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To be honest I’ve been off the wagon of healthy eating for a little bit. Off and on. In Ali’s conversation with Karalynne from Just Ingredients, she offers some practical tips on healthy living and eating. So much of life stems from these disciplines. I can’t think of a better way to re-prioritize during this time than by re-aligning these two things.
I realize that this time may be difficult for some and uncertain when it comes to many things. My heart breaks for you, especially small businesses. However, let us not squander this time and phone-it-in for a few weeks and then pick up where we left off. Let this be a defining moment for us.
Today, Karalynne offers some simple tips on how to eat and live healthily. A lot of what we talk about on Hawaii’s Best is about the places and experiences of Hawaii, and while we’ll still bring you all of that, from time to time we want to give some eco-friendly and simple living tips. Practicing eco-friendly living is just as important as home as it is when you’re in Hawaii.

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Karalynne Call, Just Ingredients

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Bryan Murphy 0:00
This unique time of self isolating and due to the coronavirus, although it is a very interesting time. It's also a great opportunity to be able to take time and be able to reflect on what you want free life. Now I know right now maybe Hawaii is probably the furthest thing from your mind or maybe it's not maybe that's the only thing that you can be thinking about right now. Although traveled to Hawaii is not available right now at the time of this recording. I am in great anticipation of once we get through this time, the amount of love and the amount of support that we can all our ingredients the patient to be able to pour out on one another. So that is something that I am definitely looking forward to. On this special episode of Hawaii's Best we want to bring you some practical ways in which we can be putting ourselves first during this time, ourselves first being What can we do right now to help better our well being, and some things right now that we can implement, to live in a better and healthy life, so that once we're through this time, we're going to be better positioned and more equipped and be able to serve and add value to the lives around us. So stay tuned. This is gonna be one you don't want to miss.

Hawaii's Best 1:23
Aloha. Welcome to Hawaii's Best podcast, learn the story behind Hawaii's Best experiences, influencers and businesses. Discover everything that makes Hawaii the Aloha state. And now your host Brian Murphy.

Bryan Murphy 1:39
Welcome to another episode of Hawaii's Best on Hawaii's Best we get to explore experiences and businesses and influencers from Hawaii. And we get to hear the stories from behind them. And I'm your host Brian Murphy. Like I mentioned, today's episode is a little different. But I just want to say thank you so much for joining me and your time. is valuable. So I just want to say thank you. To stay up to date on future episodes, hit the subscribe button and leave a rating below that just takes one click and that helps other people who love Hawaii, just like you be able to find this podcast. Well, like I mentioned today we're talking about living a healthy and eco conscious life. A lot of what Hawaii's Best is about is ecotourism. And that basically means just leaving the place better than you found it. And I think we can also take that same mentality and translate it into ourselves. What are some things that we can be doing right now to better equip ourselves to better to better nourish ourselves so that we have more energy, more focus, more compassion, just more time, because a lot of that does take energy to be able to pour into others. And I think if you're anything like me, that's definitely what life is about. It's not about what you can get out of life, but what can you give to others around you? There's this quote The quote is from Zig Ziglar. And it goes something like this. You can get everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want. So really, that just comes from having a posture of putting others first. Really, that's what Hawaii's Best. That's how it started is what can we do to add value to these businesses? What can we do to add value to these experiences and some of these amazing people and entrepreneurs from Hawaii? What can we do to bring value? bring attention to the conversation, not just talk about all the cool things that you can do in Hawaii? But really, what are some things that we can learn from Hawaii? And what are those things that we can give to Hawaii? And really, that's what it's all about. Now, when it comes to health, to be honest, I've been off the wagon for a little bit. I don't know if I'm on the wagon or off the wagon or what that means if I'm on the wagon of healthy eating or if I'm off the wagon of healthy eating regardless, I'm on some sort of wagon that Don't want to be on. And

