Visit Hawaii in April: Is April a Good Time to Go to Hawaii? (2024)

by | Feb 2, 2024

Considering a trip to Hawaii in April? This month offers warm weather, fun events, and an average temperature of 84°F, with ocean waters at 77°F—ideal for swimming.

Honolulu sees minimal rain, only about 0.8 inches, ensuring plenty of sunshine, especially in the latter half of the month when weather improves and costs drop.

Experience the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival or the Laupāhoehoe Music Festival.

April’s calm surf is perfect for water activities, and hiking trails are inviting. While not peak season, whale sightings between Maui, Lanai, and Molokai are possible.

Car rentals offer flexibility, though consider parking fees. With moderate crowds, look out for hotel deals. Hawaii in April promises the aloha spirit and an opportunity for adventure.

Is April a Good Time to Visit Hawaii?

Yes, April is indeed an excellent time to visit Hawaii, marking the onset of the dry season and boasting average temperatures ranging between the high 70s and low 80s Fahrenheit. This period is characterized by fewer crowds compared to other times of the year, often accompanied by more attractive travel deals.

The combination of pleasant weather and lower tourism density makes Hawaii in April an ideal month for experiencing the beauty and attractions of Hawaii.

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Key Takeaways of Hawaii in April

  • April is budget-friendly with lower hotel rates and flight deals.
  • The weather is ideal, not too hot or rainy, perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and beach fun.
  • Water activities are great in April with warm ocean temperatures for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Festivals like the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival add unique cultural experiences to your vacation to Hawaii.
  • Less crowded than peak tourist seasons; gives more room at beaches and attractions.
From traveling to Hawaii over 30 times, I have found that March and April are some of the best times to visit when it comes the weather in Hawaii.

Hawaii Weather in April

You probably imagine yourself basking under the Hawaiian sun with a gentle sea breeze caressing your cheeks, right?

Well, you’re in luck because April’s weather on the islands might just be Mother Nature’s finest work – not too hot, not too rainy, and just perfect enough to make every outdoor plan seem like a brilliant idea!

Let’s dive into what exactly the skies and seas have in store for you during April in Hawaii.

Average Temperatures in Hawaii During April

You’re probably wondering what kind of weather awaits you in Hawaii in April, right? Well, let’s dive into the temperature scene so you can pack your bags with confidence.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect, temperature-wise:

average monthly temperature in hawaii - hawaii in april
LocationAverage High (°F)Average Low (°F)
Honolulu, Oahu8470
Kahului, Maui8466
Lihue, Kauai8170
Kona, Big Island8369
Hilo, Big Island8167

Daytime heats up to a cozy 84°F, but don’t sweat it, evenings cool down to a comfortable range that’s just right for a stroll along the shore.

And hey, don’t forget to dip into the Ocean—sitting nicely at 77°F, it’s like your personal, vast bathtub. Perfect for a relaxing float or an invigorating swim. Dive into those waves!

So, in summary, April’s temperatures in Hawaii are pretty much your ticket to paradise. Warm days, cool nights, and ocean temps that are just right. Can you already feel the sunshine?

Rainfall Statistics During April in Hawaii

Understanding Hawaii’s weather patterns in April is key to planning your island adventure. Let’s dive into the rainfall statistics, because, hey – nobody wants to be caught in a downpour when expecting sunny skies, right?

Now, remember those forecast graphs you might have checked out on The Weather Channel or NOAA? Well, throw those out the window when it comes to Hawaii in April.

Hawaii dances to its own rhythm, with short, refreshing showers being part of the daily routine, often lasting just about 10 minutes at a time.

So, here’s the lowdown on what April showers look like in Hawaii. It’s a mixed bag, with some islands getting more than their fair share, while others bask in more sunshine. Check out this handy table to see what Mother Nature has in store:

average monthly rainfall in hawaii - hawaii in april
IslandAverage Rainfall in April (inches)
Big Island (Hawaii)1.38

Kauai tops the charts – no surprise there, since it’s home to one of the wettest places on earth. But don’t let that dampen your spirits!

