Top 10 Best Reef Safe Sunscreens for Traveling to Hawaii

by | Apr 16, 2024

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful islands of Hawaii? If so, you need to be aware that Hawaii is the first state that has implemented strict regulations on certain sunscreens to protect its precious reefs.

Traveling to the breathtaking shores of Hawaii is a dream for many, but protecting our marine ecosystems should be a priority for all. I’ve dedicated countless hours to researching the environmental impacts of sunscreens on our precious coral reefs.

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With a deep understanding of the harmful chemicals that are detrimental to marine life, I’ve curated a list of the top 10 best reef-safe sunscreens for your Hawaiian getaway.

Drawing from scientific literature and firsthand testing, I aim to provide you with recommendations, knowledge, and insights into why these choices matter. Dive into this guide and shield yourself from the sun while safeguarding our oceans.

Our informative guide will help you navigate through safe sunscreen choices without harming marine life or getting into trouble with authorities. Please stick around and discover our top 10 reef-safe sunscreens, perfect for your Hawaiian getaway!

Why Use Reef Safe Sunscreens During Your Hawaii Vacation?

Protecting Hawaii’s coral reefs has become a priority in recent years, leading to significant changes in sunscreen regulations. The state was the first in the U.S. to ban sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are known to cause harm to these vital marine habitats.

Every time someone takes a dip covered in harmful sunscreen, these damaging chemicals leach into the ocean and accelerate coral bleaching.

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This makes using reef-safe sunscreens not only beneficial but essential when visiting Hawaii. These products lack toxic ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate, effectively protecting skin from UV rays without causing environmental harm.

Besides keeping your skin safe from potential sunburns and damage, you’ll also be actively preserving the beautiful underwater ecosystems that make Hawaii such an iconic travel destination.

The new regulation sparked controversy among manufacturers who pointed out that no scientifically validated standard for what constitutes ‘reef safe’ exists. However, everyone agrees on one thing – we must minimize our impact while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Hawaiian islands.

Using reef-safe sunscreen stands as a practical step towards this sustainable goal.

Comparison Table of Sunscreen Manufacturers


ProductSun Protection Factor (SPF)
Kokua Sun Care SPF 50/80 Lotion (Made in Hawaii)50 Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion50 Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection for Sensitive Skin50 Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
Coral Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Mineral Lotion50 Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
Badger Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF 3030 Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
Reef Repair Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 5050 Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
RAW LOVE All Natural Mineral Sunscreen (Made in Hawaii)35 Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
Coral Isles Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion50 Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
Banana Boat Simply Protect Mineral Enriched Sunscreen50 Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen For Body30 Sun Protection Factor (SPF)


1. Kokua Sun Care SPF 50/80 Lotion (Made in Hawaii)

Kokua Sun Care SPF 50/80
Defend your skin from free radicals and UV damage, while hydrating, nourishing, and moisturizing it with powerful Hawaiian superfoods.

Eco-friendly sunscreen for Hawaii travel: reef safe & high performance.


  • SPF 50/80 for maximum sun protection
  • Antioxidant and nourishing ingredients for skin health
  • Non-comedogenic formula to prevent clogged pores
  • Hydrating and moisturizing properties for smooth skin
  • Soothing and smoothening effects for a comfortable feel
  • The vanilla scent adds a pleasant aroma during application.
Heading to Hawaii? The Kokua Sun Care SPF 50/80 Lotion is a must-have addition to your travel essentials. This Hawaiian sunscreen protects you from the sun and is safe for reefs. It uses a special zinc from Australia and doesn’t have bad chemicals. So, you can swim without hurting Hawaii’s sea life.
This sunscreen has Hawaiian ingredients that help protect your skin. It has things like kukui nut oil and plumeria that smell like a tropical island. Kokua Sun Care SPF 50/80 Lotion is vegan and doesn’t have bad stuff in it. It’s special compared to other sunscreens on our list.
Not only does this tribute to good skincare practices make us rank it as No.1 on our list but also for how user-friendly it is! You don’t have to worry about eye-stinging or heavy whitening appearance after application; this mineral sunscreen rubs clear with minimum whitening effect, making you ready for any outdoor adventure in beautiful Hawaii!

  • REEF & ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Protecting our reefs and marine life is vital, and this sunscreen is formulated without any harmful chemicals that can damage coral reefs. It meets the strictest sunscreen laws, making it safe for use in destinations like Hawaii and the Caribbean. Plus, it’s carry-on friendly for all your travel needs.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, NON-TOXIC FORMULA: Experience superior sun protection with a vegan formula that is free from toxic ingredients. You’ll enjoy luxurious-feeling protection without worrying about harming yourself or the environment. Say goodbye to artificial fragrances and preservatives!
  • GENTLE SPF MOISTURIZER: This mineral sunscreen goes on smoothly without leaving a white cast, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities without compromising your skin’s health. Its gentle formula is suitable for all ages and skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • SKIN CARE BENEFITS: This product protects you from UV damage and nourishes and moisturizes your skin with powerful Hawaiian superfoods like kukui nut oil and spirulina. Defend against free radicals while promoting healthy-looking skin.
  • NON-NANO ZINC OXIDE SUNSCREEN: With 25% zinc oxide as its sole active ingredient, this luxury sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. The non-nano formulation ensures that the zinc particles won’t be absorbed into your body while still deeply nourishing your skin.


