Episode 90: King Kamehameha Day

by | Jun 11, 2023


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Celebrate King Kamehameha Day with us as we take you on a journey through this vibrant Hawaiian holiday, honoring the first king of Hawaii! Dive into the rich history behind this annual event, and discover how Kamehameha the Great’s legacy lives on through island-wide festivities enjoyed by thousands of locals and tourists alike.

From its origins in 1872 to its reestablishment as a public holiday in 1898, we’ll explore the unique celebrations across each Hawaiian island, particularly the largest one on Oahu, which features the iconic 18-foot statue of King Kamehameha in Honolulu.

Let’s immerse ourselves in the beautiful traditions of Hawaiian culture, complete with traditional song, dance, food, and arts and crafts. Don’t miss out on this exciting episode that showcases the incredible history of King Kamehameha Day, and be sure to follow along for more of Hawaii’s Best!

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