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On this episode of Hawaii’s Best, our host Bryan Murphy sits down with Julie Tabarejo the Director of Experiences and Events at Shoreline Hotel Waikiki. This vibrant and modern hotel sits in the heart of Waikiki surrounded by world-class shopping and entertainment.
Julie shares how the rebranding of Shoreline Hotel Waikiki has transformed this once “run of the mill” hotel, into a location that is not only a must-stay destination for tourists but an experience all in itself. From the ombré walls to the neon lights, this eccentric hotel in the heart of Waikiki allows guests to feel the excitement and vibrancy that Hawaii has to offer.
Hawaii is known for its great weather and beautiful waters, but this is only at the surface of your stay at Shoreline Hotel Waikiki. This bold and colorful hotel offers experiences that match its tone and style.  Enjoy some shave ice on a sunny day, style your hair ombré to match Waikiki’s gorgeous sunsets, a tattoo, or have a professional photographer show you how to take that perfect picture (see current promo offers).  Shoreline Hotel Waikiki has a lot to offer to those that are willing.
Julie explains what malama ka’aina (take care of the land) means to her personally and how it has been embedded into not only the culture at Shoreline but how guests are encouraged to be part of this important aspect of Hawaiian culture.  Through their partnership with Public Good, they’re stocking refillable bottles and decreasing the use of single-use plastic containers. Shoreline strives to create an environment and future that is waste-free.




  • Ecotourism – tourism directed toward exotic, often threatened, natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.
  • Malama Ka’aina – care for and live in harmony with the land. By simply taking care and respecting the land, it will sustain life.


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Julie Tabarejo 0:00
I will always say that Hawaii is a special place, but you can't really enjoy it. If you're always so fixated on doing the things that you set out to. Sometimes you just gotta let Hawaii happen to you. And great things come out of it.

Bryan Murphy 0:16
The hashtag let Hawaii happen has gained a lot of attention over the last couple of years. And really the heart behind the phrase let Hawaii happen is simply letting yourself experience Hawaii in its true nature. And letting Hawaii impact you and not the other way around is really what it's all about. And taking a trip to Hawaii is unlike going anywhere else in the world. However, so often people are quick to create itineraries and book excursions based on Yelp reviews all before someone has even placed one foot on Hawaii's white sandy beaches and as an entrepreneur, I'm naturally wired to plan strategize, create and and also have a slight bent towards competition. However for me, immersive myself in the culture of Hawaii and fostering relationships has brought clarity into what truly matters and being present. We'll discuss all these things on today's episode along with one of the best places to stay in the heart of Waikiki.

Hawaii's Best 1:17
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii, the best podcast, learn the stories behind Hawaii's best experiences, influencers and businesses. Discover everything that makes Hawaii the Aloha state. And now your host Brian Murphy.

Bryan Murphy 1:33
Hello and thanks for joining me on today's episode of Hawaii's Best Buy is best is all about discovering Hawaii's best businesses and influencers. And we get to hear the story from behind some of these amazing people and experiences. Today we're talking to story with Julie's her bio who is the director of experiences and events at coconut, Waikiki hotel and shoreline hotel Waikiki. Today we're talking specifically about shoreline hotel and Naturally in any great conversation food gets brought up multiple times. And in my conversation with Julie that is naturally what happened we get to hear some of Julie's favorite spots to eat on Oahu. And recently we put together our top 10 places to eat on wahoo and you can go to live Hawaii's best comm slash Food Guide to download it for free of course and in the guy we include some insider tips, a even a Google Map link to pinpoint the direction how to find it because some of these spots are kind of a little hard to find. That's when you know it's really good. And some of our favorites on the menu as well are included within this guide so go to level wise best comm slash Food Guide to download it for free. Previously on episode 11 we talked with shorelines General Manager alveta and her team. On this episode we catch up with Julie the director of events and experiences on location to hear something of the exciting things that shoreline has been up to since we last talked with them about almost a year ago. You can find the shoreline at Shoreline hotel Waikiki calm. And on Instagram at Shoreline Hotel in shoreline is probably one of the most Instagram mobile hotels that you can experience. So I want to encourage you to go to shoreline hotel on Instagram, and you get to be able to see some of those amazing pics. shoreline is located in the heart of Waikiki. I know there's a lot of places who claim that they claim to be in the heart of Waikiki, but shoreline is literally steps away from some of the most iconic spots. When you think about Waikiki. And Julian, I described what some of those spots are as well, and how shoreline is positioned so close to some of these incredible locations. We also talked about how shoreline continues to innovate and push the envelope when it comes to creating unforgettable experiences in Hawaii, and how there'll be an active participant in sustainability initiatives on the island. The conversation also naturally drifts towards Hawaiian culture. And Julie being raised on the island. She offers some great advice for those traveling to Hawaii. So let's go ahead and let's head on over and we're going to talk story with Julie.

