Episode 80: Maui From Above: Go Fly Maui’s Unique Helicopter Experience

by | Apr 19, 2023


On this episode of Hawaii’s Best, host, Bryan Murphy has a special treat for all the aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We dive into the world of helicopter flight schools and explore the fascinating story of Go Fly Maui, a unique helicopter experience located on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii.

Owned and operated by Nick and Magen Moran, Go Fly Maui offers a personalized and immersive experience for anyone who has ever dreamed of flying a helicopter.

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helicopter tour on maui go fly maui

Photo courtesy of Go Fly Maui LLC

Origins of Go Fly Maui

Go Fly Maui was founded on the passion for aviation that Nick and Magen Moran have shared for their entire lives. They combined their love for flying with their love for the island of Maui to create a truly unique opportunity for residents and visitors alike to learn how to fly helicopters.

Unlike corporate flight schools, Go Fly Maui represents the Morans’ lifelong dream to own and operate a helicopter flight school that prioritizes the individual needs and goals of its students.

Meet the Owners

nick and magen moran go fly maui

Photo courtesy of Go Fly Maui LLC

Nick Moran, originally from the Pacific Northwest, has had a lifelong journey with aviation.

He earned his fixed-wing Private Pilot License at the young age of 17. Later in life, after an introductory helicopter flight, Nick was hooked on rotorcraft and decided to pursue the rest of his training in helicopters.

He went on to earn his Commercial License, Instrument Rating, and CFI and CFII Licenses. Shortly after completing his ratings, he and his wife Magen moved to Maui, Hawaii, in search of a new adventure.

Magen Moran serves as the Director of Go Fly Maui, ensuring that the flight school operates smoothly and efficiently. She brings a keen eye for detail and a talent for organization, which is instrumental in providing a seamless experience for their customers and students.

Nick and Magen strive to offer a customized flight experience that caters to each person’s specific goals and aspirations.

The Go Fly Maui Experience

go fly maui helicopter photography

Photo courtesy of Go Fly Maui LLC

Go Fly Maui offers a variety of flight training and experience options. Whether you are an aspiring helicopter pilot or want to experience the thrill of flying a helicopter for the first time, Go Fly Maui has a program for you.

They offer introductory flights, private pilot courses, commercial pilot courses, instrument rating courses, and even CFI and CFII courses for those who want to teach others how to fly helicopters.

One of the things that sets Go Fly Maui apart from others is its commitment to providing a personalized and immersive experience.

This is achieved through expert instruction from Nick, who brings his charisma and passion for teaching to every lesson, and the school’s stunning location in Maui.

Students have the opportunity to learn to fly in one of the most beautiful and challenging environments in the world!

Tweetable Quotes from Go Fly Maui

“When you’re up in the air, looking down at the breathtaking landscapes of Maui, it’s a feeling like no other.”

“We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the magic of helicopter flight, and that’s why we started Go Fly Maui.”

“Our mission is to provide personalized training and experiences that will make your time in the sky truly unforgettable.”

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Go Fly Maui

[00:00:00] Bryan Murphy: Have you ever dreamed of soaring through the skies above the beautiful island of Maui in a helicopter? If so, you don't want to miss today's episode on the podcast. Recently I sat down with Nick Moran, the owner of Gof Fly Maui, a one of a kind helicopter flight school and helicopter experience on the island of Maui.

[00:00:19] In this episode, we learn how Go fly. Maui offers a truly customized flight experience that can turn your dreams. Flight into reality, the captain has turned on the fastened seatbelt sign. So stay tuned for another Maui filled episode of Hawaii's Best

[00:00:37] Hawaii's Best: Aloha. Welcome to hav Hawaii's best. Here you'll learn what to know before traveling as we discover Hawaiian culture, local businesses.

[00:00:45] And the experiences that make Hav Hawaii one of the most incredible places in the world. And now your host, Brian Murphy.