  • Reef and environmentally safe formula
  • High-performance, non-toxic, vegan formula
  • Gentle SPF moisturizer for all skin types
  • Contains Hawaiian superfoods for nourishing and moisturizing the skin


  • May leave a slight white residue on the skin
  • Some users may not like the coconut – vanilla scent
  • The 3oz size may be too small for those who need frequent reapplication.

For adventurous and eco-conscious individuals looking for high-performance, non-toxic sunscreen that is safe for both their skin and the environment, Kokua Sun Care SPF 50/80 Lotion is the perfect choice. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to nourished and protected skin with a tropical scent. Try it now for your next trip to Hawaii!


2. Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion
Our Original Sunscreen line is Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Gluten, Cruelty and Paraben Free to ensure a fun day in the sun.

Reef-safe sunscreen for Hawaii: Trust the bum, protect your skin.


  • SPF 50 sun protection factor
  • Moisturizing and non-comedogenic formula
  • Sun Bum Original scent that reminds people of summer
  • Made in the USA
Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion is a favorite for beach days. It gives good protection from the sun. It also follows the Hawaii 104 Reef Act, so it doesn’t have bad stuff like Oxybenzone that can hurt coral reefs. This is important when you’re at Hawaii’s beautiful beaches.
This sunscreen does more than protect from the sun; it also keeps your skin soft with Vitamin E. It won’t dry your skin, even after staying in the Hawaiian sun for a long time. It won’t block your pores, so it’s good for all skin types. Remember to put more on every two hours or after activities like swimming.
It’s No. 2 on our list because it protects well and is good for the environment. People love its summer-like scent. It’s great for enjoying Hawaii’s sun and helping keep its beauty safe.


  • Vegan and Hawaii 104 Reef Act Compliant: This sunscreen lotion is not only vegan-friendly, but it also complies with the Hawaii 104 Reef Act by being free from octinoxate and oxybenzone. Protect your skin while preserving the environment.
  • Broad Spectrum Moisturizing UVA/UVB Sunscreen: The formula of this sunscreen lotion provides broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, ensuring that your skin stays safe from sun damage. Plus, it moisturizes your skin to keep it hydrated throughout the day.
  • With Vitamin E: Enriched with vitamin E, this sunscreen lotion helps nourish and protect your skin against harmful free radicals. You can enjoy a day in the sun knowing that your skin is receiving extra care.
  • TRUST THE BUM: Trusting the bum means trusting those who understand what it’s like to live beachside under intense sun exposure. With this sunscreen lotion, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re using a product made by people who truly know how to protect their loved ones.
  • Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Gluten, Cruelty & Paraben Free: This sunscreen lotion avoids common irritants like oxybenzone and octinoxate which can be harsh on sensitive or allergy-prone skins. It is also gluten-free and cruelty-free so you can enjoy worry-free protection without compromising ethics or personal health beliefs.


  • Vegan and Hawaii 104 Reef Act compliant (Octinoxate & Oxybenzone free)
  • Broad spectrum moisturizing UVA/UVB protection
  • Contains Vitamin E for added skin benefits
  • Water-resistant formula for long-lasting sun protection


  • Some users may find the sunscreen lotion to be a bit greasy or heavy on the skin.
  • The product is not specifically labeled as water-resistant, so it may need to be reapplied more frequently if swimming or sweating heavily.
  • The scent of the sunscreen, although described as smelling like summer, may not be appealing to everyone.

This product is perfect for the sun-loving, environmentally-conscious individual who wants to protect their skin while also protecting Hawaii’s reefs. If that sounds like you, trust the bum and try Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion today!

3. Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for Sensitive Skin

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection
This effective baby mineral sunscreen lotion is as mild as water to skin and applies to baby's skin easily to lock in moisture without stinging or irritation.

Gentle and effective sunscreen for protecting sensitive skin in Hawaii.


