overcooked spuds.

But if you seek out fantastic vegan fare, Beet Box Cafe’s menu, filled with vibrant vegetarian choices, won’t disappoint.

8. North Shore Crepes Cafe

North Shore Crepes Cafe stands out on Oahu’s North Shore for its unique flair. Customers rave about their Brazilian Acai bowl. Savor the authentic flavors of Brazil with every bite.

This cafe is a favorite spot for both locals and visitors alike.

Enjoy their cold brew coffee as you relax in the cozy atmosphere. The vibe here captures the essence of Hawaiian laid-back culture, perfect for a casual breakfast or lunch.

Menu offerings at North Shore Crepes Cafe go beyond expectations, featuring fresh ingredients that delight your taste buds.

You can’t miss this gem when you’re exploring the best places to eat around Oahu. It brings a taste of Brazil to Hawaii with its genuine approach and quality service, making it a must-visit location on your island adventure.

Whether you sit inside or take in the views from one of their picnic tables, expect an experience that raises by the waves.

10. Kono’s Northshore Haleiwa

Kono’s Northshore in Haleiwa is a must-visit for anyone craving Hawaiian flavors. Their famous kalua pork dishes melt in your mouth, and their handcrafted milkshakes and lemonades are the perfect treat on a sunny day.

The cafe charms with its warm atmosphere and friendly staff, making everyone feel welcome.

Enjoy breakfast at Kono’s and try their customer favorites like the breakfast bomber or a hearty sandwich. Sit outside to savor your meal while wild chickens wander by, adding to the unique island vibe.

Known for fresh, tasty food, this spot has won over both locals and tourists.

At Kono’s Northshore Haleiwa, you get more than just good eats; you experience the spirit of Aloha with every bite. Locals rave about it online, sharing positive Google reviews that applaud its chill ambiance.

Make sure you swing by this beloved local eatery for an unforgettable dining adventure!

11. Farm to Barn Cafe

Check out Farm to Barn Cafe for a fresh brunch in Haleiwa. They make delicious keiki dishes, bagel sandwiches, and smoothie bowls. Try their cold-pressed juices or pick from vegan options that taste great.

This cafe loves local flavors and uses organic produce right from the island.

Want something special for the family? Order a family-size tray before you go. They’re ready to welcome you every day from 9 am to 3 pm. Don’t miss out on food that’s good for you and supports local farmers at the same time!

Staying in the resort area of Ko Olina? You’re in luck! They just opened a location at the Ko Olina Station!

12. Nalu Health Bar and Cafe

nalu health bar - best cafes on the north shore of oahu

Credit: Nalu Health Bar and Cafe

Nalu Health Bar and Cafe sits in the heart of Haleiwa, a spot that’s all about fresh, organic eats.

They have bowls brimming with local produce and smoothies that burst with Hawaiian flavors. It’s the perfect place to grab a healthy bite after surfing or exploring the North Shore.

Step into Nalu and you’ll find a chilled-out vibe where both locals and visitors can relax. Their huge menu caters to all sorts of diets, including vegan and vegetarian options.

Whether you’re craving breakfast platters or looking for lilikoi (passion fruit) to add a tropical twist to your day, Nalu’s has got it covered.

Savor their offerings knowing they come from nearby farms – this place really cares about supporting the community and our planet.

Come for the health-conscious food; stay for the atmosphere that perfectly captures Oahu’s laid-back lifestyle.

At Nalu Health Bar & Cafe, every meal is an opportunity to eat well and feel connected to the island’s vibrant culture of sustainability and wellness.

12. Kahuku Farms

Kahuku Farms stands out as a favorite coffee stop for visitors who want fresh, locally sourced goods. Located on the historic Kahuku Sugar Mill, this farm-to-table cafe serves up delicious smoothies, hearty sandwiches, and indulgent sweets.

You can also find unique products like skincare items and rich chocolate bars made with ingredients from the farm.

Visiting Kahuku Farms lets you sip on your drink while surrounded by the lush beauty of one of Hawaii’s best farms.

Whether you start your day with a nutritious smoothie or grab an afternoon sandwich, this place connects you to the local landscape through taste.