Each island boasts microclimates, offering sunny beaches just a short drive from those misty mountainsides. Big Island, or Hawaii, is your best bet for fewer showers, letting you explore those volcanic landscapes with fewer interruptions from the rain.

In short, pack that light rain jacket or a small umbrella – it’s a small price to pay for the lush, green paradise that awaits.

After all, those short-lived April showers bring the most stunning May flowers – and rainbows! Who’d want to miss those?

Ocean Conditions

Ocean conditions in Hawaii in April are usually calm, perfect for you to dive into the clear waters. You’ll find that visibility is great for snorkeling and seeing colorful fish up close.

Before heading out, check the local reports—sometimes the ocean can get choppy with strong currents.

If you love surfing, April’s waves are more gentle than in winter months. This makes it a good time for newer surfers or those not looking for extreme waves.

Paddle out on Waikiki Beach or head to the North Shore; both spots have friendly swells this month. However, please take caution on the North Shore as there may be some random late winter swells.

You’ll want to stick to the south shores if the north shores are experiencing a large swell.

Remember to always stay alert while in the water and have fun riding the Pacific’s welcoming waves!

Trade Winds

The trade winds in Hawaii during April are your best friend. They bring a unique charm to the weather conditions in early April. It’s a gentle breeze that keeps you cool under the warm sun. These breezes flow steadily, ranging from five to 20 miles per hour.

So, as you’re walking along Waikiki Beach or exploring the lush trails of Kauai, feel the wind’s soft touch on your skin.

Imagine lounging by the ocean and watching palm trees sway gently in these consistent winds—it’s pure relaxation! On days when temperatures climb, those trade winds will be a refreshing break from the heat.

Whether you’re sipping a cold drink or riding waves, these breezes make every activity more enjoyable without being too strong or disruptive.

Gentle gusts make for perfect sailing conditions if you fancy trying out some water sports.

For photographers and nature lovers, they create dreamy scenes with rustling leaves and rippling waters—ideal for capturing Hawaii’s beauty on camera!

Costs of Visiting Hawaii in April

Alright, let’s chat money – because, let’s face it, those sun-soaked beaches and luaus aren’t gonna pay for themselves. When you’re planning your trip to Hawaii in April, you’ll be eyeing up the costs like a surfer sizing up a wave.

crowds in waikiki beach - hawaii in april

Travel Expenses

Planning your trip to Hawaii in April can save you money. This month marks a quieter time, leading to lower travel costs.

  • Airfare is one area where you might find good deals. Since April falls outside the peak tourist times, airlines often slash their prices.
  • Flying from the West Coast is usually less expensive than other regions. You could score a ticket that’s easier on your vacation budget.
  • Keep an eye on baggage fees and additional charges. These can add up, so it’s wise to pack light and avoid surprises.
  • Car rentals offer freedom to explore at your own pace. Just be ready for daily parking fees that range from $20 to $50.
  • If you’re staying longer and plan on lots of driving, consider mileage costs. You’ll need a budget for gas which changes with island locations.
  • Accommodation options include luxury hotels or affordable Airbnb rentals. Prices vary widely but start as low as $50 per night thanks to Airbnb.
  • Don’t forget about the 18% accommodation tax in Hawaii. It will affect your total lodging cost so factor it in early.
  • Impact fees are now something travelers face when visiting certain spots. Beaches, trails, and parks may have these extra costs for non-residents.

Accommodation Rates

April brings cheaper hotel rates to Hawaii. You’ll find great deals that won’t break the bank.

  • Hotels slash prices in April since it’s off-peak season.
  • Family resorts offer discounts, making it easier to bring everyone along.
  • Booking early could snag you a waterfront room without the high costs. Look out for early bird specials.
  • Bundle packages are your friend; they often include meals or activities. Keep an eye on those for extra savings.
  • Last-minute travelers can rejoice too—hotels might drop prices to fill rooms.
  • Remember, location matters! Staying a bit further from the beach saves you more money.
  • Check out smaller inns and bed-and-breakfast spots for unique offers and homely vibes.
  • Travel sites compete with each other, so compare their rates before you choose where to stay. It’s worth the extra clicks!
  • Loyalty programs could score you points or perks at certain hotels. It pays to be a repeat guest.