  • Zinc oxide formula for continuous protection against the sun
  • Specifically designed for sensitive baby skin
  • Hypoallergenic and unscented for gentle application
  • SPF 50 for strong sun protection
When planning a visit to the beautiful Hawaii beaches, you’ll want to ensure your little one’s skin is well-protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for Sensitive Skin comes in at No. 3 in our list of ideal sun protection products due to its superior features tailored towards babies’ sensitive skin.
This SPF 50 sunscreen protects your skin well and uses zinc oxide, which is gentle and safe for Hawaii’s reefs. It also has oat in it, which helps keep the skin soft and less irritated. It won’t wash off easily, so it’s great for the beach.
What’s cool about this sunscreen is that big groups like the National Eczema Association and The Skin Cancer Foundation say it’s good. Parents can feel good using it. It doesn’t have any bad things like parabens or strong smells. With its handy size and safe ingredients, Aveeno Baby Sunscreen lotion is third on our list.


  • Broad spectrum SPF 50 protection: This sunscreen offers superior protection against both UVA and UVB rays, shielding your baby’s delicate skin from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Tear-free formula: The gentle, tear-free formula ensures that applying sunscreen won’t cause any discomfort or irritation for your little one. Say goodbye to tears during the application!
  • Sweat and water-resistant: Whether your baby is playing in the pool or running around in the summer heat, this sunscreen stays put even when they sweat or come into contact with water for up to 80 minutes. No need to constantly reapply!
  • Hypoallergenic and paraben-free: Formulated specifically for sensitive skin, this sunscreen lotion is hypoallergenic and free from parabens, phthalates, and fragrances. You can rest assured knowing it won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Travel-friendly size: With its convenient TSA-friendly size of 3 fluid ounces, you can easily take this sunscreen wherever you go – whether it’s a beach vacation or just a day out at the park. Sun protection on the go!


  • National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Tear-free and non-greasy formula
  • Hypoallergenic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and fragrance-free


  • Some users may find the lotion to be too thick and difficult to spread evenly on the skin.
  • The travel-size option may not be sufficient for longer trips or extended outdoor activities.
  • While it is tear-free, there have been some reports of mild eye irritation when the sunscreen comes into contact with the eyes.

Parents who prioritize their child’s sensitive skin health and the protection of Hawaii’s beautiful coral reefs will love Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. This gentle, non-greasy formula with SPF 50 is perfect for little ones on the go, and it comes in a convenient travel size! Keep your baby safe and comfortable under the sun with Aveeno Baby – get yours today!

4. Coral Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Mineral Lotion

Coral Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Mineral Lotion
Our sunscreen is approved by Hawaii & Mexico, and provides eco-friendly and biodegradable sun protection.

Eco-friendly and water-resistant mineral lotion for Hawaiian adventures.


  • Reef safe: This sunscreen is formulated with safe ingredients for coral reefs, making it an environmentally conscious choice.
  • SPF 50 protection: Provides high-level sun protection against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Mineral lotion: Contains zinc oxide as the active ingredient, offering natural and effective sunblock properties.
  • Unscented: Perfect for those who prefer fragrance-free products or have sensitive skin.
  • Biodegradable warning: The product is designed to break down naturally over time, reducing its environmental impact.
  • Made in the USA: Manufactured domestically to ensure quality and support local businesses.

The Coral Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Mineral Lotion is a great choice. Made in the USA, it has safe and natural ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Vitamin E. It protects your skin from the sun and doesn’t hurt nature.

Both Hawaii and Mexico like this sunscreen because it’s good for the environment. It doesn’t have harmful chemicals like Oxybenzone that can hurt coral reefs. Plus, it stays on in the water for up to 80 minutes, so you don’t have to keep putting it on at the beach.

The Reef Safe Sunscreen feels nice on the skin, too. It’s light and doesn’t feel sticky like some potent sunscreens can. With all these good things, this sunscreen is a top pick for Hawaii trips.


  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Our Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Mineral Lotion is designed for those with active lifestyles. It is water-resistant and non-greasy, making it perfect for outdoor activities, sports, and travel. So you can stay protected while enjoying your favorite adventures.
  • MINERAL SUNSCREEN: Infused with Zinc Oxide and vitamin E, our mineral sunscreen creates a protective shield on your skin. It reflects harmful UV rays away from your skin, providing superior broad-spectrum protection without leaving a noticeable residue. Say goodbye to greasy sunscreens!
  • 80-MIN WATER RESISTANT: Don’t let water ruin your sun protection! Our sunscreen’s long-lasting formula offers 80 minutes of water resistance. Whether you’re swimming in the ocean or sweating during a workout, you can trust that our sunscreen will stay put and keep you protected.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Quality matters when it comes to skincare products. That’s why our Reef Safe Sunscreen is proudly made in the USA using organic ingredients. You can feel confident knowing that it meets strict quality standards and does not contain harsh chemicals like Oxybenzone and octinoxate.
  • REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN: Protecting your skin shouldn’t harm marine life or coral reefs. Our sunscreen is approved by Hawaii & Mexico for being reef-safe and biodegradable. By choosing our product, you are making an eco-friendly choice that helps preserve these fragile ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.


