Visit Hawaii in February: Is February a Good Time to Go to Hawaii? (2024)

by | Dec 12, 2023

Are you considering taking a trip to Hawaii in February and wondering if it’s the best time? I get it! Most places during February are not an ideal time to visit. However, most places aren’t Hawaii!

Is February a Good Time to Go to Hawaii?

Hawaii in February is an excellent time to visit, offering warm and pleasant weather with average daytime high temperatures ranging from 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

This period is ideal for travelers seeking a break from colder climates, as Hawaii’s waters and beaches remain invitingly warm throughout the year, making it a perfect winter getaway destination.

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February in Hawaii has its special perks, like seeing many humpback whales because they migrate there during this time. It’s also less busy since fewer people visit, which means flights and hotels can cost less.

The ocean feels nice for snorkeling, especially on the Big Island, where the water is about 76 degrees. You’ll also feel refreshed by the trade winds while exploring different islands. There are fun events, too!

You could check out festivals celebrating cherry blossoms or Hawaiian heritage and watch some of the world’s best surfers compete.

If you go tubing down mountains in Kauai or walk along trails, remember it might rain a bit more on some islands than others.

So pack smart with things like swimsuits, jackets that keep water out, comfy quick-drying clothes, shoes good for water use, an umbrella just in case, and sunscreen safe for reefs.

With these great reasons to visit Hawaii in February, are you ready for your adventure? Let’s find out why this month might be what you’re looking for!

Key Takeaways of Hawaii in February

  • February is a sweet spot for Hawaii travel with fewer crowds, making popular spots more enjoyable and peaceful.
  • Expect warm weather during the day and cooler nights; the ocean stays around 76°F, ideal for water activities like whale watching and snorkeling.
  • Since it’s off-peak season, you can save money on flights and hotels in February.
  • There are unique events to experience in February, like the Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival and Whale Watching Excursions.
  • Pack layers for changing weather, choose accommodations that fit your budget, and explore various transportation options.

How is the Weather in Hawaii in February?

The weather in Hawaii during February is typically warm and pleasant, characterized by average daytime high temperatures ranging between 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

This period offers an ideal retreat for those seeking to escape colder winter climates, as the island’s waters and beaches maintain a warm and inviting ambiance throughout the year, providing a perfect backdrop for a winter getaway.

Average Temperatures and Conditions

Get ready to embrace the tropical warmth because Hawaii’s temperatures remain quite inviting even in February.

Imagine strolling along the beach with a gentle ocean breeze cooling your sun-kissed skin—that’s February in Hawaii for you! Check out the table below for a quick glance at what the islands offer during this month:

IslandAverage Daytime Temperature (°F)Average Nighttime Temperature (°F)Weather Notes
Oahu7968Mild and sunny with some rain showers
Maui8065Typically drier, perfect for outdoor activities
Kauai7865The wettest island, yet still warm
Big Island7968Varies greatly across the island, from dry to tropical rainforest

While packing, remember to bring a light jacket for those cooler evenings and a raincoat just in case you encounter a passing shower.

After all, Hawaii’s weather in February is about expecting sunshine with a chance of rain—keeping the islands lush and beautiful for your adventure!

What are Trade Winds and Their Effects?

Trade winds blow across Hawaii, keeping you cool even when the sun is hot. These winds come mostly from the northeast and are like all the islands’ natural air conditioning systems.

They help ensure it’s not too warm while exploring or relaxing on the beach.

When you want to splash in the ocean or ride the waves with a surfboard, trade winds play a big part in making this fun. The water feels just right at around 76°F, perfect for swimming or surfing.

So pack your swimsuits and get ready to enjoy Hawaii’s beautiful beaches and clear waters.

Rain Patterns Across the Islands

The trade winds bring more than cool breezes; they also influence where rain falls. Kauai, for example, can be quite wet. It’s the island with the most rain in Hawaii during February.

