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Have you ever wanted to learn how to surf? Or what about sharping up on your skills? No matter what level you’re at, Pata Sudaka Surf Camps is a great way to accomplish that dream of becoming a surfer.

While at the camp you’ll meet some of the most incredible people from around the world. Pata Sudaka is great for solo-travellers as well as couples who are vacationing on Oahu

In this episode, you’ll learn tips on how to read the ocean and some basic island etiquette reminders. This all-inclusive surf camp and yoga adventure may need to move to the top of your bucketlist.

In addition to learning how to surfing, Pata Sudaka becomes your tour guide as you experience the isladn of Oahu like never before.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00

When I came for the first time I wish so but to me like it took me years to know what I what we know and know how you know, like, where to go What, what is the sound out, you know, and I see so many people

Bryan Murphy 0:11

Daniel is the co founder of patents Hidaka surf camps. Patterson dock his mission is to give you an all inclusive surf camp experience. They'll literally pick you up at the airport and take you around the island and drive you to the best beaches and take you on the most epic hike, and then drop you back off at the airport and everything in between is you get to learn about Hawaii's rich culture. And Daniel and his team do that by taking you around the island of a wahoo to all the great places and beaches that the island has to offer. If you're traveling all the way as a solo traveler, this might be a great option for you to connect to other solo travelers around the world. So stay tuned. Let's cute music.

Unknown Speaker 0:57

Aloha Welcome to Hawaii's Best podcasts, learn the stories behind Hawaii's Best experiences, influencers and businesses. Discover everything that makes Hawaii the Aloha state. And now your host, Brian Murphy.

Bryan Murphy 1:14

Well, welcome to another episode of Hawaii's Best podcast where we explore Hawaii's Best experienced his businesses and influencers. We get to hear his story from the people behind them. We got episode five, and today we're going to hear from Veronica and Daniel from Pettis udoka surf camp on Oahu. They also have a surf camp located in Ecuador. But today we're gonna be focusing on just their surf camp on a wahoo. And as we start to unpack the surf camp, I think you're going to quickly see that this surf camp has so much to offer. And this could be a great option for you if you're traveling to a wahoo in the near future. So stick around because I'll be sharing with you my key takeaways from this episode as well as this week's social media challenge. So let's talk story with Veronica and Daniel from Patta, sudoc.

Unknown Speaker 2:11

Calm, kinda like a new addition to the Basilica. And I'm mainly for security of social media. I teach yoga, I help with the surfaces, and kind of sort of making sure that everybody's happy or the calves sort of like your house is outside. So helping with food in the morning, as insert, yeah, organize anything, repairing things The following day, if we go out for

Unknown Speaker 2:41

guiding people, making sure everybody's happy, having a good time. How long have you been on the team? A year maybe, maybe more like a year, but like in Hawaii since September?

Unknown Speaker 2:53

Okay. So I have a lot of things going on. You know, like beside yoga, the food Venture the suit, you know, like, the place beside is logistic. We have also marking on how to make vision is a great thing to do but you know, you need to spread it spread the boys. He came, Veronica, you know we found her doing this yoga and this may seem a smoothie balls, you know?

Unknown Speaker 3:24

I'm like a little bit of everything.

Bryan Murphy 3:25

How'd you guys survive with otter?

Unknown Speaker 3:27


Bryan Murphy 3:32

Right. What about you Daniel a little bit about yourself? What are you up to?

Unknown Speaker 3:36

I born in Ecuador. I've been in Hawaii for years. And you know, a lot of different kind of jobs here and then I found myself to work as a food guy. Now also, some Airbnb, you know, like taking these people for you know, places around the world. some point we thought, you know, trying to make the dream through Yeah, like but to leave for something like Big Thank you happy, you know like you're out there what I love about you guys, it's such an experience package like you kind of incorporate some of the tour guide into it. But you're going all over the place, maybe talk a little bit about kind of the business model and the how it started these stars. Actually, I like to share, I like to share I like to be a hostess you know, I also a lot I love surfing my whole life I've been surfing, I'm like 10 years old, you know. So it's a passion and this kind of very word says make the first wave of the people you know, like always remind me to my first wave. Let's say I think everybody who have served remember never,

Unknown Speaker 4:46

never forget.

Unknown Speaker 4:48

People very happy and you claim it

Unknown Speaker 4:50

and you know, like, you know the ccrc you say Brian, you know it's really tough in any kind of package or company or whatever you want to call it out there. For him that we have, right yeah, I got like a very beautiful house in the North Shore in the countryside. No, not sure maybe you can say that all day or in a hostel mine always food and also here, we have a beautiful location. We know exactly where we go. We know that the best way the best breaks, when it's a good time to go to the world. That's a good time with dolphins when it's a good time, you know, to run or to do precis hikes or just easy hike. So besides feet, people think of me what I like to bounce from jumping, the surf analyzing, surf analyzing, you know, because at the end of the day, we watch all the videos that we have served.