  • Water-resistant and non-greasy formula for active lifestyles
  • Infused with Zinc Oxide and vitamin E for a protective shield against UV rays
  • Made in the USA with organic ingredients, free from harsh chemicals
  • Reef safe and approved by Hawaii & Mexico, providing eco-friendly sun protection.


  • Not suitable for individuals with oily or acne-prone skin, as the lotion may feel heavy and potentially cause breakouts.
  • Some users may find the white cast left by the mineral sunscreen to be unflattering, especially on darker skin tones.
  • Each bottle’s 3.00 Fl Oz size might not be sufficient for long-term use, requiring frequent repurchasing.

Coral Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Mineral Lotion is perfect for the active and environmentally-conscious traveler. With its water-resistant, lightweight formula and eco-friendly ingredients, it’s a top choice for beachgoers heading to Hawaii or Mexico. Protect your skin and our oceans with this biodegradable sunscreen made in the USA. Don’t compromise on quality or safety – choose Coral Safe for your next adventure!

5. Badger Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF 30

Badger Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF 30
Badger mineral based sunscreens contain no synthetic ingredients, are cruelty free, and come in 50% PCR tubes. Made with 100% solar power in the USA by a women-owned family business

Protect your skin and Hawaii’s reefs with this eco-friendly sunscreen.


  • A high SPF of 30 to protect against harmful UVB and UVA rays
  • Unscented formula for those with sensitivities or preferences
  • Lightweight cream that is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin
  • Mineral-based sunscreen for natural sun protection without harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • The compact size makes it convenient to carry on-the-go

If you’re heading to Hawaii, it’s important to choose a sunscreen that’s good for you and the ocean. Badger Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 is a top pick for those who care about the reefs and want strong sun protection.

It doesn’t have chemicals like oxybenzone that can harm coral, so it’s approved by both Hawaii and Mexico. Made with natural zinc oxide, it shields you from the strong Hawaiian sun.

What’s cool about this sunscreen? It’s made with almost all organic ingredients, including sunflower oil, so it’s gentle even for sensitive skin. It doesn’t have a strong scent, and it’s water-resistant for about 40 minutes, so you can play in the sea without reapplying all the time.

Plus, it’s made by a family business in the USA that uses solar power. So, whether you’re at the beach or diving in Hanauma Bay, Badger Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 is a great, eco-friendly option for your Hawaiian trip.


  • Sustainable Sunscreen: Made with 100% solar power in the USA by a women-owned family business, this sunscreen protects your skin and supports sustainable practices. By choosing this sunscreen, you are making an eco-friendly choice.
  • Reef Friendly: This sunscreen is free from harmful chemicals like oxybenzone that can harm coral reefs. With its reef-safe formulation, you can enjoy the sun without worrying about your impact on marine life.
  • Easy to Use: Thanks to its light sunflower-based formula, this sunscreen glides effortlessly onto your skin for easy application. Whether you’re applying it to your face or body, the smooth texture ensures a hassle-free experience.
  • Simple Natural Ingredients: Formulated with just 5 simple ingredients, including zinc oxide for broad-spectrum protection, this sunscreen moisturizes and nourishes while effectively shielding your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and gentle enough for sensitive skin.
  • Safe Effective Sun Protection: Prevent sunburns and protect your skin from damage with this SPF 30 mineral sunscreen cream. Its broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection shields against both types of harmful rays. Additionally, it is gluten-free and non-GMO for added peace of mind when using it on yourself or loved ones.


  • All-natural sunscreen with zinc oxide
  • Reef safe and approved for use in Hawaii and Mexico
  • Easy to apply, sweat and water-resistant formula
  • Made with simple ingredients that moisturize, nourish, and protect the skin


  • It may leave a white cast on the skin due to the zinc oxide formula
  • Some users may find the texture to be thick or difficult to blend into the skin
  • Unscented formulation may not appeal to those who prefer scented sunscreens

Badger Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 is the perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious and health-conscious traveler. Stay protected and guilt-free while exploring Hawaii’s beautiful beaches with this all-natural, reef-safe sunscreen. Try it now for a worry-free tropical adventure!

6. Reef Repair Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50

Reef Repair Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50
Reef Repair sun cream is a (non nano) Zinc Oxide based reef safe sunscreen that is 100% Oxybenzone free, Octinoxate free & completely chemical free. Safe for marine and aquatic life including our delicate coral reefs, designed to protect!

Protect Your Skin and Our Coral Reefs in Hawaii!


  • SPF 50 sun protection factor
  • It helps lower the risk of sunburn and early skin aging
  • Coconut scented sunscreen
  • Biodegradable and reef-safe formula
  • Compact size: 3.4-ounce unit count

If you’re headed to Hawaii’s beautiful beaches, you’ll want a good sunscreen like Reef Repair Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50. This sunscreen protects you from intense sun rays and is kind to Hawaii’s coral reefs. Unlike some sunscreens, it won’t hurt the environment, which is vital since Hawaii has rules about which sunscreens you can use.