But don’t worry too much about your beach plans getting ruined! Maui is on the drier side, so if you’re looking for sunnier days, that might be a great choice.

If you stay on the leeward side of any island, like Kihei on Maui or Poipu on Kauai, you’ll likely see less rain. Honolulu in Oahu also enjoys good weather with only a bit of rain now and then.

So pack a light jacket just in case, but expect plenty of sunshine for your adventures across the islands.

Ocean Conditions for Water Activities

hawaii in february - winter wave swell

After learning about the rain, let’s dive into ocean conditions. In February, Hawaii’s waters stay a warm 76°F—nice for swimming! But waves can be bigger now. Surfers love this, yet if you’re not one, watch out.

Always check where the big waves are and look for beach flags that tell you about safe places to swim.

It’s critical to understand that the waves during the winter time in Hawaii can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable. However, it is fun watching the professional surfers out there tackling these giant waves.

For snorkeling, head to the Big Island. The Kona Coast shines with clear water and lots of fish. And don’t miss the Manta Ray Night Snorkel—it’s really special!

When in doubt about where to go or what the ocean is like, just ask a lifeguard or local expert—they know best!

The Benefits of Visiting Hawaii in February

The Benefits of Visiting Hawaii in February: Embrace the tranquility and savings when you discover the understated perks of a Hawaiian vacation during this quieter yet equally captivating time of year—keep reading to uncover why February might just unlock a more authentic island experience for you.

Off-Peak Season Advantages

Traveling to Hawaii in February means you get some great perks. The islands are less crowded, which makes visiting popular spots much more enjoyable. You won’t have to wait in long lines or bump elbows with other tourists at the beach.

It feels like you’ve got the place to yourself sometimes!

Hotels and airlines often lower their prices during this time because fewer people are traveling. This can save you money on your trip, making it easier to stretch your budget further.

You might even snag a deal on a fancier hotel or score cheap tickets for island-hopping adventures.

After enjoying the benefits of an off-peak vacation, you’re ready for even more relaxation without loads of people around.

Now imagine walking along tranquil beaches or exploring quiet trails – that’s what awaits next as we talk about how peaceful Hawaii can be in February with fewer crowds around every corner.

Fewer Crowds for a More Relaxed Experience

hawaii in february - The Shores of Waikiki Beach

Credit: Bryan Murphy of Hawaii’s Best

Going to Hawaii in February is like finding a secret beach – it’s quiet, peaceful, and there’s plenty of room to spread out your towel. You won’t bump elbows with other tourists or wait in long lines for shaved ice.

This makes it easy to enjoy hikes through the lush forests or sunbathe on the golden sands without stress.

Hotels and beaches are less packed too. You can often find a spot by the pool anytime you want and get better service since staff aren’t as rushed. Families love this time because they can take their time exploring volcanoes or learning to surf with fewer people around.

It’s all about taking it slow and making memories without a crowd watching.

Lower Costs for Accommodation and Flights

In February, you get to save money on where you stay and your plane tickets. Hotels and airlines often lower their prices because not as many people are traveling then. This means you can enjoy Hawaii without spending too much.

Look for special deals or packages that might include both your room and your flight. That way, you get the best value for your Hawaiian vacation.

Staying in Hawaii gets easier on your wallet this time of year. You’ll find hotel rates more affordable than during busy seasons like summer or winter holidays. And since fewer folks are flying over, airlines cut down ticket costs to fill seats.

So, if you’re planning a trip, February is a smart choice for keeping more money in your pocket.

Check for the Best Prices on Flights:

February Activities and Events in Hawaii

Embrace the vibrant spirit of the Hawaiian islands with a lineup of unique activities and festivals that define February as a month brimming with cultural richness and natural wonders.

Dive into this time of celebration, where everything from majestic whale encounters to colorful cherry blossoms awaits your discovery.

Whale Watching Excursions

hawaii in february - whale watching

Whale watching in Hawaii during February is a must-do. The waters are filled with magnificent humpback whales.


