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Introducing the food lover’s paradise, Paia Maui! Bursting with fresh ingredients and diverse flavors, this quaint town offers a unique dining experience, making it a favorite spot for visitors and locals.

In this post, get ready to explore the best Paia Maui restaurants that serve up everything from local favorites to international cuisines.

Discover the best dining spots in Paia with our top 10 list. Enjoy fresh seafood, authentic Hawaiian cuisine, and explore the town’s different neighborhoods for a memorable vacation experience.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore some delicious eats!

What Makes Paia Maui a Must-Visit Destination for Foodies

From delicious seafood dishes and vegan options to Mexican flavors, Paia Maui offers an array of culinary experiences with its variety of cuisine choices made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that provide unique dining experiences.

Variety of cuisines

Paia Maui offers a wide range of cuisines from which to choose. Its unique blend of cultures and influences makes it one of the most interesting dining scenes on the island.

With so many delicious dishes available, there is something for everyone in Paia Maui! From traditional Hawaiian fare to Mexican-California fusion cuisine, you’ll find all kinds of flavors combined here.

You can also sample fresh fish caught daily at local eateries, along with homemade meals created by passionate chefs that use organic ingredients sourced directly from local farms.

There are even vegan and vegetarian restaurants offering flavorful plant-based options – not to mention an abundance of breakfast spots shaken up with creative twists like acai bowls served in coconut shells or savory poke topped with smoked salmon or sushi rolls for lunch!

Whether you’re looking for a casual spot near Baldwin Ave or Mana Foods, an upscale experience, or just want some good old-fashioned comfort food served up hot from your favorite Paia Town eatery – this beach town has it all.

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients

Paia Maui is renowned for its emphasis on high-quality, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients. By using these locally sourced delicacies in their cuisines, restaurants are able to offer authentic local dishes that reflect the region’s unique flavors.

Maui has become a favorite destination for foodies thanks to its use of fresh seafood from nearby sustainable fisheries or farms like Mana Foods which offer organic vegetables from Upcountry Farms near Kula as well as various fruits and herbs picked daily at Farm O’ Market In Pukalani.

These great sources of produce are what make the Paia so appealing to visitors when it comes to cuisine — you can get traditional eats with an unrivaled taste! This commitment ensures only the freshest seafood caught off shores along Hana Highway such as Mahi Mahi, Ono Fish Cakes topped with Papaya Salsa.

Some of the popular specialized items like crispy duck burgers made with breading recipes dating back generations put many eateries on “the map” and have kept them there.

Fresh vegetable options include a vegan Mediterranean platter packed full of grilled zucchini, squash & mushrooms along with organic salads to dress up our meals without taking away flavor.

Ultimately this allows places like Mama’s Fish House and Cafe Mambo to offer one-of-a-kind experiences fusing local flavors and attractions that promote community sustainability through indoor outdoor seating areas, and hearty sustenance while embracing Maui beach vibes complete with a fun twist.

Unique dining experiences

In Paia Maui, foodies are spoiled for choice with an impressively diverse range of cuisines and fresh ingredients used in dishes such as Mama’s Fish House’s incredible seafood platters.

Cafe Mambo offers a cool atmosphere perfect for enjoying tacos or burritos in the heart of Baldwin Avenue.

Milagros Food Co is highly recommended due to their use of organic ingredients.

The result is delicious Mediterranean bowls and salads along with vegetarian options like quesadillas and fresh wraps, making it difficult to choose just one thing from this fantastic menu.

For a special evening meal out Tin Roof Maui is the place to go – its combination of Japanese-style ramen noodles measuring up to high Hawaiian standards!

More casual spots offer great options, too, such as Hana Hou Surf Club for quick yet tasty bites like smoothies or sandwiches on-the-go.

Plus, there are places like Island Fresh Café where you can select light Filipino dishes made from locally sourced ingredients – perfect for lunch between sightseeing trips around town!

Top 10 Best Paia Restaurants

Indulge in a culinary experience to remember with the best restaurants Paia, Maui has to offer. From Mama’s Fish House for delicious seafood, Flatbread Company for authentic flatbread pizzas, Cafe Mambo and Milagros Food Co.