[00:00:54] Bryan Murphy: Hello. Hi, and welcome to episode 80 of Hawaii's. Best, I just wanna say thank you so [00:01:00] much for joining me today. I am the host and owner of Hawaii's Best Travel, Brian Murphy. And I just wanna say, if you've been hanging out with us on Hawaii's best for a little while, just wanna.

[00:01:10] Thank you and, and I would ask you to consider sharing this podcast with anyone who loves Hawaii as much as you. Or maybe they're planning a trip to Hawaii maybe for the first time. So be sure to share this podcast with them. Well, like I mentioned on today's episode, I got the chance to stand with Nick.

[00:01:28] Moran, who is a passionate pilot whose love for aviation started at a young age growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Nick's fascination with flying led him to earn his fixed wing pilot license just at the age of 17. But it wasn't until he took an introductory helicopter flight that he realized his true calling becoming a helicopter.

[00:01:51] Nick pursued his passion relentlessly obtaining his commercial license, instrument rating, and C F I and C F I I licenses driven by his [00:02:00] enthusiasm for teaching and desire to share the exhilarating world of helicopter flight. He and his wife Megan, moved to the beautiful island of Maui. Together, they turned their dream into reality by founding Go Fly.

[00:02:12] A one of Akin Helicopter Flight School, an experience that truly reflects Nick's spirit and dedication to the world of aviation. So let's go ahead and let's talk story with Nick from Go Fly Maui.

[00:02:34] Nick, thank you so much for coming on. Hawaii's Best coming from the beautiful island of Maui. How are you doing? What? Awesome.

[00:02:42] Brian,

[00:02:42] Nick Moran: thanks for having us on the podcast.

[00:02:45] Bryan Murphy: Absolutely. Yeah. This is gonna be fun. How are things going with Go Fly Maui? I know, just gave a brief bio of what you guys do and, and who you are a little bit, but love to hear from you about how things are going and a little about about yourself.

[00:02:58] Nick Moran: Doing great. Lots [00:03:00] of flying. Got beautiful weather. Everything's back into full swing. We're flying lots.

[00:03:05] Bryan Murphy: Oh, that's awesome. Secretly, I've always wanted to learn how to fly and I've never done it. So part of this conversation is a little, is a little selfish. I, I'd love to hear more about what you guys do.

[00:03:17] Uh, go fly nowi. But before we get into all that, share a little bit about your journey, how you came into fall in love with aviation and eventually to what you do.

[00:03:27] Nick Moran: My aviation journey, if you will, started at a super young age. Dad was in the Navy and flew jets, so I grew up with boy airplanes and helicopters and all kinds of stuff.

[00:03:38] I think my love of aviation started right there as I was going through high school. That was one of the deals I got to for pursue was a private pilot license. I got my private pilot license when I was 16. It was kind of special. My dad got to go through the GR school with me again, so it's kind of fun to have his aviation stories to back up all the, the GR [00:04:00] school stuff I was learning for the first time.

[00:04:02] Then from there I started working at an airport as a fueler and scrapping for flight time here and there. But as most people realize, flying's a little on me expensive side, especially. 16, 17, and you have the original GoFundMe, you know, mowing lawns. Right. So I got into kit surfing, which that's what eventually brought us out to Maui and switched us over to the helicopter world.

[00:04:27] When

[00:04:27] Bryan Murphy: about was that transition coming over to

[00:04:30] Nick Moran: Maui? So we've been on Maui for 14 years out. We had visited New Zealand and Maui both prior. Right after we got married and we were going to move to New Zealand for a little bit, and due to family circumstances and also it's a long ways away, we decided to move to Maui and make it work.

[00:04:49] It wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but we made it

[00:04:52] Bryan Murphy: work. So you're on Maui. It's been about 14 years. When did the idea for Go Fly Naui, how did that come about? Is that something [00:05:00] that's always been, I guess, in your heart, or ideas or dreams, or how did that come. It's

[00:05:06] Nick Moran: been kind of a morphine dream, if you will, morphed from doing Bush flying up in Alaska to Awesome.