This sunscreen stands out because it’s eco-friendly and great for your skin. You won’t need to keep reapplying it when you swim or snorkel, and it helps keep skin soft with natural ingredients like red raspberry seed and coconut oil.

Some sunscreens can leave a white layer on your skin, but not this one. It goes on clearly so that you won’t look ghostly. And it’s packed in a travel-friendly size that’s easy for airport security checks. If you want sunscreen that’s good for you and the ocean, Reef Repair Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 is a top pick for sunny Hawaiian adventures.


  • Revolutionary reef safe formula: Our Reef Repair Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 is a game-changer in sun protection. Its all-natural, organic, and reef-safe formula provides superior protection for your skin without harming the delicate coral reefs.
  • Extra sun care protection: Bonus ingredients like red raspberry seed and coconut oil to our sunscreen give you extra sun care benefits. These ingredients nourish and moisturize new, sensitive, or damaged skin.
  • Non-sticky and non-oily formula: Unlike many other natural sunblocks on the market, our sunscreen goes on quickly with almost no rubbing. It spreads evenly on your skin without leaving any white cast or ghosting effect. Plus, it won’t leave a sticky or greasy feeling on your skin, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without discomfort.
  • Proven ingredient safety: You can trust that our sunscreen is safe for you and your family. It is 100% paraben-free, silicone-free, titanium dioxide-free, and uses A+ grade zinc oxide mineral as its primary sunblock ingredient. This ensures maximum UV protection while providing peace of mind about the ingredients’ safety.
  • Coral reef-friendly: Coral reefs are vital ecosystems that need to be protected. Our Reef Repair Sunscreen is specially formulated with non-nano zinc oxide that is completely oxybenzone-free and octinoxate-free – chemicals known to harm coral reefs. By using our sunscreen, you are actively contributing to preserving these.


  • All natural and organic formula
  • Provides strong UV protection with SPF 50
  • Reef-safe and biodegradable
  • Moisturizing and water-resistant


  • It contains coconut oil, which may cause breakouts or irritate sensitive skin.
  • It may leave a slight white cast on the skin, especially for those with darker skin tones.
  • It only comes in travel-size bottles; it may not be enough product for extended use.

The ideal customer for Reef Repair’s SPF 50 reef safe sunscreen is a conscious and adventurous individual who cares about protecting their skin and the environment while traveling to tropical destinations like Hawaii. Don’t compromise on your health or our coral reefs, try Reef Repair today!

7. RAW LOVE All Natural Mineral Sunscreen (Made in Hawaii)

RAW LOVE All Natural Mineral Sunscreen (Made in Hawaii)
Raw Love is the most eco- conscious, environmentally friendly, plastic free sunscreen available.

Eco-friendly sun protection for Hawaii beach days.


  • All-natural mineral sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 35.
  • Contains lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oils for a refreshing scent.
  • Provides ultra-violet protection against harmful sun rays.
  • Does not contain synthetic fragrance, ensuring a natural and pure formula.

When you’re headed to Hawaii’s sunny beaches, picking the right sunscreen is key. RAW LOVE All Natural Mineral Sunscreen is a top choice for me. It’s not just strong against the sun but is also kind to the environment. With SPF 35, it keeps your skin safe without any harmful stuff. Plus, it’s made for the reefs, so it doesn’t have chemicals that can hurt coral.

What’s cool about this sunscreen is you don’t need a lot. A little goes a long way! It’s also safe for kids, so it’s great for family trips to places like Maui. And since it’s made from plants, it’s vegan and cruelty-free. I also like that it’s made in the USA.

To sum it up, using RAW LOVE sunscreen is a smart choice for Hawaii. It keeps you and the reefs safe under the sun, showing love for both yourself and nature.


  • Broad Spectrum Protection: The RAW LOVE All Natural Mineral Sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. This means that it effectively shields your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, preventing sunburns and reducing the risk of skin cancer.
  • Gentle on Skin: Unlike chemical sunscreens that can cause irritation and allergic reactions, this all-natural sunscreen is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It is formulated with natural minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which create a protective barrier without clogging pores or causing breakouts.
  • Long-Lasting Formula: With its 4 oz size, this sunscreen will last you a long time! Its high-quality formulation ensures that a small amount goes a long way in providing optimal sun protection throughout the day. No need to constantly reapply when you’re out enjoying activities under the sun.
  • Moisturizing Effect: Besides protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, this mineral sunscreen also nourishes and hydrates your skin. It contains natural moisturizers like shea butter and coconut oil that help keep your skin soft, smooth, and supple while enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Ocean-Friendly: The RAW LOVE All Natural Mineral Sunscreen is not only safe for your skin but also safe for our oceans. Unlike chemical sunscreens containing ingredients harmful to marine life, this sunscreen is free from oxybenzone and octinoxate – two common chemicals that contribute to coral bleaching. By using this product, you can


  • Provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Contains all natural and organic ingredients
  • Moisturizes and nourishes skin while protecting against the sun’s harmful rays


  • Can leave a white residue on the skin.
  • May not provide adequate protection for prolonged sun exposure or intense physical activity.
  • Has a thick consistency that can be difficult to blend into the skin.