Car Rental and Parking Fees

Exploring Hawaii on your own is fantastic. You might want to rent a car, but keep an eye on those extra costs.

  • Be ready to pay $20 to $50 a day just for parking.
  • Considering the high demand, car rentals can be pricey in April.
  • Plan ahead and book your vehicle early to avoid higher rates.
  • Sometimes hotels offer packages with lower parking fees.
  • Look out for discounts on longer car rentals to save some cash.
  • Avoid surprises by asking about all rental fees before you book.
  • Always check if your accommodation offers free parking spots.

Crowd Levels in Hawaii in April

April brings a sweet spot for those heading to Hawaii. You’ll find the islands comfortably buzzing with visitors, yet it’s not as packed as the winter or summer months. This means you can enjoy popular spots without feeling squeezed by heavy crowds.

estimated monthly visitors to hawaii - hawaii in april
Beaches, trails, and attractions have more breathing room, so you get that ideal balance of vibrant energy and personal space.

Expect Waikiki to have its share of sunseekers but less so than during peak times like December or August. If you’re dreaming about quiet moments on less crowded sands, April has them in store for you.

Just remember that Easter can be an exception when families flock to the islands for spring break. Planning ahead helps secure your slice of paradise amid this brief uptick in visitors.

Snagging deals on tours and activities is easier too because operators aren’t overwhelmed with demand.

Dive into snorkeling adventures or sail into sunset cruises, taking advantage of the best weather conditions of April, knowing that tour groups won’t be at their maximum capacity.

Flexibility is key if your visit coincides with Easter—book these experiences early to avoid missing out due to seasonal surges in interest.

Plan Your Trip: Noteworthy Events in April

April in Hawaii brings more than just perfect weather – it’s a cultural showcase! You’ve got festivals and celebrations that’ll have you swaying to hula rhythms, indulging in local eats, and experiencing traditions that are the heart of island life.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this vibrant slice of Hawaiian culture—so keep reading and plan your trip around these can’t-miss events!

The Merrie Monarch Hula Festival

merrie monarch festival

Photo: Courtesy of the Merrie Monarch Festival/Bruce Omori

The Merrie Monarch Hula Festival lights up Hawaii with its stunning tribute to King David Kalākaua. This event is a must-see, bursting with the rich traditions of the islands.

Imagine graceful dancers moving in sync, telling stories through their hula.

You’ll hear the Hawaiian language fill the air as hands and hips sway to ancient rhythms.

Get ready for a cultural feast that draws fans from across the globe. The festival features fierce hula competitions and colorful exhibitions. It’s not just about dance; it’s a full-blown celebration of art and heart.

You won’t just watch—you’ll feel every beat, every emotion wrapped up in this vibrant display that honors Hawaii’s past and present.

The Laupāhoehoe Music Festival on Big Island

Head over to the Laupāhoehoe Music Festival for a real taste of Hawaiian culture. This event lights up the Big Island every April. You’ll hear amazing local music and see arts that showcase Hawaii’s unique vibe.

Picture yourself swaying to the rhythm of ukuleles under a warm island sun.

This festival isn’t just about music; it’s a chance to dive deep into local traditions. Chat with artists, watch incredible hula performances, and feel like part of the Big Island family.

It’s all about community here, and they welcome visitors with open arms.

Local talent shines bright at this festival in the month of April, giving you an authentic experience you won’t find anywhere else. Soak in tunes from up-and-coming musicians and savor flavors from food stalls around you.

Your trip in April has this gem waiting for you—don’t miss out on making unforgettable memories!