[00:05:13] Our journey out here at Go Fly Maui. Going organically came together in a lot of ways. Looking back on it. I had gotten my instructor rating in helicopters and whatnot back in Washington state. There were no flight schools in O at the time. I was going through all of that. So I did take a a year and a half, and when I moved back to Washington for that, But when we got here, we're like, okay, great.

[00:05:37] Not like you graduate and get to start flying tours right away. They want you to have 1,500 hours just as a beginning physician. So I had to figure out some way to build that flight time and so was able to get a co-pilot physician with the uh, medevac helicopter. Which was stationed on Maui. That was a great learning [00:06:00] experience.

[00:06:00] We had very high time pilots that were willing to share their experience with me. It also got me around a lot of the mechanics, the other pilots flying tours, and while they see someone that's working hard and start to see little opportunities pop up, and it's pushed up a little bit. But along that path, I've bumped into a airplane flight in.

[00:06:23] Who decided he wanted to buy a helicopter without knowing how to fly it and got talking. I'm like, well, I am an instructor. I'll, I'll teach you to fly it. We're like, okay, this is, this is a little different, but we actually started Maui Helicopter Academy at the time, and we learned a lot. We had a little Schweitzer 300, which kind of looks like a John Deere tractor version of a helicopter.

[00:06:47] Great little machine, but ended up kind of having some hiccups with being able to get parts. So he ended up selling that helicopter and Goly Maui was born. We bought a R [00:07:00] 44, which is a four seat piston helicopter, pretty popular, great machine, and we started Goly Maui. It's now grown to having a second ship.

[00:07:11] We've got an R 22, which is a two seat helicopter. This the primary trainer for people wanting to get their pilot's license. So that's kind of how Goly Maui. Born, essentially, we've been going for, well since 2018. So been a fun ride

[00:07:29] Bryan Murphy: so far. 2018 that's still pretty fresh and then weathering through the pandemic.

[00:07:35] And now, like you mentioned, you guys are back up and, and full, full going, you know, growing up and, and traveling. You know, I've always been a little. Afraid of flying and, and one of the things like, you gotta face your fears and, you know, I, I'm not anymore, but like I've always have been curious about, you know, learning how to fly.

[00:07:58] And I think that's kind [00:08:00] of a little bit of what's a little selfish about this conversation is. Part of me wants to learn how to fly, but someone who's listening to this also is like, Hey, I just wanna like hop in and grab a camera tour around Maui. Go fly Maui. How is it different than the other helicopter companies on on Maui?

[00:08:18] What's unique? What sets you guys apart for someone who's traveling to Maui to, you know, to be aware of

[00:08:25] Nick Moran: Goly Maui is a company. We don't do traditional tours. We are all about let them actually get on the controls and get the experience. That time's also lable. So you know, if you want a little more intimate experience.

[00:08:41] We can do the introductory flights, let you get some time. You can log that time towards a pilot's license and you're one hour closer to your goal. So that's, that's something unique. There's no other company on the island that'll do that. Some people who already have a pilot's license, they're looking for a flight school where they can [00:09:00] log some time, but they don't want to do a normal tour route or something like that.

[00:09:03] They just wanna fly around and, and see the. We can do those, those flights where, you know, we've got various pilots on board with a safety pilot from Gof Fly Maui. The other thing that we have, a lot of the companies that fly tours out here will allow you to bring a cell phone or something like that. But we get a lot of photographers that want to bring their actual cameras along.

[00:09:27] They have a specific vision for what they'd like to shoot. And if you're taking a normal tour, you've got the doors on, you gotta share with a bunch of people. And they only let you bring yourself up. Go Fly Valley. We let you actually bring along a real camera. I'm a photographer. We've got experienced photographers that also come out and guide you through aerial photography one oh one.

