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On this episode of Hawaii’s Best we sit down and talk to Brandon from Kona Coast by Air. Kona Coast By Air is located on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. We get to talk to Brandon and hear about his journey and passion for flying and what lead him to start it all.

Brandon explains all the important annual inspections and the hundreds of hours required for anyone to receive a pilot license and what he learned before going into the air. He talks about his previous life using his engineering degree and how that developed into his passion for flying. Brandon then goes into detail about getting his own pilot license and why he chose the Big Island to start his business on.
We hear what he has seen and experienced on the island over the past three years. Brandon shares with Bryan the perspective everyone can gain once up in the air. He says, people are excited and anxious getting in the hang glider, but are wowed after flying over the beautiful coast and blue waters of Hawaii.
Bryan asks Brandon if he ever thinks about going back to engineering and if he wants to walk away from Kona Coast. He explains if that thought has come across his mind and what continuously reminds him why he does what he does.
What keeps Brandon inspired on mission and vision? We find out what keeps him going and what he loves best about Kona Coast by Air. Is it the people, is it the flying or is it both?
Listen in to hear Brandon’s suggestions on what to expect when traveling to Hawaii for the first time as well as what the Aloha spirit means to him. We finish our talk with what the future holds for Brandon and Kona Coast by Air and how you can find more info about this very exciting adventure seeking an opportunity.

In This Episode

  • How Kona Coast started [3:50]
  • Brandon and his Pilot License [6:00]
  • The perspective from the air  [9:15]
  • Before going up [11:25]
  • Mission and Vision [13:25]
  • Brandon’s suggestion on Traveling to Hawaii [15:21]
  • What the Aloha Spirit is to Brandon? [17:10]
  • The future of Kona Coast by Air [17:45]

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy is the owner of Hawaii’s Best Travel and is a recognized authority on responsible travel to Hawaii. Combining years of on-ground experience with insights from the top-rated podcast, Hawaii’s Best, he connects with a broad online community, offering a richer, more responsible way to experience Hawaii.