Easter Holiday in Hawaii

Easter in Hawaii is a celebration of spring and culture. Picture vibrant flowers, sunny skies, and the beat of traditional drums. You’ll find the islands brimming with joy and unique traditions.

Families gather for beach picnics or hotel brunches where kids can often join Easter egg hunts. Churches offer special sunrise services, welcoming all to reflect amidst breathtaking scenery.

If you love dance and music, don’t miss out on this time when Aloha spirit fills the air even more than usual, especially during the month of April.

The festive mood continues across Oahu at the Waikiki SPAM JAM—a quirky food festival that celebrates Hawaii’s love for SPAM!

Try tasty dishes and experience a side of Hawaiian hospitality that’ll leave you smiling long after your vacation ends.

Popular Activities in Hawaii during April

Hey there, Hawaii-bound adventurers! If April showers bring May flowers on the mainland, in Hawaii they pave the way for a playground of endless activities.

Whether you’re eager to dive into the crystal-clear waters or lace up your hiking boots for an epic trail adventure, Hawaii’s April calendar is bursting with ways to soak up the island vibes and create memories that’ll stick with you like sand from a North Shore beach.

So let’s plunge right in—this is one Hawaiian tale where every chapter promises its own brand of magic and thrill.

Swimming and Snorkeling at the Beach

You’ll love jumping into Hawaii’s warm ocean waters in April. This month offers some of the best conditions for swimming and snorkeling.

With water temperatures sitting nicely in the mid to high 70s, it’s just right for spending hours exploring underwater worlds.

The sea is gentle during this time too, which means clear views of colorful fish and coral reefs.

Grab your goggles and fins because Hawaii’s clear blue waters are waiting for you! Spot a rainbow of marine life as you glide over vibrant corals. In April, the ocean calms down, making it perfect even if you’re new to snorkeling or swimming in the sea.

Dive in and enjoy close encounters with tropical fish that will make your vacation unforgettable.



suring in hawaii - hawaii in april
Catch a wave and feel the thrill! Hawaii’s waters in April are a surfer’s paradise. The ocean hovers around 77°F, just right for paddling out and riding those waves back to shore.

If you’ve never surfed before, this is your chance. The seas are gentler now than other times of the year.

Hawaii invites you to grab a board and join in. Whether you’re starting out or already carving up the surf like a pro, there’s something here for everyone.

Lessons abound along the beaches if you want some tips from local experts.

Think about that awesome feeling as you stand on your board with water splashing around – pure magic!

Surfing isn’t just sport; it’s an experience that connects you deeply with nature’s rhythm on these stunning islands.

Exploring the Hawaiian Coastline

The Hawaiian coastline is a treasure chest of stunning views and thrilling adventures. Picture yourself strolling along the endless sandy beaches, with waves gently kissing your toes.

Imagine diving into the ocean’s embrace where the water is a warm 77°F—perfect for swimming and exploring underwater worlds.

You’ll want to grab a snorkel or dive gear to get up close with colorful fish and coral reefs. Check out spots like Hanauma Bay on Oahu or Molokini Crater off Maui for some of the best snorkeling experiences.

Remember, there are impact fees that help keep these places pristine for future visits.

As you journey along the coast, don’t miss the chance to sail or kayak alongside dolphins and humpback whales during whale season. The sight of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat will stick with you forever.

Between explorations, relax under the shade of palm trees swaying in gentle trade winds—a moment of pure bliss only found here, in Hawaii’s little slice of paradise.

Hiking the Island Trails

hiking in hawaii in a green lush valley - hawaii in april
Hiking the island trails in April is an adventure you’ll cherish. Warm breezes guide you as you trek through lush greenery and colorful blooms.

With temperatures just right, ranging from mid-70s to the occasional 80-degree day, your journey across Hawaii’s diverse landscapes feels like paradise.

Imagine strolling past cascading waterfalls, climbing over ancient lava flows, and taking breaks under the shade of towering palm trees.

Embrace the spirit of Aloha on scenic trails that beckon adventurers from around the world!