[00:09:49] We call it our photo flight academy. That's awesome. And that's really fun cuz you get to create something special. You can print it up. Yeah, put it on your wall, you got a story behind it. We offer that [00:10:00] for the, anywhere from beginner to professional photographers and sometimes even the cinematographers that come out and.

[00:10:07] Wanna put something together. We've done a couple of production shoots. Paradise City, we got to help out with, uh, one of the shoots of John Travolta. Never a dull moment out here. But yeah, if you come out and you're wanting to stay for a little bit and actually work on your pilot's license, we offer ground school where we sit down and go through all the subjects.

[00:10:29] The f a has got lined out for you, helped you get ready for your written tests, and then the flight training. We'll get you set up for taking your check ride, which takes anywhere from, in a realistic world, 50 to a hundred hours On Maui, we are on a fairly windy island, so you know, our pilots take a little bit longer to get through our program, but they're happy that they did because they can handle the conditions.

[00:10:54] It's a very rewarding, uh,

[00:10:57] Bryan Murphy: What side? Where are you at as far as you know, [00:11:00] geographically based on the island? We're actually at the

[00:11:03] Nick Moran: Kalu Airport. Oh, cool. So most people coming to visit Maui will land at Kahului? Right. We're actually stationed on the opposite side of the runway that all the big jets are.

[00:11:13] It's a

[00:11:13] Bryan Murphy: great airport. That's awesome. One of the things that I was, at least that caught my eye, and I'd love to hear maybe a little, little story, the helicopter flower drop. Can you share maybe a, a touching or unique story from maybe some of the various events that you've been a part of?

[00:11:29] Nick Moran: Yeah, we've got several people will ask like, what?

[00:11:31] What's the deal with the flower drops? Right? Hawaii's known for some of its beautiful flowers. We've got arias, we've got hibiscus and fluorescent colors. It's gorgeous. And so for most events, whether it's, you know, a birthday wedding, even memorials and things like that, it's pretty special if we can.

[00:11:52] Scatter flowers from above and have it drift over the event. You know, I've even had some friends who have passed on and [00:12:00] getting to share that experience of, you know, whether it's scattering ashes with the flowers. It, it's very special. We recently did a wedding up country and. Probably 200 people at this event.

[00:12:13] And you know, they look down and see flowers everywhere. Everybody's cheering and you're like, yeah, we helped make that day just a

[00:12:19] Bryan Murphy: little more special. That's sweet.

[00:12:21] Nick Moran: Yeah. The ash scattering as well. A lot of people will paddle out on paddle boards or canoes and scatter ashes and. Throw the helicopter usually out over the ocean, but that's going out to bang.

[00:12:32] Bryan Murphy: That's the way I want to go out. Like I've always envisioned that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's pretty

[00:12:38] Nick Moran: cool actually. Yeah.

[00:12:43] Bryan Murphy: Alright. It is that time again for any kind news and on this edition of any kind news. The Molokini Island, a small 18 acre marine sanctuary located off Maui's Southwestern Shores is widely considered one of the world's most popular snorkeling and diving spots. However, a [00:13:00] recent study has revealed that the Crescent Shape Island is suffering from overuse.

[00:13:04] Due to the high volume of visitors necessitating additional management measures to protect its delicate ecosystem. In 2019, over 40,000 tourists visited Malini for Ocean Excu. Although the island experienced some relief when the pandemic halted tourism to Hawaii in spring of 2020, a 2011 survey of 712 individuals participating in diving and snorkeling trips to Molokini showed that 67% felt the island was crowded.

[00:13:33] Kevin Wing, the study's lead author from William and Mary's, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, commented the COVA related Tourism Freeze provided a unique natural experiment to measure the effects of decreased tourism on fish behavior in a high use no take Marine. Protected area. Russell Sparks from the Hawaii State Department of Land in natural Resources emphasizes the need for better management to improve not only the ecosystem's health, but also [00:14:00] the visitor experience.

