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This is our second “solo show” episode and there’s plenty to share with you about Hawaii today. We’re talking about what you need to know before your trip to Hawaii. Make sure you check out Shaka Guide to make your trip more rich and meaningful – go to hawaiisbesttravel.com/Shaka and download their guide for whichever Island you’re traveling to.
  1. Know When You Want to Come. It’s possible your ability to travel is limited by work and school schedules, but if you’re someone who can come whenever, it’s helpful to consider your goals for the trip to help you schedule it. Whale watching (December to April-ish), sunbathing, snorkeling, etc all have “peak seasons.” Spring and Summer have higher rates, and fall and winter are lower (besides the big winter holidays). I love visiting Hawaii in Feb/March, but also in Sept/Oct.
  2. Be Prepared to Slow Down. Especially if you’re heading to the islands from the mainland! Each island has its own pace. Waikiki and Honolulu for instance are faster paced than most areas. Try to have the mindset of being a guest rather than a tourist. Plus you’re on vacation, so remember to slow down. Pro tip: don’t use your car horn unless you absolutely have to.
  3. Know Some Hawaiian Words. Obviously, you know Aloha, but do you know the depth of the word linguistically? It’s amazing. There’s a spirit of aloha. You’ll also want to know Mahalo, which means thank you. Learn as many as you can!
  4. Know to Bring Your Own Reusable Bags. Let’s all do our part to reduce plastic pollution- especially in this beautiful area.
  5. Know to Be Respectful of Ocean Safety. The ocean is more intense here, so make sure the rip isn’t bad that day, and go out with someone else rather than by yourself. Watch the waves rather than the shore, and be aware of signs, especially about closures. Check out the jellyfish calendar too. Keep your distance from any marine life like sea turtles, seals, whales… enjoy them at a distance.
Before going into a new culture, it’s always a good idea to read up, show honor and respect, and be open to new experiences.

There were a lot of resources mentioned in this episode so be sure to check them all out below.

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Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy, owner of Hawaii’s Best Travel, is a certified Hawaii destination expert from the Hawaii Visitors Bureau. He actively participates in the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau as a member and has a strong educational background focused on local culture and sustainability. As the host of “Hawaii’s Best Travel,” a top-30 US travel podcast, Bryan combines his years of experience with valuable insights. He connects with a broad online community, reaching nearly half a million people, and offers a richer, more responsible way to experience Hawaii.