Bryan 4:24
Julie, thanks so much for coming on Hawaii's best today. How are you doing today?

Julie Tabarejo 4:28
Aloha. I'm doing great. Awesome. weather is nice. So

Bryan 4:32
yeah. Tell me a little bit about your role here at Shoreline.

Julie Tabarejo 4:36
Sure, I am the director of experience and events at Shoreline, but also our sister property, the coconut, I handle the programming and events. So that's really special in the sense that I get to curate some great experiences for our guests. So that's anywhere from cotton candy to doing a we do handmade Life. So you'll see me in the lobby with a huge block of cranking away in it. in it to win it. It's a lot of good fun, a candy buffet, we bring in other vendors. I also do the marketing and the branding, some Communications and Public Relations. So I wear many hats, but I'm very happy to be at this vibrant and lively hotel.

Bryan 5:22
Awesome. So you do that for both property? I do. Yeah, it's a big job. Yeah. What are some I mean, you kind of rattled off some of those experiences, you know already, but what are some of your favorites personal favorites that you like to look forward to?

Julie Tabarejo 5:36
I am a fan of the shave ice. Yeah, born and raised here. Tried and True. shave ice is probably ingrained in my blood at this point. But it's something that brings me back to childhood. It's really special to me, so I'm glad that I can share that with our guests.

Bryan 5:51
maybe explain a little bit okay, shave ice shaved ice. There's no D right.

Julie Tabarejo 5:58
shave ice. If you're on Hawaii Island, it's I shave, so depends on where you are. But it's a block of ice as cats shaved down really thinly, and it just kind of melts in your mouth. you top it with a flavoring some shops make their own. We use the ready made stuff, but still good. It's the classic right? And you get to pick labor flavors. at Shoreline, we do what's called a snow cap. So there's condensed milk on top mixer real creamy. You can dig right into it with a one of those things called with the straw that has a

Bryan 6:34
bottom. Yeah, I know you're talking about there needs to be a word for that. It definitely is definitely not a sport.

Julie Tabarejo 6:39
No, it's not a sport. That was my insane. I thought it was gonna be a sport, but it's not.

Bryan 6:43
It's like a straw with a little spoon.

Julie Tabarejo 6:45
Yeah, yeah. But one really important thing is that it's not a snow cone. Okay, not as No.

Hawaii's Best 6:52
It's not the same ice, the quality is different.

Julie Tabarejo 6:57
But if you ask any lawyer person, they're going to tell you that as an is now going yeah, it can never be never shall be really good stuff either annoy you gotta get it.

Bryan 7:05
Absolutely. So back in the summer of 2019 shoreline, you guys were on, you know, back in July. And we talked a lot about the property with General Manager and we talked about just kind of how shoreline came to be. So if you're listening to this right now you go make sure you go back and check out that episode. I'll link it in the show notes. But for those who haven't heard that, maybe just give us a brief overview of what shorelines all about and a little brief history.

Julie Tabarejo 7:32
So shoreline came to be because we wanted something different in the industry. alveta probably talk to you a little bit about this, that when you're doing something different, it's kind of scary, right? Nobody really knows how it's gonna turn out. But from where I say right now, I think we're doing pretty great. You know, it's a different experience. We're not the normal beige tone hotel, you're gonna see a lot of vibrant colors and what I always When we have visitors and who are seeing the hotel for the first time is that we live vibrantly here. The seaside melts into the city and there is our hotel. It's just right there and the great thing about the shoreline is that we're different and we like it that way

Bryan 8:19
talking about the location you know, I've walked past the property before and like oh, there's shoreline but like staying here. You're right in the heart like people say they're in the heart of what Yeah, you know that marketing and all that but shoreline you guys are right in the heart of it all

Julie Tabarejo 8:35
smack dab in the middle. Yeah. Which is perfect. I mean, our neighbors are the international marketplace where just a walk away from a beacon station so if you want to go exploring around Waikiki, it's right there and accessible. You can definitely get to our hotel via and Uber you don't need to have a car which is great. But world class shopping I mean everywhere from Gucci to Prada, and then all the way down block away. Yeah. And Hmm, we share a street. Yeah,

Hawaii's Best 9:02
you know, if you really got to go something,

Julie Tabarejo 9:04
go and get something, we have ABC around around the corner. Lots of good stuff.