[00:14:01] Between March, 2020 and May, 2021, researchers conducted five scuba surveys around Molakin to record various details of the fish species within the submerge cra. They also analyzed human presence data from logbooks of the 40 charter boat companies offering tour excursions around the island. The findings showed that fish species and large predators displayed by high human activity returned to molokini within months.

[00:14:27] The displacement of these creatures is concerning. As it affects they're spawning and sends ripples throughout the local food web, potentially stressing the entire ecosystem. Molokini has been a no take marine protected area since 1979 with many tour operators working closely with the state to protect the reef visitor numbers.

[00:14:47] Two. Molokini returned to pre pandemic levels by June of 2021. As per the study, Wang stated, our research demonstrates that human presence alone can alter the community structure and possibly the [00:15:00] functioning of ecosystem. This means we can improve how tourism is configured in Hawaii and around the world to reduce the impacts of human presence, and this has been this edition of any kind News.

[00:15:13] Back to you, Brian.

[00:15:16] Thanks, Brian. Let's go ahead. We're gonna get back to our conversation with Nick from Go Fly Maui. So we're up, we're up in the air right now. Do you have any favorite spots that are unique maybe to you that, that are special to you? And then also what are some of the other spots that people are really drawn to thinking about that vanish point above?

[00:15:37] Maui? So much of Maui can only be explored. I think a Kauai too can, can only be explored in the air. So what are some of your favorite spots to.

[00:15:47] Nick Moran: Yeah, I've got a couple. My first favorite is going out to Hana. A lot of people do the road to Hana. That's a big thing for visitors. I, I wanna do the Road to Hana and it's usually a all day driving [00:16:00] event.

[00:16:00] Right. I love going out there, especially for our photo flights. There's, there's waterfall all over the place. The coastline on the North Shore is absolutely spectacular. We actually have waterfalls, usually after it rains or something like that, waterfalls cascade into the ocean. Drop, you know, 500, 600 feet, you're gonna see so much more of Road to Hana from from above.

[00:16:23] There's waterfalls that people have never been to that we get to fly over. Yeah, it's definitely an amazing experience. Yeah. The second favorite is, you know, weather permitting going into the West Maui Mountains. West Maui's are a little bit older than the homicide of the islands, so the valleys are a little bit deeper.

[00:16:43] They're really etched in most people who fly over there. Usually comment that they feel like they're in the Jurassic Park movie. Mm-hmm. It just makes you feel very small. It's really, really cool. All rainforest, huge waterfalls. [00:17:00] It's just magical. A lot of people come back and they're just like crying and you're like, special.

[00:17:04] Be a part of that. Do you ever get

[00:17:05] Bryan Murphy: like immune to that or is like Every trip up is unique and special. Well,

[00:17:10] Nick Moran: every trip we go up is unique and special. We get barely consistent conditions, but it doesn't mean that we're gonna see the same stuff. Mm-hmm. And it's really cool too, when we take people up, especially for their first helicopter flight and just the look of awe on their face and seeing their reaction will never get old.

[00:17:29] Every day's a little bit unique and different, and especially, From the photographer's perspective, the light's always changing. Like the, the waterfalls ebb and flow a little bit. The ocean's always changing too. We have days where we have jaws, which is a massive wave breaking. We might be shooting surfers and then we have days like this.

[00:17:49] This last week was totally calm and flat and it looked like a lake, so yeah. Yeah. We don't get bored.

[00:17:56] Bryan Murphy: Yeah. Before we hit record, we were talking about [00:18:00] whale season and you've. You know, seeing some of that usually whale season, especially Maui, you know, November through March, April-ish, how has the season been?

[00:18:10] This

[00:18:11] Nick Moran: year has been incredible. I think I probably said that last year too. Uh, well, I don't know. Last year was different. We had so many baby whales here this year. We got a lot of babies, but we've got a lot of young adults, which are the babies from last year. So, you know, it is just super cool to see the whales from, from above.