  • Pack your camera and binoculars for an unforgettable whale-watching tour.
  • Join a guided excursion to see these giants of the ocean up close.
  • Look out for the playful behavior of whales, like breaching and tail slapping.
  • Many tours offer educational talks to learn about whale biology and habits.
  • The Pacific Whale Foundation hosts the Maui Whale Festival with fun events.
  • Enjoy the Great Whale Count or participate in the Run & Walk for Whales.
  • Morning trips often have calmer seas which is perfect for spotting whales.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for mother whales teaching their young to navigate.
  • Boats keep a respectful distance, but you’ll still feel incredibly close.
  • February’s peak season means higher chances of seeing lots of whales.

Hiking the Trails

Hawaii’s trails in February are a real treat. The cool weather and lush landscapes create perfect hiking conditions.

  • Pack comfortable shoes and a light jacket. Higher elevations can be cooler, so it’s nice to stay warm.
  • Choose a popular trail on Oahu’s North Shore for breathtaking ocean views. This is your chance to explore Hawaii’s famous coastline.
  • Look for hikes with waterfall destinations. The rainier season means fuller, more stunning falls.
  • Start your hike early to enjoy the quiet morning sounds of nature. You’ll avoid the midday sun too.
  • Bring water and snacks. Staying hydrated and energized is key for a fun adventure.
  • Take your camera or phone. You’ll want to capture the amazing scenery all around you.
  • Stay on marked paths to keep the island beautiful and protect its wildlife.
  • Visit during weekdays if you can. You’ll find fewer hikers which makes for a peaceful experience.

Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival on the Big Island

The Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival is a colorful way to celebrate the beauty of nature on the Big Island. Imagine walking under a sky of pink as historic cherry trees bloom, showing off their flowers in early February.

This special event mixes Hawaiian warmth with Japanese traditions, filling the air with music, dance, and storytelling. Food stands serve up delicious Hawaiian-Japanese dishes for you to try.

It’s perfect for families because there are so many things that kids and adults can do together.

Next up, explore more island festivities like the Waimea Town Celebration on Kauai!

Waimea Town Celebration on Kauai

Every February, the Waimea Town Celebration brings a burst of fun to Kauai. It’s a big event with lots of music, food, and games. You can see live shows and taste yummy dishes that mix Hawaiian and Japanese flavors.

This festival is special because it honors both American and Japanese traditions.

You’ll also find exciting contests at the celebration. Try watching or joining in! Plus, this party is not just for grown-ups—kids will have lots of cool things to do as well. And remember, this isn’t a new thing; it’s known as the oldest festival on Kauai island.

So if you’re in Hawaii during February, come join the party in Waimea Town. You’ll learn about history and make some great memories too!

Surfing Tournament Season on Oahu’s North Shore

The surfing tournament season on Oahu’s North Shore is the perfect time to see top surfers in action. In February, waves can get really big, and it’s fun to watch surfers ride them.

People come from all over the world to be part of this. The beaches buzz with excitement as these athletes take on some of the best waves.

If you love surfing or want to learn about Hawaii’s surf culture, you must check out these events. Even if you don’t surf, it’s still a great show. Plus, there are often festivals and music around the tournaments for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re looking for adventure, ECO-TOUR ADVENTURE in Oahu gives you a chance to explore more than just the competitions; you might even catch sight of sea turtles or whales along the way!

Unique Adventures: Mountain Tubing in Kauai

hawaii in february - kauai mountain tubing

Credit: Kauai Backcountry Adventures

From catching waves to floating on rivers, Hawaii offers all sorts of cool things to do. If you’re looking for something different, try mountain tubing in Kauai. You sit in a tube and float down old sugar plantation canals and tunnels that run through the island’s green mountains.

It’s fun and safe for most ages, making it a great pick for families or anyone wanting an adventure off the beaten path.