Bryan 9:09
So back to the property a little bit. This was obviously prior to the rebranding talk a little bit about what the building looked like prior to and then that you know, breath of life into this place Sure. It was that

Julie Tabarejo 9:25
I want to say that this hotel was kind of run of the mill you know, I without very many choice words, but it's average you walk right past it. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I can't tell you how many times that before the rebrand I pass history, you know, I I lived here all my life and I'm like, Oh, you know, whatever. And then when the rebrand came, and you see the Andre wall from our street, you know, overlooking, you're like, Oh my god, what is that? And then you see the neon colors coming through the white windows and then you hear the music. That comes out of here. You're like, Oh my god, how did I How did I miss this this whole time? So we went from an average hotel that everybody kind of expects to being the unexpected.

Bryan 10:12
Yeah, I think, I mean, this is probably over a year ago, your guys's Instagram caught my eye and like all the colors and, and the vibrancy and it just felt alive. And so you know, looking more into the property and kind of the history of this place. Really cool. That's how you guys have taken something that was old made it new without tearing down. Yeah, you know, that's, that's huge. And then, you know, being here, you know, on the website on Instagram, you have a perception, you have an expectation, yes. Of what it's going to be when you're there. You know, like, more often than not, you're slightly, you know, oh, that didn't meet all of my expectations, but like, being on property, honestly, like the expectations have been exceeded. Oh, no, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, because like, I mean, from the detail I'm looking at, you know, red Flowers right now and I'm sitting behind a red desk you know every little detail from like the coffee sleeves, you know the Andre and everything and then as you go up the floors, you know, Andre, you know, just continue this continues.

Hawaii's Best 11:14
Have you been to our pool? Yes.

Bryan 11:15
today that was gorgeous i

Julie Tabarejo 11:17
is a great collaboration between us and Southern California based artist TJ Neff. So he came down and spent a month down here painted them all by hand. So that's that's really important to us. And then we partnered with the Ultimate Collection to do a bag with that design on it so they're sold out on their website, baby come here. We're the only ones that have it now. Our brand is colorful, our brand is vibrant. Our brand is playful yet sophisticated yet comfortable. So it's a it's a part of everything that we do and what's really important to us is every nook and cranny is photo ready and you pull up to the bright pink wallet. That's right behind the check in desk. And I can't tell you how many times I've seen people want to take a picture right there because it says low high neon lights. Yeah. And then it's all the way down to our custom furnishings that's modern and contemporary. So it's cool.

Bryan 12:14
Very impressive. Yeah.

Julie Tabarejo 12:15
Did you see the white ceilings? We call that our jungle wall? changes color, does it? Yeah. So it's white on white. There's monstera leaves and it's a jungle feel the lights behind the

Bryan 12:27
change out color. So when you're here in the lobby at night, it's a totally different experience than day. I mean, someone's listening to this right now. Like, okay, that's great. Sounds amazing. Like, you know, describing it all in detail. From your guys's perspective, what is some of the feedback been the last couple years and the rebrand What if some of the kind of the continuing reviews and continuing you know, heartbeat and theme that you've been hearing from people,

Julie Tabarejo 12:50
so we do hear a lot about the location, and we get a lot of Instagram photos, right? We see that all the time and it's great and the thing that we wants to dive into is the added value for our guests. It's more than just Hey, you gotta water upon check in, you know, we are always thinking about what what's the next best thing that we can do. And that's kind of why I'm here. I talked a little bit about my role and that's the programming so it's always coming up with fun ideas about All right, are we doing hot yoga? Are we doing flower crown making what gets you guys excited to come to us and hang out with us and that's, that's what's really important. So it's every, every little detail that we can possibly bring it together and make this one cohesive brand that's important to us.