[00:18:31] I've been out on the boats, I've been out on the kayaks, and it's really cool to be close to the whale. But when you can look down through the water and you see a whale, 20 feet underwater and it's silhouette is, is just sitting there. There's a kayak up above it and you see the size difference. It, it's just incredible.

[00:18:49] And then to see 'em jumping, you can see 'em before they come out of the water. Their, their white peck fins are like, Super bright. Uh, it, it is really cool. But this year's been great. [00:19:00] We've had a lot of, we call them comp pods, which are competition pods. Usually it's a mating thing. And with these comp pods, we're starting to see bottle nosed dolphins swimming with one of the pairs, usually the pair that has the new,

[00:19:15] Bryan Murphy: so someone's planning a.

[00:19:17] To Hawaii, specifically Maui, and you know, they're looking for excursions and they're looking for the whale watching tours and the helicopter tours and, and maybe they come across, go fly Maui. What sets you guys apart and, and unique? I know we talked about that a little bit, but I'm thinking about that person who is maybe coming back to the islands or coming for the first time and is looking for a unique experience.

[00:19:44] If you could just talk to that person for a minute and, and about go fly Maui and what you

[00:19:48] Nick Moran: guys offer. If you're the type of person that likes to do something a little bit different, you're the customer we're looking for. To be honest. We love to get to know all of our [00:20:00] clients. We don't cram our schedule super back to back.

[00:20:03] We like to have a pretty relaxed environment, bring you in, get to know you. We go for our flight. We keep in touch. We like making friends and we like working with people to make a unique experience, whether it's, you know, hey, My brother lives out here. We want to go check out his house and he wants some photos of it or whatever.

[00:20:25] We we're not set to certain parameters that some of the Ether operators can be set to. We just really love hanging out, enjoying people, getting to share flying helicopters with them. It's a beautiful island and we like to make it special. Yeah,

[00:20:43] Bryan Murphy: I can't wait to get back on Maui again and be able to connect in person.

[00:20:48] So on the ground, somebody's there. You guys have been there for 14 years, but for travelers visiting Maui, what are some, in your opinion, must see [00:21:00] locations, activities? What would you recommend just kind of for someone coming in for a. You

[00:21:05] Nick Moran: know, if you're coming out to Maui for the first time, definitely come fly with us and in your adventurous to go try kite surfing or windsurfing.

[00:21:13] There's plenty of operations that that teach lessons and do that. Surfing's a big one. I mean, you think of flight, you wanna go get some surf lessons. Those are always memorable. As far as other activities, there's hiking while you've. Follow the safety guidelines. If there's no local hiking, then you probably shouldn't be hiking.

[00:21:31] Right? But on the North Shore, you know, the Bamboo forest Twin falls, there's the Mendez Trail Ridge line hike. They're all absolutely gorgeous and different kind of must dos for, for anyone that comes out, I usually send them there Other things that are off the beaten path. You know, there's lots of newer operators that.

[00:21:53] Topography tours, things like that, that are kind of little hidden gems.

[00:21:58] Bryan Murphy: Hmm. Awesome. Well, we're gonna [00:22:00] do something. I don't think I've done this on any other episode yet, and I don't know if it's gonna be a thing. Maybe we'll just do it for this episode and it'll be a thing for this episode, but we're gonna do, we'll call it Rapid five Maui edition.

[00:22:12] You know, just your first gut response, how you would answer this question. But Sunrise at Holly Aala or Sunset at Khan Poly.

[00:22:21] Nick Moran: Sunset right on

[00:22:23] Bryan Murphy: Vol Rohan or exploring Upcountry

[00:22:27] Nick Moran: Rohan is a hard one to be, and like you

[00:22:29] Bryan Murphy: mentioned earlier, people need to plan the day for it. It's a whole day excursion. I think some people are when it's gonna drive a drive a road, but it's a whole day excursion that people need to be a aware of.