The cafe proudly showcases its commitment to freshness and quality in every bite or sip you take.

As you explore Oahu’s North Shore, make sure to drop by 56-800 Kamehameha Hwy for an authentic island experience.

Enjoying a meal at Kahuku Farms means more than just eating; it’s about embracing Hawaiian culture and supporting sustainable agriculture right where it happens.

Our Opinions and Advice

From my experience, it’s hard to make the “wrong” choice with any of these cafes on the North Shore. If there’s a spot that sounds good, take some time to research their menu prior to going.

Some of the best spots can be discovered by “accident.” As you’re exploring the North Shore of Oahu and you come across a place that looks good, give it a try.

Many cafes and shops on the North Shore are locally owned and operated.

Best Cafes on the North Shore of Oahu Wrap-Up

Oahu’s North Shore is a must-visit for coffee lovers and foodies. With each cafe offering its unique flavor, there’s something for everyone. Imagine starting your day with an acai bowl by the beach or ending it with a fresh farm-to-table meal.

These cafes are not just places to eat; they’re spots where memories are made. So, grab your favorite drink, take in the laid-back Hawaiian vibe, and enjoy every sip and bite on this island paradise.

FAQs for the Best Cafes on the North Shore

1. Where can I find the best cafes on the North Shore of Oahu?

To find the best cafes, head to the North Shore of Oahu. Places like Ted’s and The Country Eatery are stars of the show with huge menus that include breakfast platters.

2. Is there a cafe with an espresso bar on the North Shore?

Absolutely! Look for cafes raised by the waves where you can sip lattes or iced coffees at their espresso bars while enjoying views.

3. Can I get good Hawaiian food at these cafes?

Yes, indeed! These best possible locations in Hawaii serve up tasty Hawaiian food that you just can’t miss when you rent a car and explore!

4. Do any cafes offer gluten-free dining options?

For sure – many spots strive to source options for everyone, including gluten-free dining for those who need it.

5. Are these cafes on social media so I can check them out before visiting?

They are! Many have jumped onto social media platforms where they share pictures of their delights – give them a look-up!

6. What are the best coffee and cafes to explore on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii?

The North Shore of Oahu is home to some incredible coffee shops and cafes. Some of the best places to explore include Coffee Gallery, Island Vintage Coffee, and Waialua Estate Coffee & Chocolate.

7. Where can I find the best restaurants on the North Shore of Oahu?

The North Shore is known for its incredible food scene. Some of the best restaurants to check out include Haleiwa Joe’s, Banzai Sushi Bar, and Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican.

8. Are there any recommended eateries with a unique dining experience on the North Shore?

Yes, for a unique dining experience, make sure to visit the food trucks at the North Shore. These food trucks offer a diverse range of delicious food options and a great atmosphere.

9. What are some food options that are “raised by the waves” available on the North Shore of Oahu?

“Raised by the Waves” is a term used to describe food that is sourced locally from the ocean. Some delicious examples of this type of food on the North Shore include fresh seafood, poke bowls, and shrimp trucks.

10. Where can I find the best pancakes on the North Shore of Oahu?

If you’re a pancake enthusiast, be sure to visit Kono’s North Shore. They are famous for their mouth-watering pancakes served with a variety of tasty toppings.

12. Can I find a variety of coffee and tea options on the North Shore of Oahu?

Yes, the North Shore offers a diverse range of coffee and tea options. You can find different types of coffee from local coffee shops as well as a variety of tea options to suit your taste.

13. What are some popular locations to enjoy a huge menu with breakfast platters on the North Shore of Oahu?

One popular location for a vast breakfast menu is the Sunrise Shack. They offer a wide selection of breakfast platters to satisfy your morning cravings.

14. Are there any cozy cafes to sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee on the North Shore of Oahu?

Yes, there are several cozy cafes where you can sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee. Island X Hawaii and Coffee Gallery are known for their relaxing atmosphere and delicious coffee.

15. Where is the best place to start your morning with a delicious breakfast on the North Shore of Oahu?

For a fantastic breakfast to start your day, head to Haleiwa Bowls. They offer a variety of healthy and delicious breakfast options to kick start your morning.

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