Bryan 13:39
Yeah. Okay, so what about like, Okay, take the budget and take any, you know, rules and regulations away, you know, everything like stay in between the lines, okay. Take that all the way. Uh huh. What would kind of some of your dreams be for what's next as far as experiences and events,

Julie Tabarejo 13:57
I would love To book readings and signings and bringing in,

Bryan 14:05
like local artists, yeah,

Julie Tabarejo 14:06
that's cool. Yeah, like, like local artists, singers, songwriters have something like this, an area set up kind of Have you seen time desk, I have it on YouTube, I believe that's what it's called. It's literally a tiny desk and some artists saying and they do performances, and they record and they post on YouTube. So that's really awesome to me. And I want our guests to be a part of something. A lot of times we travel to get out of what we know and what we're used to, and anything that I can do to bring them into Hawaii and what this hotel is, and all that I can be is great. So those types of ideas, getting them involved. It's really cool for me to learn where they're coming from and why they're here. And you know, what, what brings them out?

Bryan 14:52
Right? I love that. Now thinking about from your perspective, what are some must do's say you Uber here from the airport. Like I did Where are the world now? I mean, so this kind of in this location, you're seeing that shoreline what are some of us do within this walking distance and

Julie Tabarejo 15:11
definitely check out international marketplace. I mean, not sponsored at all, but I really love it. They have some cool things going on over there. They have mitsu a market that has, you know, great little supermarket that sells mostly donuts. There's also poking and I mean, number one thing if you're in Waikiki, you gotta walk this trip, right? You got to do it. That's just that's just a mandatory checklist thing. It's, you know, bucket list. definitely get on a beaky if you can. That's fairly new in Hawaii. I know other places have it, but we've got great weather. Lots of interesting things to see. Palm trees everywhere. Gotta do it. I'm talking about all food right now. Can you tell me Yeah, Water. Yeah, get in there. I mean, there's something different about Hawaii water. We say that it heals all wounds. It's nice and relaxing, fairly warm. I mean to me if I'm getting in the water because I'm used to it, it's cold. But

Bryan 16:15
there's something about going down to the beach path for the first time. Yes. And you look to your left, you see Diamond Head, and you got the beach like, there's that's, that's why I seen that on postcards. Like it's right here.

Julie Tabarejo 16:29
Yeah, that's the great thing about our locations who you're in the middle of the hustle and bustle, you're in the in the literal heartbeat of Waikiki. And you can walk a block away and get to the beach and relax. And then when you say I'm done with it, you know, you don't even need to get in your car. You just walk on back to the hotel, take a shower, relax, come on down and get some free wine tastings for our programming and you're golden for the day.

Bryan 16:54
Yeah, love that. Look at more about the location of shoreline and you have some Some of the best, most world renowned brands just in this location, and you kind of forget you're on an island. Yes. And he forget about, say you're coming here. You're visiting you forget, like you see the beach but it's in the middle of the ocean. And a lot of what Hawaii has become didn't become by accident. Yes, it's taken intentionality, sustainability initiatives. So from shorelines perspective, I know that's a big heartbeat of your guys's How is shoreline being a part of the initiative and sustainability? environmental friendly?

Julie Tabarejo 17:36
Sure. I want to start by saying that Hawaii is a very special place in the sense that we're isolated. We're the most isolated landmass in the world. We have some great flora, fauna, Wildlife, oceanography, everything that you can possibly imagine and we're so bright and colorful as a state as we are with this hotel. But what's really keeping us together is Our mallamma and being in this together working together, thinking about the sustainable efforts and eco tourism. doing our part as a property is really important. Because we want this special place to last for years to come. I want my children and my children's children to be able to experience it. And you're completely right, you know, we're a city, on the edge of the water in the middle of an ocean. And we are not the only things out there. You know, our ecosystem depends on what we do, and how we treat the land. And that's something really important to not only us, but the Hawaiian culture. So kind of leading into what I wanted to say is that we're so excited to partner with a brand called public goods. It was a Kickstarter success story, and they're doing really well very minimalistic look sleek, but the great thing About that is what we're doing in partnership. So we're redoing the way that we offer path amenities instead of quitting single use plastics. Inside of the room, we've adopted a sustainable procedure where we refill pump dispensing bottles, and the plastics of public goods. bath products are made of sugarcane. So they all come from a sustainable practice and how they're made. And it's just good for the land is good for what we're bringing in. And how can we as hotel industry say, yeah, you know, let's be green, but not support that. So that's one of the ways that we're doing it.

