Unraveling The Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines $1.9 Billion Merger: Unlocking Better Fares And Enhanced Loyalty Points

by | Dec 7, 2023

Alaska Airlines is set to buy Hawaiian Airlines for a considerable sum. This proposed deal is worth $1.9 billion and includes paying off debt. Alaska Airlines plans to keep both brands looking the way they are now.

The main office will be in Washington, with its main hub in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

This huge change will let travelers fly to 138 non-stop places and reach 29 international destinations right from their seats. It also brings Hawaiian Airlines into the Oneworld Alliance Group.

This means if you fly often, you can use your points on 15 other airlines around the world! Plus, people flying a lot with Alaska Airlines will find even more ways to earn miles and get nice things when they fly with Hawaiian too.

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This post about the Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines merger is written by Bryan Murphy, an expert in Hawaii travel and a top-rated podcast host.

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Overview of the Alaska and Hawaiian Merger

Alaska Airlines is buying Hawaiian Airlines for a big sum of money, about $1.9 billion. This means they are also taking on Hawaiian’s debts, which are around $900 million. Each Hawaiian share in this deal will be sold at $18.

Once they join together, the two brands will stay different but work from Washington with a main place to fly from being Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. They hope to finish this huge project between one year and one and a half years from now.

This merger has lots of good things, like flying to more places – 138 in total! This includes some without stopping all the way to 29 important places worldwide. Also, if you fly with them, your points can get you flights with even more airlines because Hawaiian is going to be part of an airplane team called Oneworld Alliance.

Plus, if you already have lots of miles because you fly a lot with these airlines, do not worry! They’ll make sure your status goes into their new joint program, too.

But it’s not all set yet – they need an okay from the Justice Department before everything is official.

The merge promises better ticket prices and flexible ways to use your airline points. It could mean great news for people who travel! Now let’s look more at what this big change brings.

Alaska Airlines to purchase Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion

The deal would mix two well-known names in the sky, creating an even bigger airline family.

Experts have talked about this purchase for some time now, with lots of planning behind it. With the new Hawaiian planes, Alaska looks forward to bringing widebody planes into its collection.

They want to ensure travelers have more choices and keep giving good service once everything is approved and done.

Merger to keep distinct branding of both airlines

Alaska Airlines plans to buy Hawaiian Airlines, but they won’t mix up their names or branding. This means travelers will still see the brands they know at airports and on planes, just like always.

Even though they are joining forces, you can still collect miles for both airlines’ loyalty programs. People who fly with Alaska or Hawaiian can get excited about more choices and rewards without losing what makes each airline unique.

Now let’s talk about how this change might give you better deals and more travel points!

Combined airline to be based in Washington with a primary hub in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

The new big airline will have its main office in Washington. The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will be where most of its planes fly from and to. This airport is a key place for flights on the west coast.

People can go to lots of other cities from there easily.

Having the main hub in Seattle means travelers get more choices for where they can fly. They can also reach international spots without stopping many times. This makes flying simpler and faster for everyone who uses this airline.

Benefits of the Merger

The integration of Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines establishes a strengthened network, offering passengers an expansive array of destinations with the added convenience of improved loyalty perks.

This strategic consolidation is set to redefine travel options between the mainland and the Pacific, fostering competitive fares and a richer, more versatile, frequent-flyer experience.

Access to 138 destinations, including non-stop service to 29 top international destinations

Travelers get ready for more places to go! Alaska Airlines merging with Hawaiian means you can fly straight to 29 amazing spots around the world. That’s not all – in total, there will be 138 different places you can visit.

Imagine flying direct from Seattle to sunny Honolulu or jetting off on an adventure across the globe without any layovers slowing you down.

This big change is exciting for people who love to travel. They’ll have so many new options and it’ll be much easier to get where they want to go. Whether it’s a trip through the Continental U.S., a hop over the Pacific Ocean, or even further away, this merger makes flying simpler and more fun!

Hawaiian Airlines to join Oneworld Alliance, allowing redemption of points with 15 other airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is set to become a part of the Oneworld Alliance. This big move means that people with Hawaiian Airlines points can use them on 15 other airlines too. You could fly far away places and still earn or spend your points.

Joining Oneworld also makes it easy for elite members from one airline to get special treatment on all others.

People who have worked hard for their elite status won’t lose out. Their high rank will be matched in the new program, making sure they keep enjoying perks when they travel. With this change, planning trips gets more fun because you have so many choices on where to go next.

Now, let’s look at how loyalty programs will be even better after this merger.

Impact on Loyalty Program

The merger brings a transformative shift to loyalty programs, enhancing the mileage landscape and offering passengers expanded options for earning and utilizing their rewards.

Here’s what Alaska Airlines’ CEO Ben Minicucci had to say about the loyalty programs merging:

Existing points and status to transfer to a shared loyalty program

Your current points and elite statuses are safe. They will move to a new loyalty program without any loss. If you have earned miles with Hawaiian Airlines, they stay as they are. You can still use them like before.

For those who hold top spots in the frequent flyer world, your hard work pays off in the new system, too. Your elite status gets matched, so you keep enjoying special travel perks.

The Hawaii-Seattle connection means more ways to earn and use your miles for trips. Pack your bags for tropical beaches or bustling cities with ease under this shared program! Now let’s talk about how these changes might affect meal service on Hawaiian flights.