February weather is perfect for spending the day on the water without getting too hot. Kauai’s natural beauty shines as you glide through its lush landscapes, with just your tube and nature around you.

This experience is special to Kauai; you won’t find it anywhere else! So grab a tube, let go of stress, and enjoy one of Hawaii’s most unique adventures.

Is February the Ideal Time for Your Hawaiian Getaway?

Embracing the serene beauty of Hawaii in February might be just the thing to transform your winter blues into tropical bliss. Let’s delve into whether this month, balancing a sweet spot of weather, festivities, and fewer tourists, holds the key to your dream Hawaiian escape.

Balancing Weather, Crowds, and Budget

Hawaii in February offers a sweet spot for visitors. You get the beauty of the islands with fewer people and potential savings.

  • Look out for airfare deals: Airlines often have lower prices in January and February. Plan your trip during these months to save on travel costs.
  • Enjoy the warm weather without the heat: While February is cooler, temperatures are still pleasant. It’s one of Hawaii’s milder months, with daytime highs usually comfortable for exploring.
  • Expect some rain but less than other times: February can be rainy, but it’s nothing too heavy. The showers are often short-lived, allowing you to enjoy most days outdoors.
  • Prepare for evenings: Nights might cool down. Pack a light sweater to stay cozy after the sun sets.
  • Dive into water activities: Ocean temperatures remain warm enough for swimming and snorkeling. Surfing conditions are also excellent, especially on Oahu’s North Shore.
  • Take advantage of off-peak season perks: Fewer tourists mean you’ll have more space at popular spots. Beaches and attractions won’t be as crowded as they are in peak times.
  • Book accommodations early: Even during quieter months, the best places fill up fast. Secure your lodging well ahead to ensure your first-choice stay within budget.
  • Plan around events: Festivals continue into February. Schedule time to experience local culture like the Waimea Town Celebration or whale watching excursions.
  • Whale season wonders: It’s humpback whale season, so taking a whale watching tour can be breathtaking and less expensive now than in busier months.
  • Stay flexible with plans: Weather can change quickly in Hawaii. Have backup indoor options ready just in case rain decides to join you.

2024 Hawaii Visitor Tips for February Travel

Now that you’ve considered the balance between weather, crowds, and budget, let’s dive into some tips to make your February trip to Hawaii amazing.

  1. Check for deals on airfare and hotels early, as February can have more affordable prices.
  2. Plan around the humpback whale migration; it’s a must-see event in peak season.
  3. Pack layers for changing temperatures—warmer clothes for cool evenings and lighter ones for sunny days.
  4. Take advantage of fewer tourists by visiting popular spots early in the morning or later in the day.
  5. Explore not just Oahu but also less crowded islands like Lanai and Molokai.
  6. Make time for unique Hawaiian events like Lunar New Year celebrations or local rodeos.
  7. Look out for Valentine’s Day specials if you want a romantic experience.
  8. Learn about water safety—know which beaches are best for swimming and when to stay out of the waves.
  9. Use reef-safe sunscreen to protect your skin and Hawaii’s oceans while enjoying water sports.
  10. Attend cultural events to understand more about Hawaii’s history and traditions during your stay.

Practical Tips for February Travelers to Hawaii

Before you pack your bathing suit and sunscreen, let’s dive into those handy hacks that will make your Hawaiian holiday in February not just memorable, but absolutely seamless. From choosing the right lodging to navigating the islands with ease, these are the insider tips that’ll have you living like a local from the moment you step off the plane.

Accommodation Choices: From Luxury to Budget-Friendly

Hawaii offers a place to stay for every kind of traveler. You can pick a spot that fits your style and wallet when you visit Hawaii in February.