Bryan 19:44
So you kind of just skated right over. The actual packaging is made of sugar cane. Yeah, that's incredible.

Julie Tabarejo 19:52
It's super cool technology that I live in a world like this today. It's made of sugar cane. It's a special bioplastic cool stuff. So the new products that we have as a February 1 are the shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. I know there are a lot of Earth conscious people out there so the the products are vegan friendly, cruelty free made in the USA, which is crazy to me. Yeah. And they don't have any harmful chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances. So we're really excited to partner with this sustainable brand, but it's also stylish and it fits in with everything that shoreline is,

Bryan 20:31
if someone's come into the islands for the first time, kind of going off what you guys are doing here as far as sustainability, how would you encourage somebody maybe packing or what to expect coming to the I was talking about more eco friendly? Do you have any tips on that? Bring sunscreen.

Julie Tabarejo 20:50
That's really important. But yes, reef safe is really important and we actually have that in our hotel to in our retail card in case you forget, but please Light, you don't need the 20 outfits, you're probably gonna end up in your swimsuit, right? So it's totally okay. And if you're coming here, bringing all of your great stuff with you, I think once you get here, you should remember that we're on Hawaii time. Yeah, nobody's in a rush here. And if we are, trust me, it's not the type of Russia you're thinking. It's really just to take it all in the island is beautiful. There's gorgeous, gorgeous sunrises and sets. Lots of great things to see. I mean, you can see Diamond Head from here. Yeah. Which is beautiful. And I think people get caught up in their bucket list items about oh, I gotta, I gotta be there. I gotta do this thing. I saw it on Instagram. I really want to do it, that they forget to take it in as it comes. I will always say that Hawaii is a special place, but you can't really enjoy it. If you're always so fixated on doing the things that you set out to. Sometimes you just gotta let Hawaii happened to you. And great things come out of it.

Bryan 22:04
Love that. Looking at 2020 What does shoreline look like as far as you guys? Where can someone if they're looking to book what can they look forward to?

Julie Tabarejo 22:13
Well, we do have some promos. Very interesting. If you want your hair to match the color we have what's called an ombre hair package. So if you book four nights or more, you get this hair treatment or excuse me hair, I guess, restyling? Yeah, that you can book and operate is? Yeah,

Bryan 22:36
yeah. Do you do that? I don't. You know,

Julie Tabarejo 22:39
I wish I could. I don't think they'd be very. Yeah, but if you want to get your hair on braid, you let us know you book it on our website. Situated for you guys.

Bryan 22:51
So that was with what was that package?

Julie Tabarejo 22:53
I believe it's called on brain. It's pretty obvious. Yeah, right here.

Bryan 22:59
Yeah. As a

Julie Tabarejo 23:00
say, if you go on to our offers okay page on our website and it's all right there all of the details so you can book in advance. Another great thing. Everybody likes to get tattoos I have quite a bit myself, but have you ever wanted a picture of a wave? Or a palm tree? My ankle? Yeah. Yeah. And actually, that's perfect because we have a promotion. So you booked three nights to take a piece of boy with you, and it's on you forever. And then one more, okay. is if you booked two nights or more, you can actually get a photography lesson with a local photographer too. So if you want to get those news, fewer the Instagram jealous photos, right? You can link up with somebody who is a professional. Yeah, go around the island. Take some killer photos and show all your family and friends.

Bryan 23:59
That's the Very creative. This is new for 2020 Yeah,

Hawaii's Best 24:03
they are yes

Bryan 24:04
okay gonna run just through like December 31 or as indefinitely as you see

Julie Tabarejo 24:09
right now be promotions are throughout the end of the year of course there are dates that are completely booked. So do take a look at your calendars and figure out in advance where and when you want to be but sorry,

me on you got a little bit of nature with you.

Bryan 24:34
There's a mint leaf in my my cup I might have just almost drink it anyways. Oh boy, you wanted to be one with you? Yeah, right.

Julie Tabarejo 24:41
Um, so you can go on to our website, check out the dates that you want to be here. Yeah. And then book any one of these packages.

