What to Wear to a Luau in Hawaii: Tips for Luau Attire

by | Mar 11, 2024

Ever wondered what to wear to a luau in Hawaii? Picture this: you’re invited to a luau, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii, excited to dive into the culture, food, and fun.

But then you think, “What should I wear?” Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

This blog post is all about helping you choose the perfect outfit for a Hawaiian luau. From the cool aloha shirts for guys to the lovely floral dresses for girls, we’ll guide you through picking out outfits that are not only stylish but also comfy.

We’ll also share some tips on shoes and accessories to make sure you look your best. Ready to find out how to dress up for a fantastic luau experience? Let’s get started!

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One thing to keep in mind is not to overthink what to wear to a luau. Honestly, sometimes when I travel to Hawaii, I don’t intend to attend a luau.

However, once in Hawaii, I may decide to check out a luau I haven’t been to before. In general, I try to keep it nice and casual. Personally, I don’t want to stand out. Either stand out of looking over-the-top and trying to hard, or looking like a beach bum.

But hey! The beach bum kine vibe could work, depending on the luau!

Key Takeaways of What to Wear to a Luau

  • Wear an aloha shirt with a vibrant floral pattern and loose shorts for men, or a floral dress or muumuu for women, perfect to wear to a luau party. to fit in at a luau.
  • Go for sandals or flip – flops to stay comfortable on the sand; avoid high heels because they can be tricky on uneven ground.
  • Accessorize with flower leis, seashell necklaces, or hair flowers to add island flair without overdoing it.
  • Buy your luau outfit from Hawaiian brands like Tori Richard, Kahala, Kane Collective, and Lexbreezy for authentic styles.
  • Keep it casual and respectful; traditional wear is best—skip costume-like outfits.

Overview of an Authentic Luau in Hawaii

hula dancers in hawaii

Hawaiian luaus are a cultural celebration featuring traditional Hawaiian entertainment and food. These laid-back evening gatherings offer visitors a taste of authentic island culture, making them a must-do activity when visiting Hawaii.

Are Hawaiian Luaus Worth It?

You’re probably thinking if it’s worth going to a luau. Absolutely! Imagine sitting under the stars, enjoying cultural entertainment, feeling the Aloha spirit—it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Hawaiian luaus are a blast! You get to taste amazing foods like Kalua pig and Lomi Lomi Salmon. It’s not just about eating, though. You’ll see hula dancers move to the beat of live music and learn about Hawaiian culture too.

Now that you know luaus are a must-do, let’s talk about what men should wear to fit right in at these festive gatherings.

What to Wear to a Luau in Hawaii for Men (Kāne)

aloha shirts on a clothing rack
  • Pick an aloha shirt – these are the classic Hawaiian shirts with bright, bold prints. Think palm trees, surfboards, or even kālua pig designs.
  • Choose some loose shorts – Khaki or linen shorts give you that laid-back island vibe.
  • Go for sandals (slippahs) or slip-on shoes – they’re comfy and perfect for walking on sand.
  • Slip on a fresh flower lei, a signature of Hawaiian island hospitality – it’s a beautiful way to say “Hello” in Hawaiian style.
  • Consider wearing a lauhala hat – not only stylish but also great for keeping the sun off your face.
  • Try out a lightweight t-shirt if you prefer something simpler than an aloha shirt.
  • Add some personality with colorful beads or bracelets that jingle as you join in the hula dancing!

What to Wear to a Luau in Hawaii for Women (Wahine)

floral dresses on a clothing rack
  • Go casual and comfy. Aim for a relaxed outfit that lets you move with ease.
  • Pick vibrant colors. Choose clothing with bright, tropical patterns to fit the festive atmosphere.
  • Think flowing dresses with floral print. A muumuu or a maxi skirt gives off the perfect island feel.
  • Wrap it up in Hawaiian print. Sarongs or pareo wraps are stylish and embody the Hawaiian theme. Make sure to keep it classy.
  • Slip on some sandals. Opt for flip-flops or flat sandals for comfort on your feet.
  • Accessorize gently. Fresh-flower leis or seashell necklaces add charm without going overboard.
  • Stay practical with extras, like a light jacket for cooler evenings or a hair tie for breezy conditions.
  • Avoid costumes as they may come off as disrespectful—stick to authentic and traditional options instead.