Whale Watching in Maui

Whale watching in April is exciting. The humpback whales are wrapping up their stay, but you still have a shot at seeing them splash around.

Head to the Maui Nui area where these majestic creatures love to hang out.

Pack your binoculars and join a tour; the ocean sparkles with life this time of year.

Get ready for an adventure on the water! Whale tours take off early in the morning or late afternoon when the sea is calm and wildlife is most active.

Watch mothers teach their calves to jump, see males compete for attention, and listen to whale songs that fill the air.

It’s not just about spotting whales—you’ll learn tons about them too!

Hawaii in April Wrap-Up

So, is April a good time to journey to Hawaii? Absolutely! Warm seas and sunny skies make it perfect for beach days and water sports. Festivals turn up the fun with music and hula.

And hey, fewer crowds mean more space for you on those gorgeous sands. Don’t forget your sunscreen – Aloha, Hawaii awaits this April!

FAQs for April in Hawaii

1. Why is April a great time to visit Hawaii?

April is one amazing month to hit up the Hawaiian Islands! The weather’s balmy with high temps that are just right for ocean dips, and you’ll dodge the summer crowds too.

2. What’s the ocean temperature like in Hawaii during April?

Let me tell ya, those waters around Hawaii are warm enough for swimming and all sorts of water activities come April – so pack your swimsuit!

3. Are there lots of tourists in Hawaii in April?

Not as many as other times! You get to enjoy less elbow-rubbing with visitors since it’s a bit before the big summer rush kicks in.

4. Does it rain a lot in Hawaii during April?

Sure, some rain might drop by but don’t let that spook you – we’re talking quick showers that leave behind even sunnier skies on the islands.

5. Can I catch any special events if I go to Hawaii in April?

Oh, you bet! If you’re there when April rolls around, don’t miss out on Lei Day festivities or the world-famous Merrie Monarch Festival – it’s a cultural blast!

6. Is traveling to Hawaii expensive in April compared to other months?

Guess what? Since it ain’t peak season yet, snagging flights and places to stay can be gentler on your wallet – more bucks for island fun!

7. Is April a good time to go on a Hawaii vacation?

April is considered a great time to visit Hawaii. The weather is generally pleasant with average high temperatures, and it falls outside of the peak tourist season.

8. What is the weather data for Hawaii in April?

In April, Hawaii experiences warm temperatures with occasional rain showers. It is typically a comfortable month to visit, especially if you want to enjoy swimming and other water activities.

9. Is April a popular month for Hawaiian vacations?

Yes, April is a popular time for Hawaiian vacations as it falls during the spring break period for many people, and the weather is generally favorable for outdoor activities.

10. Are the winter months in Hawaii a good time to plan a trip?

April is a good time to plan a trip to Hawaii as it falls outside of the winter months and the weather is generally warm and pleasant.

11. What are the popular destinations in Hawaii to visit in April?

In April, popular destinations to visit in Hawaii include Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii. Waikiki Beach in Oahu and the beaches in Kailua-Kona and Poipu are also popular choices for visitors.

12. What is the average temperature in Hawaii in April?

In April, the average high temperature in Hawaii is around a certain degree, providing comfortable conditions for outdoor activities and beach outings.

13. Is April a good time to avoid hurricane season in Hawaii?

Yes, April falls outside of the typical hurricane season in Hawaii, making it a good time to visit if you want to avoid the risk of encountering extreme weather conditions.

14. What should I consider when planning a trip to Hawaii in April?

When planning a trip to Hawaii in April, you should consider the number of visitors during this peak tourism period and book accommodations and flights in advance to secure your travel plans.

15. Can I find flights to Hawaii in April?

Yes, flights to Hawaii are readily available in April, but it’s advisable to book your flights and accommodations early to secure the best options and prices for your trip.

16. Are there any specific events or festivals in Hawaii in April?

Yes, April is the month of the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hawaii, which is a popular cultural event featuring hula performances and celebrations of Hawaiian traditions.

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