Miles earned with Hawaiian Airlines to retain their value

Great news for Hawaiian Airlines flyers! Your miles stay just as valuable, even after the big merger with Alaska Airlines. Everyone who loves earning HawaiianMiles can relax. All those points you’ve gathered up won’t lose their worth.

This means you can still plan those dream trips without worrying about your miles disappearing or dropping in value.

The process is simple and smooth. The points from Hawaiian will move over to the new loyalty program once it’s all set up. This lets you keep enjoying flights to beautiful places while racking up more miles along the way.

Now let’s look at what this merger means for people worried about changes to their favorite airline meals.

Challenges and Concerns

While opening doors to competitive pricing and expanded loyalty benefits, the Alaska-Hawaiian Airlines merger also faces scrutiny from antitrust regulators and questions about operational integration.

As the merger progresses, stakeholders must navigate concerns regarding the impact on service quality and potential market dominance.

Approval is required from the Justice Department

Before Alaska Airlines can buy Hawaiian Airlines, the Justice Department must say, ‘yes.’ This is a big deal because the government has recently stopped other airlines from joining together.

They do this to ensure travelers have enough choices and prices stay fair. The agreement needs to go through many checks and balances by these antitrust regulators. They look at whether the merger will hurt competition or make fares higher.

The department’s job is to protect consumers and ensure airline operations stay competitive. With both airlines being well known in their own right, it’s important they get approval so they don’t break any rules that keep air travel open to everyone at good prices.

Alaska Airlines’ plan includes taking on Hawaiian Holdings Inc.’s debt, which adds up to a $1.9 billion deal needing careful review by justice officials.

Possible impact on Hawaiian Airlines’ meal service

Hawaiian Airlines is known for giving free meals on their flights. Albeit, a not very satisfying, hot-pocket-style meal. With the merger, things might change. We don’t know yet if they will stop serving these meals or if they will start charging money for them.

The new owners, Alaska Airlines, will decide this after the deal is finalized.

The choice could make some customers happy and others not so much. It’s important to wait and see what happens next with flight services as the two airlines become one big company.

Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines merger Wrap-Up

Travelers have exciting times ahead with the Alaska-Hawaiian Airlines merger. Better fares and more places to fly await them. They’ll see their loyalty points grow stronger, making trips even sweeter.

Yet, there’s work to do before all this happens. People watch closely as these two airlines start their new journey together.


1. What happens when Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines merge?

When they merge, the airline company may offer better fares and more points for people who are part of their loyalty program.

2. Will flights to places like Phoenix and the island of Maui have lower prices?

The merger could lead to cheaper flights because the bigger airline might want to attract more customers with low-cost tickets.

3. Are Delta Airlines and American Airlines going to change their prices too?

Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and other big airlines might adjust their fares after the merger to stay competitive.

4. How does this merger affect budget airlines like Spirit or Southwest?

Discount airlines such as Spirit Airlines and Southwest (also known by its ticker LUV) may also review their cheap flight offers so they can keep up with the merged airline’s prices.

5. Can I still enjoy perks at airports like Reagan National Airport or Mineta San Jose?

Yes, you should still be able to enjoy things like airport lounges even after Alaska joins forces with Hawaiian Airlines.

6. Do mergers usually lead to higher plane ticket costs in economy-class seats?

Sometimes a merger can cause higher fares because there’s less competition between air carriers; but it can go both ways depending on what laws in the United States say or how much customers push back.

7. What is the $1.9 billion deal involving Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines about?

The $1.9 billion deal involves Alaska Airlines acquiring Hawaiian Airlines to create a more robust and competitive airline network.

8. How will the merger impact fares and loyalty points for customers of Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines?

The merger aims to unlock better fares and enhanced loyalty points for customers, as the combined entity is expected to offer improved services and benefits.

9. What are the main concerns related to the merger of Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines?

Regulatory approval and potential antitrust issues are among the main concerns associated with the merger of Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines.

10. What are some key details about the merger between Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines?

The merger involves Alaska Airlines acquiring Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion, creating one of the largest airline networks serving Hawaii and other popular destinations.

11. How might the merger between Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines affect the airline industry as a whole?

The merger could have implications for the airline industry, potentially reshaping competition and partnerships among major carriers such as United Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and others.

12. What challenges have Hawaiian Airlines faced leading up to the merger with Alaska Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines has struggled due to the impact of the pandemic on travel demand and most recently the tragic Lahaina fire, making the merger with Alaska Airlines an opportunity to address operational and financial challenges.

13. What are the expectations from federal regulators regarding the Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines merger?

Federal regulators are expected to review the merger for compliance with antitrust laws and assess its potential impacts on competition and consumer choice in the airline market.

14. How will the Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines merger affect the operational and fleet strategies of the combined entity?

The merger is likely to influence the operational and fleet strategies of the combined entity, potentially leading to changes in route networks, aircraft deployment, and overall service offerings.

15. What statements have the CEOs of Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines made about the merger?

Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci and Hawaiian Airlines CEO have expressed optimism about the benefits and opportunities that the merger could bring to both airlines and their customers.

16. What impact is expected on the market position of Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines as a result of the merger?

The merger is projected to strengthen the market position of Alaska and Hawaiian Airlines, potentially enabling them to offer more comprehensive services, improved connectivity, and enhanced customer experiences.

Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy

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