  • Luxury Resorts: These places give you top-notch service, amazing pools, and rooms with stunning views. Staying here means getting the best experience with lots of comforts.
  • Condos and Villas: Want more space? These are perfect for families or groups. They have kitchens and living areas so it feels like a second home.
  • Budget Hotels: If saving money is your goal, these hotels offer a clean, no-frills place to rest after a busy day exploring.
  • Hostels: Great for meeting other travelers, hostels have shared rooms that cost less. You get a bed and use of the kitchen to make your own meals.
  • Vacation Rentals: You can find houses or apartments all over the islands. This lets you live like a local with all the homey comforts.
  • Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs): These cozy spots offer breakfast each morning. You get to know your hosts who can share insider tips about the island.

Transportation Insights: Getting Around the Islands

Now that you have an idea about where to stay in Hawaii, let’s look at how you can travel around the islands. Getting from one place to another is a big part of your Hawaii trip.

  1. Rent a car for flexibility. This lets you explore the islands at your own pace and visit places that are hard to reach by public transport.
  2. Check out public buses for a budget-friendly option. They run on all major islands and can take you to many popular spots.
  3. Consider shuttle services offered by hotels and resorts, especially if you’re planning to stay close to where you’re staying.
  4. Look into bike rentals for short trips and a fun way to see the local area.
  5. Use taxis or ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft for quick and easy transportation without the need for parking.
  6. For island hopping, book inter-island flights. They are fast but can be pricey, so plan ahead.
  7. Try out traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoes or sailing tours for unique travel experiences along the coastlines.
  8. Remember that walking is often a pleasure in Hawaii with its scenic views, especially in small towns or along the beach.

Health and Safety Considerations

Staying safe and healthy is key when you visit Hawaii in February. Pack light jackets because some nights can get a bit chilly, especially if you’re visiting the taller volcanoes or higher elevations.

You also want to bring sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s strong rays during the day. It’s smart to wear water shoes while enjoying the beach or hiking near streams; they keep your feet safe on slippery rocks.

Hawaii cares a lot about keeping its people and visitors safe. Always listen for ocean condition updates before swimming or taking part in water sports, as winter brings bigger waves that could be dangerous.

Check weather reports too, so you don’t get caught in unexpected rain showers. Remember that staying aware of your surroundings goes a long way toward making sure your vacation is both fun and safe!

hawaii in february - oahu

FAQs for Hawaii in February

1. Is February a good month to visit Hawaii?

Yes, February is a good time to visit the islands of Hawaii because you can see whales and enjoy cultural events.

2. What’s the weather like in Hawaii during February?

The weather in Hawaii in February is usually cool with temperatures from mid to high 60s, making it one of the cooler months but still warm enough for beach activities.

3. Will it rain if I go to Hawaii in February?

February is part of the rainy season in Hawaii, so there might be some rain, but many areas have warm ocean waters and sunny days too.

4. Are there special things to do in Hawaii if I visit in late February?

Late February has lots of fun stuff like watching whales, enjoying Valentine’s Day celebrations and exploring all that islands have to offer!

5. Should I pack something special for my trip to Hawaii in February?

Bring clothes for warm weather but also something light for cooler evenings; your packing list should include gear for swimming and hiking as well.

6. Where should I stay if I want less rain on my trip?

Stick to the leeward side or south and southwestern areas such as Oahu’s Kohala Coast or Big Island’s Kohala Coast where it tends not as much rain as other parts.

Wrap-Up: Why February Might Be Your Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Hawaii shines in February with warm days and cool nights. Watch whales, surf big waves, or enjoy quiet beaches. Save money on your trip during this less busy time. Don’t forget a light jacket and swimsuits for fun outdoors.

So why wait? Hawaii calls you this February!

Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy, owner of Hawaii’s Best Travel, is a certified Hawaii destination expert from the Hawaii Visitors Bureau. He actively participates in the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau as a member and has a strong educational background focused on local culture and sustainability. As the host of “Hawaii’s Best Travel,” a top-30 US travel podcast, Bryan combines his years of experience with valuable insights. He connects with a broad online community, reaching nearly half a million people, and offers a richer, more responsible way to experience Hawaii.