it hasn't been that bad, right? That's some justification right there. But Ellie and I and our family we have been, we used to be a lot more disciplined, I would say a couple years ago than we are currently, during this time of self isolating that there's been a lot of self reflection as well and a lot of old habits that were good habits that we have lost are starting to we're starting to implement back into our lives and I think that's where a lot of this conversation really started from. Alli had the opportunity to talk with Carlin call from Jess ingredients and she offers some amazing practical tips on healthy living and eating. And so much of life stems from these two disciplines and I can't think of a better way to reprioritize during this time, then by realigning these two things, it helps Living in eating. Now I just want to say as kind of an asterick, I realized that this time, maybe very difficult for some and maybe even for you uncertain times and staring down the face of unemployment, not sure what that's all gonna pan out to be. And I just want to say, my heart breaks for you, my heart breaks for you. If you're in that position right now, my heart breaks for definitely in small businesses, many friends in Hawaii who are small business owners, and I know, just like you, wherever you're at, wherever you're listening to this and whatever community you're in, doing all you can to best support those small businesses. Now, however, I know that during this time, we don't want to squander it either. We don't want to just phone it in for a few weeks and you know, pick up where we left off when this is all over. So I just want to encourage you again to let this be a defining moment and I No, you're just as excited as I am to get our lives back on the move. You know right now is just a great time to be thinking and dreaming of where you want to go and where you want to travel to next. And when it comes to traveling for me, I am slowly becoming a collector of travel bags super random. And recently I had the opportunity to check out nomadic travel bag. My goodness, let me tell you not only is this thing like sleek looking, but it is by far the most functional travel pack I have in my collection. I can't wait to get out there and use it and once we get over this whole thing, I just can't wait to get out and really open up this this pack and travel with it more and to get our life back on the move again. One of the surprising features is that this is like so simple but so cool. One of the surprising features in this travel pack is that it has a built In hardcase for your sunglasses super easy accessible, and for me this is always annoying trying to fumble through and get my sunglasses case out I'm taking my sunglasses on and off or whatever. But it's right there it's super convenient. So to check out nomadic and their line of travel gear, just go to live Hawaii's Best comm slash nomadic, the time of this recording, they have this epic clearance sale happening. So it's a perfect opportunity to gear up, to get ready and to get our life back on the move soon. A lot of what we talked about here in Hawaii's Best is about places and experiences of Hawaii and wow, we're gonna bring you all of that from time to time we want to give you some more some practical things some eco friendly and simple living tips. Practicing eco friendly living is just as important at home as it is when you travel to and visit Hawaii. Now. Carlin call is a mom of six with a passion for better health and wellness within the home. She began her journey nearly 15 years ago as she was battling severe depression. And throughout this journey, she has tried to help many others begin their own health journey. She believes that nature provides necessary nutrition. In order for people to live healthy, happy lives full of energy. Her goal is to inspire others to make a change in their eating habits and daily product use. She is a wellness coach, nutritional and mental health advocate. She loves sharing her tips and tricks, how tos and whys behind choosing better, whole non toxic ingredients for the whole family. And after years of struggling to find personal care products with ingredients she was willing to use on herself and her children. She decided to make her own and JC gradients, deodorant and face around launch in fall of 2019. And there's many more products in the works. So to learn more about just ingredients, you can go to just ingredients.us You can find them on Instagram at just dot ingredients and in the show notes Live Hawaii's best.com slash Episode 28 we're gonna link all that good stuff in there for you. I'm gonna stop talking and I'm gonna turn it over to Ali. As she talks story with Carlin call from just ingredients.

Ali Murphy 9:20
How did just ingredients start?

Karalynne Call 9:23
So that's, uh, I'll give you the short I loaded.

I'll give you the short answer. So the Instagram started first and then my business came after the Instagram but the Instagram came because 15 years ago, I found myself with severe suicidal depression. And I was trying to get help from doctors, and for two years couldn't get any help, like no one knew how to help me. They just were like, here's an antidepressant. Which Don't get me wrong. I have nothing bad against any depressants but I wanted to heal and I couldn't find a doctor who would helped me heal. And then finally Two years later, I found a doctor who helped me heal. And then for the past 13 years, I've just been on this health journey of always improving what I eat and improving the products that we use in our homes to try to get rid of toxins, things like that. Because on my journey of healing from depression, I found out that the products I was using the products in my home, the food I was eating, that all contributed to my depression. So 13 years of being on this journey a few years ago, there were so many people around me struggling with like, depression and autoimmune and just weird things like chronic fatigue and chronic joint pain that they couldn't figure out and migraines they couldn't figure out. And I wanted to just go up to people and tell them like, let me just tell you about food and what food can do with that and how it plays a part. But you can't just walk up to someone and say that so I was like, You know what, maybe I'll just start putting these little tidbits on an Instagram page. And so that's what I started doing. So That's how the Instagram page came about. And then once I had an audience, I was like, You know what, it's always been my dream to manufacture clean products like products that are non toxic products that are good for the body, good for the environment, things like that. So I was like, why not? Why not reach or go for my dreams right now and try manufacturing. So we found a manufacturer and started with like deodorant and face scrub and face serum and lip balm, things that are really nourishing to the body, rather than harmful. And that's how the business side of just ingredients started. And hopefully we've got years of more products coming out.