For Mexican-inspired dishes, or Island Fresh Café and Tin Roof Maui for amazing locally sourced salads – the perfect place awaited at every corner!

1. Mama’s Fish House

best restaurants in paia maui - mamas fish house

“Mama’s Fish House” by Andym5855 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Mama’s Fish House is one of the most acclaimed restaurants on Maui. Established in 1979, this North Shore institution has grown into one of Hawaii’s premier fine dining experiences.

Fresh fish brought in daily by local fishermen is at the heart of Mama’s menu, allowing chefs to pride themselves on serving quality seafood and Hawaiian specialties like mahi-mahi or a crisp duck burger.

The outdoor seating area allows guests to dine al fresco while taking in views of neighboring Paia Bay and beyond — truly an unforgettable experience!

Aside from fresh seafood options, Mama’s also offers vegetarian Mediterranean platters and vegan & veggie bowls — making it perfect for diners with any dietary preference.

2. Flatbread Company

best restaurants in paia maui - paia flatbread company

Photo by Flatbread Company

Located in the heart of Maui’s Hippie Town, Paia, Flatbread Company is a must-visit restaurant for all foodies out there. This popular spot has earned numerous positive reviews from travelers around the world and is ranked #3 on TripAdvisor.

Part of what makes it stand apart from others restaurants in town are its delicious menu items made with locally sourced ingredients and friendly staff. Customers can enjoy vegan dishes to Hawaiian favorites and delectable flatbreads plus many more handmade dishes perfect for any occasion.

Its great atmosphere and outdoor seating make Flatbread Company an ideal destination for those looking to unwind after a day sightseeing or take pleasure in catching up with family and friends over good food and drinks!

3. Cafe Mambo

best restaurants in paia maui - cafe mambo

Photo by Cafe Mambo

Cafe Mambo is located in the historic plantation town of Paia on the north shore of Maui and fits right in with its funky, artsy vibe.

This is one of the top 10 restaurants to visit when you’re exploring the island – from its mouth-watering menu to its great ratings on TripAdvisor (4.5 out of 5 stars).

They specialize in a variety of dishes ranging from Mexican favorites like fajitas to fresh salads and vegan options.

In addition, their signature dish -fajitas- gives visitors an authentic taste of Mexico that will transport them away from it all as they savor each bite!

Café Mambo upholds Paia’s reputation for being one of Hawaii’s Best dining spots with truly unique experiences and amazing food.

4. Milagros Food Co.

best restaurants in paia maui - Milagros food company

Photo by Milagros Food Co.

Milagros Food Co. is one of the top 10 Paia Maui restaurants to try. The family-owned and operated establishment has served delicious Southwest grub since 2002, becoming a favorite for both visitors and locals alike.

Milagros Food Co. prides itself on offering fresh and healthier Tex-Mex inspired cuisine for both lunch and dinner options.

Its daily happy hour from 3pm to 6pm makes it even more irresistible!

Enjoy some quesadillas paired with a Margarita or grab a burrito while enjoying its outdoor seating area – whatever your choice – you won’t be disappointed at this restaurant!

5. Cafe Des Amis

best restaurants in paia maui - Cafe des Amis

Photo by Café des Amis

Established in Paia, Maui, Cafe Des Amis is a top restaurant that offers delicious French, Mediterranean and Indian cuisine. The restaurant has a cozy outdoor area that creates an intimate setting for its guests to enjoy the food and relax.

It is known for its friendly and quick service, making it popular with both locals and visitors alike.

Aside from this great atmosphere, Cafe Des Amis is particularly famous for its crepes: traditional French street-food pancakes made fresh daily to tantalize your taste buds.

With many unique offerings inspired by different cultures found around the world available at Cafe Des Amis, there truly isn’t anything quite like it elsewhere on Maui Island – which makes it one place you must visit when in Paia.

6. Island Fresh Cafe

best restaurants in paia maui - island fresh cafe

Photo by Island Fresh Cafe

Located in the heart of Paia, Island Fresh Cafe offers casual alfresco dining in a spacious open-air setting.

The cafe’s menu features Maui-grown organic produce and has received positive reviews on Tripadvisor, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

For those looking to experience local flavors from both land and sea, Island Fresh Cafe provides an array of options, including vegan poke bowlsfresh fish tacos topped with mango salsa, crispy duck burgers nestled among pineapple slaw, and sweet chili aioli floating atop homemade focaccia bread.