[00:22:45] Nick Moran: Yeah, I usually recommend that they stay at the HA resort if they do it, and actually get a morning in Hana. And that's magical.

[00:22:53] Bryan Murphy: That's, that's a price for the admission for this episode. That's worth it right there. [00:23:00]

[00:23:00] Nick Moran: It's right there. Good tip.

[00:23:02] Bryan Murphy: All right.

[00:23:02] Nick Moran: Favorite restaurant? Maui Ocean Vodka. Yes.

[00:23:06] Bryan Murphy: Awesome. Okay.

[00:23:07] Yeah, that's my new favorite. Someone's watching, they, they can't see it right now, but I have the different sizes of their Maui Ocean vodka bottles behind me. Yeah. Yeah, that's

[00:23:17] Nick Moran: yeah. Amazing venue up there. Okay.

[00:23:20] Bryan Murphy: Golden Sands of Wile or the Black Sands of Yap. Pap State Park.

[00:23:25] Nick Moran: I like Yle. Yle is awesome. Okay, I go with that.

[00:23:29] But Black Sand, if you're in Hana, you gotta go check. Sure.

[00:23:33] Bryan Murphy: All right. Last one. Snorkeling or horseback riding? Well, I'm going to snorkeling because I'm allergic to the horses. Ah, okay. So that's interesting. Explain a little bit about, we haven't talked about your wife who's ever, you know, the other arm of this operation.

[00:23:50] Why the laughter about a horseback riding, and maybe explain just a little bit about that before we wrap. Oh man. Well, the tail number

[00:23:57] Nick Moran: on her R 44 is 23 HH [00:24:00] or Hotel. Hotel. And I joke that that stands for, uh, horses and helicopters. My wife's amazing. She does a lot of the back end. If people inquire, they're usually talking to her to schedule their flight.

[00:24:11] Definitely the backbone of the company, but is definitely a horse girl as trained up to horses and one as a jumper wants doing dressage. She loves English stuff. If she's not in the office, if the Goly Maui, she's usually gonna be up at the barn playing with the horses.

[00:24:31] Bryan Murphy: That's awesome. All right, Nick, how can people find you guys and, and book with you?

[00:24:35] So we're

[00:24:36] Nick Moran: on Instagram and Facebook. They can find us on Instagram at goly Maui, the same Goly Maui on Facebook. If you want to check out website, it's, you know, goly maui.com and drop us a note. There's a contact button in there of also some more information on all of our flights. Got questions we, we'd love answering.

[00:24:58] Usually the email is the easiest way to get [00:25:00] ahold of us cuz either we're up at the barn or I'm flying and I can't take phone calls while we're flying. So, uh Right. Yeah, just send us an email. We're pretty good about getting back to you as a team. Yeah. Love to in touch with all

[00:25:13] Bryan Murphy: of your listeners. Nick, thank you so much for your time and have a great rest of your day.

[00:25:17] I can't wait for someone who, who's listened to the episode to have that experience and report back on that experience for everyone else to hear, and I can't wait to get out back on Maui soon. So thank you so much for your, for your time. Thanks for having us

[00:25:30] Nick Moran: on the podcast.

[00:25:34] Bryan Murphy: Well, again, I just wanna thank Nick for coming on the podcast today. And to find more about Goly Maui, go to Hawaii's best travel.com/episode. 80 and there you'll find a lot more info on how to contact them in case you're planning a trip to Maui. And if you are planning a trip to Maui, I'd love to hear from you.

[00:25:54] You can email me brian hawaii's best travel.com, and email me some [00:26:00] questions or maybe some things that you would love for us to cover about the incredible island of. All right. Until next time, be well.

[00:26:08] Hawaii's Best: Aloha Mahalo for listening to this episode of Hawaii's. Best to stay up to date on future episodes.

[00:26:17] Please subscribe and visit us at hav hawaii's best travel.com.

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