Ali Murphy 11:41
Oh, I'm excited. I use all your products. So awesome. Yeah, our daughter spilled the last of my face serum before I real like I was like, Oh, I really need to reorder and then she got into it because I had been putting in you know, like all shoes for so like every preschooler goes through that part of their life where they decide to start licking their upper lip. Yep. And so she got that whole like, like little red. And so I was putting it there. And I was at work one day, and she was home with daddy. And she decided to do it herself. Oh yeah, I was like, Oh, honey, and then I reordered and then you came out with the pump. I was like, Oh, the pump would have been perfect. She kept smell.

Karalynne Call 12:19
True. I haven't thought about that for people with little kids.

Ali Murphy 12:24
Yeah, because she had seen me open it and see me do the dropper. And so we had been doing it together. So now obviously my new face serum is up high in a way where she can't get into it. Because what she sees me do it she's like, okay, Where's mine? And I Oh, that's rubbish. But yeah, so she's totally into her face, sir. Oh,

Karalynne Call 12:43
well, it's all good for her. No ingredients you have to worry about.

Ali Murphy 12:48
Right and it cleared up that chaplet literally overnight.

Karalynne Call 12:51
Oh, that's awesome.

Ali Murphy 12:52
So how would you recommend people start their journey of wanting to live in Egypt? More healthfully like like that first, like just try this one thing.

Karalynne Call 13:06
So I always tell people that this is a lifestyle change, not some diet or some new trendy thing. It's just a way to live healthier. And so if we're going to try to live a healthier life, it's not going to your bathroom and throw everything all all the way at once and rebuy new stuff. If people go that route is just too overwhelming and becomes a two week trend rather than a lifestyle change. So I tell them to take little baby steps and be consistent but take baby steps with your changes. And so that could be that could look a variety of ways for different people. For some people that is using a product and when that product is done buying a better choice, so that could be as simple as, hey, I'm out of body lotion. I need new body lotion. I'm gonna buy new ones or for kids snacks were out of fruit stacks, so this time I'm going to buy fruit snacks without artificial diet. And artificial preservatives and things like that. So that's one route, you could go. A second route that I tell people is some people like to do it by ingredients, they'd like to look in their house and be like, Okay, I'm gonna get rid of every beauty product that has parabens in it, and replace those or with food, I'm going to go look around my house and see what food items have artificial dyes, and I'm going to replace those at the grocery store. So you can go buy ingredients, a third way that I tell people, so there's the use it, use it up and then buy a better choice. There's go buy ingredients, or the third way I tell people is just maybe every time you're at the grocery store, buy a better choice product or something. So maybe one week at the grocery store, you're buying a better bread option. And the next week you're buying a better milk option. Just something that fits with your personality that can stay consistent for years, until eventually all these little changes have added up to a huge change in result in your lifestyle.

Ali Murphy 15:00
Perfect. Yeah, I totally agree. I went gluten free at doctors. I had rheumatoid arthritis. And I was breastfeeding my second daughter. So this was over seven years ago. And I had already had another daughter and she knew I wouldn't stop breastfeeding to like, actually take these nasty medications they want to give you so she just suggested, well, why don't you try being gluten free? And it was a remarkable result for me. But I think there's also this other like kind of backlash you don't see in the fact that when you go gluten free, and at that time, there wasn't gluten free products. So basically, I was eating whole foods. Exactly. Shocking. Yeah. How amazing that was, it's like, oh, well, you can't go out and eat pizza or back then you couldn't there was no one that made gluten free pizza out when I when I went gluten free. So it's like either I had to make my own crust out of cauliflower, or I had to make my own out of gluten free flowers that I found but or I just had to like, pick something else, right? Like, oh, we're eating chicken and rice and vegetables. Amazing. I feel great,