The ideal customer for RAW LOVE All Natural Mineral Sunscreen is someone who values both their skin and the environment. This product is perfect for individuals who are planning a trip to Hawaii and want to protect their skin while also being mindful of coral reefs.

Say yes to all-natural, reef-safe sun protection with RAW LOVE – your body and the ocean will thank you!

8. Coral Isles Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion

Coral Isles Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion
Coral Isles does not contain Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, or Parabens. Help preserve our marine ecosystem by using sunscreen without these ingredients.

Hawaii-approved reef-friendly sunscreen with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.


  • Reef-friendly sunscreen lotion with SPF 50
  • Hawaii compliant, free of oxybenzone, octinoxate, and parabens
  • Non-greasy and fragrance-free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free formulation
  • Unscented for sensitive skin
  • Compact size measuring 2.5 x 1.5 x 6 inches

Coral Isles Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion is one of the best out there for keeping reefs safe. It sticks to Hawaii’s rules, so it doesn’t have bad stuff like oxybenoxide that can hurt sea life. If you’re swimming or snorkeling, this sunscreen lasts up to 80 minutes.

It’s good for your skin, too. It doesn’t feel greasy and works for everyone, even with sensitive skin. Plus, it protects you from the sun’s strongest rays, keeping your skin safe from burns and early aging. They have small bottles you can carry around or big ones for longer trips.

So, when you’re getting ready for your Hawaiian adventure, ensure Coral Isles sunscreen is in your bag. It’s great for the sun, sea, and skin!


  • VARIETY OF SIZES: Choose the perfect size of sunscreen to fit your needs, whether you need a large bottle for extended sun protection or a compact option for on-the-go use. You can find the ideal solution for your specific requirements with multiple sizes available.
  • WATER RESISTANT AND LONG LASTING: Enjoy 80 minutes of water resistance with our sunscreen, ensuring that you stay protected even during water activities. Its long-lasting formula allows you to maximize your time outdoors without worrying about constantly reapplying.
  • NON-GREASY AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Our hypoallergenic sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Its non-greasy and lightweight formula provides a comfortable application that feels light on the skin. Say goodbye to heavy, sticky sunscreens and hello to a more enjoyable outdoor experience.
  • BROAD SPECTRUM PROTECTION: Our broad-spectrum sunscreen protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays contribute to premature aging while UVB rays cause sunburns. By using our sunscreen, not only do you reduce the risk of skin cancer but also maintain a youthful complexion.
  • REEF-FRIENDLY AND HAWAII COMPLIANT: Join us in protecting delicate marine ecosystems by using our reef-friendly sunscreen! It is free from oxybenzone and octinoxate which are harmful to coral reefs. By choosing our product, not only do you protect yourself from the sun but actively participate in conserving our precious


  • Provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Waterproof and offers 80 minutes of water resistance
  • Non-greasy and lightweight formula suitable for all skin types
  • Reef – friendly and complies with Hawaii regulations to protect marine ecosystems


  • Limited range of sizes available
  • May leave a white cast on the skin
  • Some users may find it to be too thick or heavy on the skin.

The ideal customer for Coral Isles Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion is someone who loves the ocean and values responsible sun protection. This product is best suited for those who are conscious about preserving marine life, have sensitive skin, and want long-lasting, water-resistant sun protection. Join the movement towards reef-friendly sunscreen and protect your skin while protecting our oceans.

9. Banana Boat Simply Protect Mineral Enriched Sunscreen (Spray)

Banana Boat Simply Protect Mineral Enriched Sunscreen
Provides strong, free from oxybenzone, octinoxate, parabens and phthlates protection that absorbs quickly, is non-greasy and won't run into your eyes.

Mineral-enriched, reef-safe sunscreen for traveling to Hawaii.


  • Mineral enriched sunscreen
  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Unscented for sensitive skin
  • Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50
  • Two items included in each pack
  • Lightweight and compact design

If you’re heading to Hawaii, Banana Boat Simply Protect Mineral Enriched Sunscreen is a great pick. It’s SPF 50 and made for sensitive skin. Plus, it doesn’t have bad stuff like oxybenzone that can hurt the ocean.

