Written by Emma from Noserider Surf Club | Dec 19, 2023

Surf leggings, it’s a mystery how I used to survive without them. Gone are the vacation days where I prioritized sun soaking over my health, comfort and style, my surf leggings are the very foundation of my travel wardrobe for every trip.

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I’ve got to admit, I’m a very recent convert. I was your quintessential surfer girly, enamored by the Cali surfer girl aesthetic of long blonde beach waves, saucy bikini bottoms and of course that perfect envy inducing surfers tan. 

But after one too many days of coming in from a great session with sunburn, I finally caved and invested in a pair of surf leggings and let me tell you, they have changed the game. Here are my top reasons why you should add a pair to your travel essentials:

  • Sun protection: The most important reason to cover up, most modern surf leggings are made with UPF50+ material, sunscreens are great but the better option is covering your skin in the first place. I don’t know about you, but I plan on having healthy, youthful skin right into my older years and the key is sun protection. If, like me, you’re used to surfing in a bikini and have fair skin, you’re much more likely to burn as the sun reflects on your legs from all angles. Sunburn is the worst and, despite everyone experiencing it at some point in their life, kinda embarrassing. Keeping your legs covered up is the easiest way to protect your skin during long sessions in the swell.
  • Board Rash: Speaking of protecting your skin, surf leggings are your hero when it comes to protecting against board rash. As we surf, the wax of your board collects sand and this rough surface irritates your skin as you paddle out and pop-up.Board rash takes time to heal properly out of the water, which can be super frustrating if you’ve got a limited amount of days in your holiday. Prevention is better than treatment and this is where surf leggings really shine.
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  • Reef protection: Wipe-outs and tumbles are an inevitable happenstance of surfing. When you’re surfing new breaks and are less familiar with terrain there’s a good chance you could be brushing against the reefs. Surf leggings might not protect you from all scratches and grazes but they will certainly help. Depending on the thickness of your leggings, they can also protect you from jelly stings. This protection goes both ways. Touching the reef can be just as damaging for it as it is for you. Also if you’re one of those people who hasn’t switched over reef safe sunscreen, first of all sort yourself out. But secondly, wearing surf leggings mitigates a certain amount of sunscreen being required. 
  • Multi-purpose fashion: Surf leggings are so much more than for your days on the board. My favorite pair are my go-to for travel days when I need that added comfort on the plane or train. They take me from coffee dates in the city to yoga flow, they’re excellent for covering up when visiting cultural sights and amazing when you need a little more warmth under some joggers. All this from just one item of clothing is a real space saver in my travel bag.
noserider surf leggings
  • Keeping you covered: We all have days when we’re not feeling our best, maybe we’re bloated or just not feeling ourselves. It’s days like these I turn to my surf leggings, I know there’s no danger of popping out or any awkward wedgies, I can surf in peace without feeling self-conscious. Some of my close gal friends prefer to keep it modest in their fashion choices and surf leggings are their bread and butter.


  • Feeling comfy: Feeling comfortable in and out of the water is possibly what makes me wear my surf leggings so religiously. I’ve recently taken to lounging around the house in them too. This comfort factor is what makes them ideal for travel days. They’re the no fuss airport ensemble I can throw on and not worry about.

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  • Stylin’ it out: Surf leggings come in a variety of colors and patterns ways, which can be really handy for standing out in the lineup – whether its your friends trying to catch a glimpse of you from the shoreline or get more photos with your eye catching pair, leggings really are what you should invest in.

For all these reasons, these surf leggings have earned their permanent spot in my travel bag. They offer unmatched protection, versatility, and style, ensuring that every new surf adventure is not only exhilarating but also comfortable and worry-free. They’re sure to be a travel bag staple for years to come.

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