Karalynne Call 16:06
right? So true about Whole Foods because I tell people all the time whole foods are what are nourishing and healing. And sometimes one other tip I forgot to tell you, so many people are like, I don't know how to add in more fruits and veggies and that's just overwhelming to have to eat whole foods. So I always tell people just cook the meals that you're used to cooking. So if you cook spaghetti in your house, just chop up some bell peppers, some tomatoes, some onions and garlic, some squash and throw it in the sauce and no one will really even notice or if you like sloppy joes, chop up some veggies and put them in the sloppy joes you know, so it doesn't have to be this like kale and team on starting diet that you switch to, you know, right, right. Yeah, adding good Whole Foods into our meals that we're used to.

Ali Murphy 16:52
We had kale in our garden a couple years ago and like I couldn't get my kids to eat that at all. It was just too too Much like, too, it's just too much. And then oddly enough, I found this recipe for baking it into kale chips. Oh, there you go. And then I was like, oh great now because honestly, kale, you plant kale it's like a way. I mean, you can't you can't eat it fast enough, really. And so when I was baking it into chips with like just sea salt and tumeric and a little like olive oil, I think or no, I think I use coconut oil. And then it was like the hottest commodity and in my house out of the oven and it was gone. And I was like, oh, okay, so that's how I can get them to eat kale that's in my garden that I can't, I can't seem to get rid of.

Karalynne Call 17:35
That's awesome. Yeah, sometimes it's just being creative with it. I usually hide it in smoothies. The kale, right?

Ali Murphy 17:41
Yeah, but even sometimes kale is it's just a very strong it is. It is strong one. Spinach is easy to hide. Yeah. What are your favorite house cleaning hacks or maybe ingredients?

Karalynne Call 17:56
Okay, so, yeah, everybody thinks they have to go buy expensive Have products to use in the house. I mean, there's awesome non toxic ingredients. I mean, products out there these days that you can buy. So some of my favorites are like force of nature ranch basics that all use good ingredients. But you really can just use products you have at home like baking soda. Baking soda is awesome to do laundry with to clean your oven with to clean your microwave to freshen up your carpet. I mean, you can even use baking soda if you want to even stretch it even into your beauty products, things like that. So baking soda is my favorite vinegar, you know, gets a bad rap but vinegar does an awesome job. But the trick is, I hated using vinegar for so long because of the smell and then once I finally realized that you can just put lemons in it and it doesn't smell like vinegar. I was like oh, that's such an easy spray to use for an all purpose cleaner and to clean bath tubs and Tubs and Showers and things with so vinegar and baking Sodor two great things for the environment, great for your budget and does a great job of actually getting the germs off of your surfaces.

Ali Murphy 19:10
I definitely am a big fan of vinegar. But yeah, that was always the big complaint. It's like I would mop my floors with water and vinegar. And it stinks wallets wet. But as soon as it dries, it's fine. But yeah, his like, really? Like, can't you use something else? And I'm like, no, it works and it's clean.

Karalynne Call 19:28
It does work, but I couldn't stand that smell like while it was wet. So once I put lemons in it and realize that the lemons can overpower that vinegar smell then it worked.

Ali Murphy 19:38
It worked. How many lemons do you put in? Do you do lemon juice or do you just put like lemon zest in with the vinegar? So what

Karalynne Call 19:46
I do is I actually like you know after you squeeze the lemon, yeah. And you just have the lemon rind left. Yeah, I just throw the lemon right in vinegar like in a big bucket of vinegar and just Let it sit for days and days. And then when I need the vinegar, I'll pour the vinegar into the all purpose bottle. The sprayer right. Does that make sense? So it's like no, that's absolutely like lemon diffuse vinegar.