Using this sunscreen feels good. It’s light, not sticky, and doesn’t smell strong. So it’s comfy to wear whether you’re at the beach or hiking. And if you’re swimming or sweating, it lasts up to 80 minutes before you might need to put more on.

The best part? It’s easy to use. Just spray it on, rub it in, and you’re set to enjoy Hawaii. The sunscreen comes in handy 6oz twin packs. It’s a top choice for those who care about their skin and the environment. Don’t forget to pack it for your trip!


  • FREE FROM oxybenzone, octinoxate, parabens and phthalates: This sunscreen is free from harmful chemicals commonly found in traditional sunscreens. You can feel confident knowing that you are protecting your skin without exposing it to potentially harmful ingredients.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & NON-GREASY: Unlike some sunscreens that leave a heavy or greasy residue on the skin, this mineral-enriched sunscreen absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling light and non-greasy. You can enjoy outdoor activities without feeling weighed down by your sunscreen.
  • BROAD SPECTRUM COVERAGE: This sunscreen provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays, which are the two types of ultraviolet radiation that can damage the skin. It helps prevent sunburns, and premature aging and reduces the risk of skin cancer.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: This sunscreen was formulated with naturally sourced zinc, specifically for sensitive skin. It is gentle yet effective at providing sun protection without causing irritation or allergic reactions.
  • MINERAL ENRICHED SUNSCREEN: With the convenience of a spray bottle, applying this sunscreen is quick and easy. Just spray it on, rub it into your skin, and you’re good to go! No need to spend extra time applying thick creams or lotions. Enjoy all-day protection while still having fun in the sun!


  • Provides broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays
  • Hypoallergenic formula suitable for sensitive skin
  • Lightweight and non-greasy texture for everyday use
  • Water and sweat-resistant for up to 80 minutes


  • May leave a white cast on the skin due to its mineral formula
  • The spray format may make it difficult to control the amount of product applied
  • Some users may find the scent of naturally sourced zinc unpleasant.

This sunscreen is perfect for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors, especially those with sensitive skin. Protect yourself and the environment by choosing a mineral-enriched formula that is free from harmful chemicals. Don’t let sun protection slow you down – try Banana Boat Simply Protect Mineral Enriched Sunscreen today!

10. Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen For Body

10. Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen For Body
  • UV Chemical-Free Sunscreen
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Protection - Protects against UVA/UVB Damage
  • Free of Parabens, Phthalates and Mineral Oil
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • Non-Greasy for Smooth Application

Reef-safe, non-greasy sunscreen for protecting against UVA/UVB damage.


  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen for effective sun protection
  • Zinc oxide-based formula for safe and gentle application
  • Refreshing orange scent for a pleasant application experience
  • Made in the USA with high-quality ingredients

If you’re packing for a trip to Hawaii, Suntegrity’s Mineral Sunscreen for Body is a must-have. It’s top-rated and really protects your skin from the sun with its SPF 30. Unlike some sunscreens, it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on your skin.

What’s cool about this sunscreen is that it’s good for the environment too. It’s safe for coral reefs, which is great for Hawaii’s oceans. It doesn’t have any bad stuff like parabens, and it’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

People who’ve used it in Hawaii say it works great, even on long beach days or hikes. It might cost a bit more than other sunscreens, but many think it’s worth it. Not only does it protect your skin, but it also cares for the environment. So, it’s a smart choice for your trip!


  • Non-Greasy for Smooth Application: Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen For Body provides a lightweight and non-greasy formula that glides smoothly onto your skin. This means no sticky residue or uncomfortable greasiness, allowing you to feel comfortable and enjoy your time in the sun without any distractions.
  • Cruelty-Free and Vegan: With its commitment to being cruelty-free and vegan, Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen For Body is an ethical choice for conscious consumers. You can feel good about using this product, knowing that no animals were harmed in its production and that it aligns with your values.
  • Free of Parabens, Phthalates, and Mineral Oil: This sunscreen is formulated without harsh chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil. By avoiding these potentially harmful ingredients, you can ensure that what you’re putting on your body is safe and gentle on the skin.
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Protection – Protects against UVA/UVB Damage: With broad spectrum SPF 30 protection, this sunscreen shields your skin from both UVA rays (which cause premature aging) and UVB rays (which cause sunburn). By providing this comprehensive defense against damaging UV rays, the Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen For Body helps maintain healthy-looking skin.
  • UV Chemical-Free Sunscreen: Unlike many other sunscreens on the market which may contain harsh chemicals such as oxybenzone or avobenzone, this product is UV chemical-free.


  • Non-greasy formula for smooth application
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil
  • Provides broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection against UVA/UVB damage.