Appropriate Footwear for a Luau

sandals on a beach in hawaii

After getting your attire sorted out, it’s time to choose the right footwear for a luau. Here are some tips:

  • Sandals or flip-flops are the best choice for barefoot strolling or dancing on the sand.
  • Comfortable sneakers also work well if you prefer not to go barefoot.
  • It’s recommended to avoid high heels as they might be uncomfortable on uneven surfaces and sand.

Tips on Luau Accessories

flower lei on a sandy beach
When it comes to luau accessories, adding the right touches can really make your outfit pop. Here are six tips to elevate your look:
  1. Fresh flower leis are a must-have accessory at a luau party, symbolizing love, respect, and aloha spirit. Must luaus will welcome you with one!
  2. Seashell necklaces can add a touch of the ocean to your ensemble, complementing the tropical theme of the event.
  3. Consider wearing a haku lei, also known as a head lei, made from fresh flowers or ferns for an authentic Hawaiian touch. Get one made from a local artist!
  4. Embrace the island vibe by adorning your hair with colorful hair clips or flowers, creating a playful and festive look with floral patterns.
  5. If you want to go all out, consider wearing a puka shell necklace for that classic surfer-chic style often seen in Hawaii.

Where to Shop for a Hawaiian Luau Outfit

Major Hawaiian clothing brands such as Tori Richard, Kahala, Angels by the Sea Hawaii, and Lexbreezy offer an array of authentic luau attire for men and women.

You can also explore local Hawaiian clothing stores to find unique shirts, dresses, and beachwear perfect for a memorable luau outfit.

Additionally, traditional Hawaiian clothing isn’t just for luaus; it can serve as a delightful memento of your trip or be worn at other Hawaiian-themed parties.

Embrace the vibrant culture and style of Hawaii by choosing attire that captures the essence of aloha while ensuring comfort in the tropical climate.

What to Wear to a Luau in Hawaii Wrap-Up

Planning to attend a luau in Hawaii? Remember, the dress code is casual and tropical. For men, comfortable aloha shirts and loose shorts are the way to go. Ladies can opt for floral dresses or traditional muumuu designs.

Stick with comfortable footwear like sandals or flip-flops. Consider adding some Hawaiian accessories for that perfect island vibe! When shopping for your attire, check out local Hawaiian clothing brands like Kahala, Tori Richard, or Lexbreezy!

Discover more about the amazing experience of Hawaiian luaus and decide for yourself by visiting the best luaus in Hawaii.

FAQs for What to Wear to a Luau

1. What should I wear to a luau in Hawaii?

Go for an aloha shirt or tropical look. Men often wear button-down shirts with taro plant designs, while women might choose hula skirts or dresses that show off the beautiful Hawaiian textiles.

2. Are there special clothes for men and women at a luau?

Yes! Men’s luau attire usually includes aloha shirts paired with khaki shorts or pants. Women’s luau attire often features bright, floral dresses – you know, the ones perfect for swaying like hula girls at the luau show.

3. Can I just wear anything to a Hawaiian-themed party?

Well, it’s best to stick with aloha wear – those colorful shirts and dresses inspired by the Hawaiian islands’ vibes. You’ll fit right in!

4. Is it all about looking good at a lūʻau, or is there more to it?

It’s not just about fashion; wearing these clothes shows respect for Hawaiian culture at their feasts filled with taros and roasted delights!

5. Do kids have to dress up too for a luau?

Absolutely! Dressing up in little versions of adult aloha wear makes everything cuter and keeps everyone feeling part of the fun under Hawaii’s sunny skies.

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