Ali Murphy 20:12
Perfect. Yeah. And it reuses that piece of that lemon that you were gonna throw away. Exactly anyways. Yep. Love it. Hawaii's Best is passionate about ecotourism and sustainability. So how do your products and mindset of just ingredients positively impact the environment, which I feel like we've touched on a little bit, but

Karalynne Call 20:34
yeah, that and that is something that we're working on, as well as so many companies are out there trying to work on that, like we've changed all our while we've never changed. We created all our packaging, like the boxing and the little peanuts are biodegradable and everything's recyclable. Things like that. So I know companies are trying to work on their packaging, and we're trying to even find like deodorant bottles that are you know better than plastic. We do the glass serum bottles. So I know we're trying other companies are trying our ingredients are nothing harmful to the environment or anything like that. And so ingredient wise, were great on that. And it's just always the actual product that, you know that they use that is really hard for people but, but I was really happy to see how easy it was to find eco friendly shipping products. And so that was that's a plus to know, oh, people are really working on this. So that was fun to see.

Ali Murphy 21:32
Yeah, that's great. Any traveling tips on how to travel clean or with less, maybe less waste or reusable items? Well, the traveling tips that I give

Karalynne Call 21:46
that have to do more with eating so right that's perfect. People think that once they travel, their diet has to go down the hill or you know, they just get to eat whatever where in reality, every place that you travel to has good restaurants and Places that serve whole food items and so I love to just google where we're at. And you know, put in healthy restaurant or something like that or write small local owned healthy restaurant, those are fun to go to the little small ones, you know. And it's so fun going and seeing how people use organic fruits and vegetables and are using different methods sustainability, even in their restaurant. And I tell people take it as an adventure when you're out traveling, like find those healthy places and make that part of your adventure of traveling.

Ali Murphy 22:32
Right. And in Hawaii, that's a huge movement is farm to table and a lot of the products people use, even if they're disposable. They're biodegradable, disposable and stuff like that. But you have to venture off the beaten path and try something new that might something that you might only try in Hawaii,

Karalynne Call 22:51
right you know, and rather than your you know, chain restaurants go find exactly local restaurants and they're always amazing and so good. So right.

Ali Murphy 22:59
Yes. Absolutely, yeah. So we saw that it was funny to us. We were in Honolulu, a couple months back for the travel bureau conference. And we happen to stay in Honolulu, which we don't normally do. And it was funny to walk past the chain restaurants and they're just like, there's a weight out the door, and we're walking past those chain restaurants to go to, you know, some of our favorites. And it was just hilarious to me because I was thinking I was like, but you could be you could go to that at home, right? I was telling my husband I was like, well, maybe they can't maybe they're in rural and, you know, some of these changes are, you know, two or three hours away from them. Who knows, but still, it's funny to walk past and go, Why are you eating there? You could eat there anytime. Yes, my perspective because we're in suburbia, and most of those restaurants are within 40 minutes of us. Right, right. So what's next for just ingredients? How can people find you How can people find your products

Karalynne Call 24:00
They can find me on Instagram. I just got ingredients. I also have a Facebook page, and we're just starting up so it's pretty small but I'm venturing into Facebook hopefully into YouTube pretty soon. Then I have a website just ingredients.us we're working on more products right now. More sense of deodorants more. I don't want to give away everything that we're working on. Right. We've got some bath salts coming out we've got

in the works.

Ali Murphy 24:31
That's good to hear though. We love your products that our house so I definitely use your deodorant. We have the face here and we have the face scrub. And like I said, our little one she like loves that face, sir. She has to come in and get her face through Him every day.

Karalynne Call 24:45
That's awesome. I am a huge believer that your skin is your largest organ and so make products that feed your skin that feed that Oregon and so all of them if someone a little kid were to eat it wouldn't harm them. in any way, you know what I mean? Like if she were does it or something just because they are has but

Ali Murphy 25:05
yeah carpet I don't think appreciated as much as her skin would have. Right. Exactly. All right. Well, thank you so much. Thank you so much.

Bryan Murphy 25:14
Well, it's one thing Carlin again for her time and for sharing some of those amazing tips with all of us and I hope that you're able to take away a few of those. And like I mentioned, you can go to live Hawaii's best.com slash Episode 28 and you'll be able to find all the links mentioned in this episode. I just want to leave you with another word of encouragement to continue to stay strong, and to make your well being a priority during this time. Let's continue to press forward and learn during this time. And until next time, be well, Aloha.

Hawaii's Best 25:51
Thanks for listening to Hawaii's Best podcast. Stay up to date on future episodes be sure to hit the subscribe button and find At live Hawaii's best.com

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