  • May leave a white cast on the skin
  • Can feel heavy and slightly sticky upon application
  • Some users may find it difficult to spread evenly on the body

This sunscreen is perfect for the conscious traveler looking for a reef-safe, non-greasy option to protect against UVA/UVB damage while exploring the beautiful waters of Hawaii. Say aloha to Suntegrity Mineral Sunscreen and enjoy your adventures with confidence!

Tips for Choosing and Using Reef Safe Sunscreen in the Hawaiian Islands

Choose sunscreens labeled as “reef-safe” or “ocean-safe” to protect Hawaii’s coral reefs from harmful ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate. Properly apply and reapply sunscreen for maximum protection, and consider alternative forms of sun protection such as wearing hats, sunglasses, and protective clothing.

Look for labels with “reef-safe” or “ocean-safe”

Choosing the right sunscreen in Hawaii means checking for labels that say “reef-safe” or “ocean-safe“. These words signal that the product won’t harm coral reefs and aquatic life. A top tip is to look directly at the packaging because these signs are usually quite prominent.

You can easily spot them near the SPF rating or on the back of a bottle where other detailed information is listed. Selecting products with these labels ensures you’re making an eco-friendly choice, protecting your skin and Hawaii’s unique marine ecosystem.

Avoid ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate

Oxybenzone and octinoxate are two key ingredients you should steer clear of when selecting a sunscreen for your Hawaii vacation. Both chemicals, commonly found in regular sunscreens, pose serious threats to our coral reefs.

The state of Hawaii took bold steps in 2021 banning the use of these harmful substances due to their link with coral bleaching. Coral bleaching devastates marine ecosystems and is directly caused by exposure to these dangerous ingredients present in many popular sunscreen brands.

Therefore, while planning for your Hawaiian adventure or visiting Hanauma Bay, use sun protection that’s free from oxybenzone and octinoxate. Instead, opt for products labeled as “reef-safe” or “ocean-safe” ensuring they don’t contain these destructive chemicals.

Proper application and re-application

Applying and re-applying your sunscreen correctly is the first step towards ensuring excellent skin protection on your Hawaii vacation. Use a reef-safe sunscreen like Sun Bum’s Mineral Sunscreen or Banana Boat Simply Protect Mineral Enriched Sunscreen.

The American Academy of Dermatology suggests applying a full ounce — that’s enough to fill a shot glass — of sunscreen to all exposed parts of your body, 15 minutes before going outdoors.

During snorkeling activities in beautiful spots like Hanauma Bay or any other beaches around the Hawaiian Islands, remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours and immediately after swimming or excessive sweating.

Even when using water-resistant sunscreens, regular re-application guarantees continuous UVA and UVB protection helping you avoid sunburns without harming marine life such as corals.

While enjoying the beauty of Hawaii’s coral reefs, let’s protect them by using safe sunscreens responsibly.

Consider alternative forms of sun protection

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is essential, especially when visiting Hawaii and its beautiful coral reefs. While sunscreen is a common form of protection, alternative options exist.

Sun-protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts and wide-brimmed hats, can provide excellent coverage without the need for sunscreen. By reducing the amount of sunscreen applied, you can help protect Hawaii’s reefs from potentially harmful chemicals.

So next time you’re out enjoying the sun, think about alternative forms of sun protection that keep your skin safe and preserve the beauty of Hawaii’s coral reefs.

Wrap-Up for Sunscreen in Hawaii

In conclusion, using reef-safe sunscreens is crucial when traveling to Hawaii to protect both your skin and the delicate ecosystem. Kokua Sun Care SPF 50/80 Lotion and Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion are highly recommended options that provide maximum sun protection while keeping your skin nourished and moisturized.

Make sure to choose a reef-safe sunscreen for a safe and enjoyable time in the Hawaiian paradise.

FAQs for Reef-Friendly Sunscreen

1. What are reef-safe sunscreens?

Reef-safe sunscreens are mineral-based sunscreen products that primarily use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as active ingredients, these do not cause harm to coral reefs.

2. Why is Hawaii banning certain types of sunscreens?

Hawaii passed a law banning the sale of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, which have been linked to coral bleaching.

3. Does this mean I can’t protect my skin in Hawaii?

Not at all! You can still get protection from both UVA and UVB rays using the best reef-safe sunscreens available there.

4. Are big brands like Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat also banned in Hawaii?

Yes, if their listed ingredients include harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone, octinoxate or paraben which could damage coral DNA.

5. So what type of sunscreen should I buy for my trip to the Big Island?

Look for sunscreens labeled “reef-friendly” with an active ingredient of either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that doesn’t kill coral but protects your skin efficiently.

6. Can I still use non-reef-safe sunscreen if prescribed by a healthcare provider?

Yes, you can use it if a prescription is issued by a licensed healthcare provider even after January 1, 2021 when the new sunscreen ban goes into effect.

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