Bryan 24:49
So maybe even like zooming out a little bit talking about booking dates and times of the year. What Can somebody expect kind of the ebb and flow of the year to look like like, when's the busy season when You know the, quote, light season.

Julie Tabarejo 25:02
From what I've seen the busy season, surprise, surprise is always summer, definitely in the summer. And I recommend that people come in the fall. The Fall is a great time. There's not a lot of rain. It's lower in the hotels in terms of occupancy, but still the same great stuff. You know, you're going to be able to do all of the hikes, all of the shopping. it all stays the same. Just less people. Yeah, you're gonna get a great spot on long the beach. Trust me on this one. And then stay out of December. That's probably my best advice. December, probably past the 15th. All of Waikiki is busy. Yeah, same same scenario, as in the summer. If you do Christmas, enjoy. And I'm not saying that it's bad. Yeah. But if you do decide to do Christmas book early, you got to get in there early. If you're trying to book in October, you're going to get Really high rates can be really hard. So yeah, do it in advance growing up on the island.

Bryan 26:05
Mm hmm. What are some of your favorite experiences around Oh,

Julie Tabarejo 26:10
oh, I mean, I I do love hiking as every other local does have a deep connection with food

is something special to us?

It was very interesting. When we saw the trend hitting the mainland. We're like, sweet. I'm sorry, what?

Bryan 26:31
The what? It's like water here. That's just right.

Julie Tabarejo 26:34
Yeah, yeah, it's at every party. You know, every gathering. It has to be there. But I think the one special thing that really sticks out to me is the Hawaiian culture here. To me, the Hawaiian culture as a local growing up here is profound. I mean, it's it's beautiful. The language it goes so much deeper than we know it is and the history tied with With all of those things is insane. I mean, did you know that Hawaii was once a monarchy? Did you know that we are the only state within the United States to have an official flag and language? So we have two, two official flags and two languages here. Yeah. And there are some creatures from the sea and from the land, and from this guy that are only found here. And they're all presented within the Hawaiian culture, and they all have a place. And if you're coming here for the first time, yes, Hawaii is beautiful, and it's the landscape. But there's also a culture that I think there's a door that you can open, and you can go out and see these things. And you can seek out those authentic experiences and learn about our history. Because there's so much there. I mean, just taking a stroll in you'll any palace will really open your eyes. Yeah.

Bryan 27:55
I think you know, someone's come in here. They're going to get the experience. They're gonna get the beaches, the shopping the pokey the whole thing, but having an understanding, just even as brief as you describe the Hawaiian culture, that's really what is special about this place, the love of the land, I know the whole the breath of life, maybe even a deeper dive into maybe you personally your love of the land, and we're talking about how we can protect it. Yes, how we can enjoy it, but how we can also preserve it for generations. So growing up for you, how was that instilled in you and how did you have a love of the land growing up?

Julie Tabarejo 28:36
I think we all grow up knowing to take care of the land. So the thing is mama minor. So my mom I'm you know, to take care, I know is the land it's, but it's more than just the land which we walk. The land provides in the sense so what you give to the land the land gives back to you. So the water itself This how you prepare the soil. It's how you pull your crops, if you're overdoing it, you know, it'll have an adverse effect. So it's this given take, it's more of a relationship that I've learned growing up here, that it's a deeper connection. Yes, you can fish and you can, you know, get hundreds and thousands of fish, but if you over fish, then your family won't eat. And if you overdo the land, you know, the soil won't provide anymore. So it's a it's a relationship. Yeah. And that's really important. Because it's that the land is what provides to us. It's our sustenance, it's, you know, our home. And that that's what I took away from growing up here and going to public school. We have point studies. It's part of our curriculum, we can't graduate without them. But we learn a little bit about the language. We learn a little bit about the history and what we can do. To be a part of that, so it's cleaning the beaches. It's volunteering your time. Getting into a lot you if you can, so low he is the pteropod. wear and tear was very, very hard to do if you're not experienced, just cultivating that and just forming that, wow, I have a lot of respect for people who do it.

Bryan 30:21
That's, that's incredible.