Diners can also indulge in vegetarian Mediterranean platters delivered hot off the grill or enjoy delicious acai bowls finished with coconut flakes surrounded by Berry Bliss smoothies made only from natural ingredients found here on Maui!

7. Tin Roof Maui

best restaurants in paia maui - tin roof maui

Photo by Tin Roof Maui

Tin Roof Maui is one of the newest restaurants in Paia Maui and a great spot for foodies to visit.

The celebrated Chef Sheldon Simeon operates the restaurant, offering local Hawaiian favorites like mochiko chicken, poke bowl, and pork belly.

All dishes are prepared using fresh ingredients sourced ‒ locally or from other parts of Hawaii. Tin Roof Maui takes pride in its menu, which features both traditional Hawaiian flavors as well as Japanese-inspired dishes.

Despite its popularity and reputation amongst locals and tourists alike, this restaurant only operates for lunchtime from 10 am to 2 pm – so make sure you get there early!

Don’t miss out on trying some gastronomic delights such as chili crab omelet or crispy duck burger when you visit here.

8. Hana Hou Surf Club

best restaurants in paia maui - hana hou surf club

Photo by Hana Hou Surf Club

Located in the heart of Paia Maui, Hana Hou Surf Club provides a unique and memorable dining experience with an array of food and drinks options.

This restaurant is located at 65 Hana Highway, just off Baldwin Avenue – making it easily accessible yet still off-the-beaten path – and boasts a 5 out of 5 rating on TripAdvisor.

The restaurant’s menu includes items like coffee, smoothies, and breakfast dishes such as crispy duck burgers or vegetarian Mediterranean platters.

Lunch can be anything from salads to cold sandwiches to vegan bowls; dinner features amazing Japanese inspired dishes along with Hawaiian flavors including mahi mahi served over stir fry veg rice or brown coconut red curry shrimp served with jasmine Zhang Hang Rice.

Additionally, they also offer gluten free tacos plus acai bowls too! With their friendly staff creating ambience through its seating area indoor/outdoor dining space – even bridges for all ages- this spot has become one of the locals’ favorite hangouts in town!

So don’t forget to check them out on your next trip to Maui for an unforgettable experience.

9. Lima Cocina + Cantina

best restaurants in paia maui - lima cocina cantina

Photo by Lima Cocina + Cantina

Lima Cocina is an exciting restaurant and bar located in Paia, Maui. The eatery specializes in handcrafted cocktails with a Latin flair as well some of the best Peruvian cuisine that can be found on the island.

Its lounge area allows patrons to relax and enjoy delicious drinks such as Pisco Sour or Slushy Pisco while admiring the vibrant colors of Peru.

Lima Cocina + Cantina strives to bring authentic recipes with a touch of aloha spirit, first impacting those living near Paia and extending all over Maui thanks to its positive reviews across platforms like TripAdvisor, where it has earned 4 out 5 stars for its amazing food selection combined with great service.

The restaurant offers customers local experiences influenced by Hawaiian flavors thanks to fresh ingredients combined with Japanese inspired dishes that make up just some of this one-of-a-kind establishment’s offerings.

10. Belle Surf Cafe & Lounge

best restaurants in paia maui - belle surf cafe

Photo by Belle Surf Cafe & Lounge

Belle Surf Cafe & Lounge is a healthy, authentic, and organic cafe nestled in the heart of Paia Maui. Committed to providing high-standard products and pleasurable dining experiences.

Its diverse menu includes everything from crispy duck burgers and vegan food options to fresh fish served with Hawaiian flavors.

The café takes pride in using only locally grown produce for their meals – which can be enjoyed overlooking beautiful beaches within an atmosphere that accepts all walks of life.

Visitors rave about the restaurant’s friendly staffdelicious food options, “Açaí bowls”, hot items like quesadillas & burritos as well as smoothies made from the freshest ingredients.

The experience comes with great service as Belle Surf Café puts emphasis on receiving quality customer feedback.

If you’re looking for something unforgettable while visiting Paia Maui – check out this top-rated restaurant today!

