Episode 96: The Sunrise Shack on Oahu: Its Origin Story with Co-Founder Travis Smith

by | Jul 19, 2023

Our guest today, Travis Smith, co-founder of the Sunrise Shack, unveils the colorful backstory behind one of Hawaii’s most loved food spots.

With its uplifting vibe, vibrant colors reminiscent of a sunrise, and scrumptious health-focused offerings, the Sunrise Shack embodies the spirit of Hawaii most delightfully. Aspiring travelers and food enthusiasts, listen to the episode for the full scoop!

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The Origin and Evolution of the Sunrise Shack

Travis shares how the Sunrise Shack was born from a simple idea and grew into an unforgettable food destination on Oahu. Discover the essence of the shack’s vibrant colors, its plans for a possible remodel, and how it stands out from typical inline locations.

This entrepreneurial journey, dotted with decisions and experiments, is a testament to their commitment to keeping their vibe positive, fresh, and unique.

Going International

Travis shares the exciting story of Sunrise Shack’s licensing deal in Japan.

This interesting cultural exchange has not only expanded the Sunrise Shack’s global footprint but has also helped to refine its brand identity.

For those planning a trip to Hawaii, Travis shares invaluable advice on choosing which island to visit, what to expect, and how to make the most of your experience.

The episode shines a spotlight on Oahu as a base and discusses the world-famous surf spot, Pipeline. You don’t want to miss these local insights!

Personal Insights

Beyond the business, we also get to know more about Travis as a person. He shares his understanding of “Aloha,” his favorite music, and the best advice he’s ever received. Travis’ life, much like the Sunrise Shack, embodies the spirit of Hawaii, resonating with love, respect, and positivity.


This episode is a treat for anyone planning to visit Oahu or interested in the island’s vibrant food culture.

Travis’ passion for the Sunrise Shack is infectious, and the story behind it is truly inspiring. So why wait? Dive into this episode and experience the aloha spirit of the Sunrise Shack on Oahu!

For more information about Travis and Sunrise Shack, don’t forget to visit their Instagram and website.

Mahalo for your continuous support!

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