Julie Tabarejo 30:23
So the wine culture, again, is very deep and profound. And although I'm not of wine descent, I love talking about it, because perpetuating it, and ensuring it for the future generations is what we need right now. Through the history, we've seen a lot of things disappear. So that's why we're all here standing together to do what we can to make sure it doesn't. And one of the great things that although it's not as deep I guess you can say in the traditional part of things, but is still important to me is meeting and it's a celebration. of may and the flowers and the blossoms and school and we have performances. And there are still people today who had made intricate lives of hundreds of blossoms. They go out and expertly makers go out, pick blossoms from of course the lives that they're okay to pick from. But they bring back these things from the mountains, weave them together, boom. It's beautiful. It's big. And that's what mayda is all about its appreciation for the land. And the shoreline hotel and coconut Waikiki shows our appreciation to this day by giving our complimentary ladies to all of our guests. So whoever is checking in on May 1, you get one used to be a part of it. It's a celebration. And I cannot tell you how great it smells. I bet. Media is fantastic. You don't even need perfume. You just smell it from the lobby.

Bryan 31:56
Yeah, Waikiki every everywhere is In on May Day,

Julie Tabarejo 32:04
yeah, there's a lot of parades. I believe sometimes there's deals depending on where you're looking. All of the schools, public and private, celebrate this. It's a big thing. Yeah. If you look at the calendar for me, there's always something going on.

Bryan 32:18
So, if someone's coming to me, obviously, they have, you know, made it to look forward to as part of their itinerary and, you know, experiences. alongside of that, if someone's coming to the islands for your first time, I know we talked briefly about that earlier, but, but what are maybe some other tips and maybe things to do? Or maybe even things you know, hey, make sure you don't do this? Or, you know, from your perspective, what would you say,

Julie Tabarejo 32:44
from a local side, if you're driving? I know not everybody does this, but if you're driving, and somebody lets you in the lane, we're very, very peaceful and happy people very kind. But if we let you in the lane, and it's very traffic here right now See Thank you

Hawaii's Best 33:01
throw Shaka.

Julie Tabarejo 33:03
Wave a hand. Yeah, you will make somebody's day that much easier. Showing aloha while driving is important. It's not just day to day interactions on the road is great. Let's see bring a reusable bag. Yeah. Is that a trend right now?

Hawaii's Best 33:19

Bryan 33:21
no that's that's good that in water bottle too. Yes. Yeah, still still reason why it's important

Julie Tabarejo 33:27
that's all going back to the eco friendly thing that I mentioned earlier.

Bryan 33:32
Yeah, everyone's got their Trader Joe's bags or whatever.

It's all good guarantee. Yeah, but does one that's one of the things as you're packing, you you tend to forget or even like a you know, reusable water bottle like you just forget like you meant to but those two things for sure, are critical and playing a part in the eco friendly here in Hawaii. Well, Julie, thank you so much for your time today and someone's come into Waikiki and wants to book a shoreline. How can they find you guys and maybe how can they take you guys when they go back home to what are some ways they can stay up today?

Julie Tabarejo 34:06
Great. So I would love for you guys to come and visit us. You can find us online at Shoreline hotel Waikiki calm and if you are the visual type and need to see your social media feed light up before you make the commitment to book. Our Instagram is at Shoreline hotel. You can also find us on Facebook at Shoreline hotel Waikiki.

Bryan 34:30
Great. Well thank you so much for your time appreciate you what you guys are doing here.

Hawaii's Best 34:33
Thank you. Allah, Allah.

Bryan 34:37
I want to thank Julie again for her time and shoreline for their incredible hospitality I hope I hope in our conversation we were able to paint a clear picture of how special shoreline really is, and everything they have to offer to find all the links and references in this episode. Like the Becky tour that Julie reference go to live Hawaii's best comm slash episode zero Six, my biggest takeaway in this conversation was the reminder of to let Hawaii happen and, and I wanted to quote Julie again because I think it's worth repeating. She said, I will always say that Hawaii is a special place, but you can't really enjoy it. If you're always so fixated on doing the things you set out to do. Sometimes you just gotta let Hawaii happen to you. And great things will come out of it. To me that really wraps the heart of what shoreline and many other great companies and influencers are striving for. So thanks again for joining me on this episode. And if you found value in it, please drop a review below. And if you don't have time for that, just leave a rating but both of those things really help out the show in ranking, so more people can find and enjoy this conversation all about Hawaii. Well until next time, friends be well. Aloha.

Hawaii's Best 35:50
Thanks for listening to Hawaii's best podcast. Stay up to date on future episodes, be sure to hit the subscribe button and find us at Hawaii's best calm

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