Insider Tips for Dining in Paia Maui

As you’re seeking out the finest restaurants in Paia Maui, take note of insider tips such as making reservations in advance to secure your spot and trying local specialties for an authentic experience.

Local favorites include fresh fish dishes from Mama’s Fish House, flatbread pizza and vegan options from Flatbread Company, or vegetarian Mediterranean platter from Mana Foods.


Making reservations in advance

When planning a trip to Paia Maui, it is important to make reservations at restaurants in advance. Making reservations can help avoid the long wait times that are common during peak season.

It also allows for better planning of the dining experience and ensures a smoother process when orders are placed, food arrives and checks have to be processed.

Making reservations ahead of time at the top Paia Maui restaurants also gives diners access to unique experiences like outdoor seating areas, delicious local cuisines or specially sourced ingredients from around Maui itself.

Not only does it provide convenience in terms of getting a table quickly without waiting around but with advanced bookings comes guaranteed availability too which eliminates any worry of being turned away due to capacity shortages or lack of prior reservation slots available on certain days – especially if traveling as part of a large party!

Additionally, by researching online reviews regarding each restaurant’s policies and special rules (such as dress codes) prior planning proves beneficial so everyone knows what they’re getting into before stepping foot in door.

Trying local specialties

When it comes to dining in Paia, Maui, trying local specialties is a must-do. Thanks to its diverse culture and history, Paia offers an impressive selection of cuisines from across the world that have been influenced by multiple cultures, such as Hawaiian, Latin American and even Mediterranean.

Furthermore, when dining in any of the top restaurants throughout Paia you can be sure that fresh and locally sourced ingredients will only enhance your experience while allowing you to enjoy unique flavors offered up no where else in the world.

Across some of Maui’s top restaurants like Mama’s Fish House – widely regarded as one of the most romantic eateries on the island – Flatbread Company which specializes in wood-fired pizzas with freshly picked local tropical fruits or Cafe Mambo offering delicious brunch options featuring tacos filled with free range meats.

All three offer culinary experiences second to none and are highly recommended when visiting this vibrant coastal town.

Embracing the relaxed atmosphere

Paia Maui is home to some of the best restaurants in all of Hawaii, yet what makes it such a unique destination for foodies isn’t just its wide range of cuisines or fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

It’s also the atmosphere at every eatery that will truly enhance your dining experience. With its laid-back vibe, Paia Maui creates a welcoming ambiance no matter where you decide to dine.

Visitors can relax and enjoy great meals with friends and family without any rush or stress, allowing them to savor their dishes together while taking in the natural beauty surrounding each restaurant along Hana Highway.

FAQs for the Best Restaurants in Paia, Maui

1. Is Paia Maui worth visiting?

Yes, Paia, Maui is a worthwhile destination. It offers beautiful beaches and a variety of activities like surfing and windsurfing, along with a vibrant local art scene and live music.

2. What is the small hippie town in Maui?

The small hippie town in Maui is Paia Town, known for its laid-back, surfer hippie culture since the 1970s. Often overlooked by travelers heading to the Road to Hana, Paia Town is worth exploring for its unique charm and status as one of Hawaii’s coolest small towns.

3. How far is Paia from the road to Hana?

Paia is located approximately 55 miles from the town of Hana, serving as a popular prelude to the scenic Road to Hana journey. Known as a surfer’s paradise with a laid-back atmosphere, Paia, with its population of just over 2,700 people, is an ideal starting point for travelers heading towards Hana.

Best Restaurants in Paia Wrap-Up

Paia Maui is a must-visit destination for foodies. With its variety of cuisines, fresh locally-sourced ingredients, and unique dining experiences, the town offers something to suit every taste.

There are a wealth of restaurants to choose from in Paia, such as Mama’s Fish House and Flatbread Company – renowned for their amazing food and great service. It is advisable to make reservations in advance as some establishments can get busy during peak times.

Moreover, do take advantage of local specialties on offer and embrace the relaxed atmosphere that defines Paia Maui’s culinary experience.

From traditional Hawaiian favorites to Italian dishes with a modern twist, there really is something for everyone who visits this beautiful part of Hawaii – ensuring a truly memorable dining experience!

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Bryan Murphy

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