Unknown Speaker 5:43

Yeah, there's always somebody filming the people surfing, so especially the classes so we kind of get local surf school involved with you know,

Unknown Speaker 5:54


Unknown Speaker 5:55

like of course we are, you know, voted to helping out and then somebody from the team On the land and taking videos and pictures, and then later in that day we kind of watch it all like we get together. And we watch it and it's great because people like to connect with people and it's really funny when you see it before I realized it was having great time then you know, we see people catching waves and so it's great for improving surfing because you can well they can see what they're doing wrong. And they can you know, build up from that to be able to sort of discuss like what things they can work on and what they've done great and I just really the best

Bryan Murphy 6:32

that's incredible guys, you just you don't hear about that you don't see that it's

Unknown Speaker 6:36

so importantly it definitely helps people surfing as well. Like you can see such progress from the first day till the last day, just you know based on the survey, because they can really see what they did doing and water

Bryan Murphy 6:47

from your website. I just want to read kind of like what the package includes because I just thought this is this is amazing. So it's 10 days. The private beach house countryside of the island Professor surpluses that you talked about with video analyzing yoga sessions delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch experience allaahu Adventures like snorkeling hiking, and visit all four sides of the eyelids. And this is probably my favorite part right here. A barbecue farewell party with Hawaiian food.

Unknown Speaker 7:26

You know, like, the crazy thing like is very efficient to always try to the campus to go for a good face or a good back or good obstacles, you know, and maybe, you know, somehow I'm way I'm you know, just fresh from the ocean No, by And anyway, you know, we also have our own garden. So we take the spices from the garden, you know, very good.

Unknown Speaker 7:47

Yeah, we tried to make really sort of healthy food like crazy, tastes delicious, which has been making the game and it's well balanced that people really do have sort of the fuel they need because there is a lot of activities Make sure to have the energy to do it and I was done it was going to be sustainable. So there are various ways and and yeah, use the organic foods that grow in the garden, the Spearfish, like catch.

Bryan Murphy 8:14

I also noticed on your site too, you talked a little bit about, it's about this experience, but you're also with some of the local. Oh, yes, thank you. But also you're doing some cleanup and educating and with threes as well. Maybe talk a little bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 8:31

One of the important things not like we, we are aware is really like how tourism also damaged places you know, like a really contaminate and all these you know, so we've got to be more environmentally friendly and also bring sustainable the way how we do it, you know, we try to expect you to do at least a clean up by camp also teaching by by macro Plastic we work with a with a foundation for a Keiko foundation they take care of sharks they take care of the manta rays and they work with ocean one ocean diving where we then the teachers are able to listen because it's really a reality and besides we recycling the camp you know everything of plastic metal of separate thing. We also use we cooperate with this brand a lot because sports is extremely local graph from the nasza or like mineral sunscreen. It's you know, we don't wish to buy our sunscreen, but we always check whether people have to like impression to like drink their individual document seen on all the ones we tell them. That's garbage.

Unknown Speaker 9:57

We also

Unknown Speaker 10:00

by x from farms in the west side with

Unknown Speaker 10:04


Unknown Speaker 10:07

Molly is Miley Cyrus Miley Shaka x Yeah. And I mean like to be as much as expendable as we can we

Unknown Speaker 10:18

were trying to teach people that say with

Unknown Speaker 10:23

schools as a local school because you know this is our place we are nobody to compensate the play so we try to we work with so much closer on the North Shore from one school to the south shore another that way so when

Unknown Speaker 10:40

everybody's happy

Bryan Murphy 10:43

but maybe speak into that a little bit for so someone coming to the islands for the first time. What is what is something in your guys's opinions like, Hey, this is something you just want to be aware of like speaking to that respect. Maybe speaking to some things of etiquette or anything Like that, that would be good to know prior to coming,

Unknown Speaker 11:03

this is you know, like I, in my, in my normal job as a tour guide, you know, we work with other local guys and actually one one special guy. Sure, which we take care of turtles. So we always know like pulling the role no separate the people you know, explaining them and and the first thing they say is respect that people respect they respect them nature is something that we really try to encourage in person planning about Aloha. You know, like really the aloha spirit and so it's a real thing. Yeah, like people respect you to the Shaka everybody, you know, five, respect to the ankles and to the to an ohana here or family, everybody brothers. You know how we work? It's just about respect on leaves, you know, come back home. You know what a good memory? Don't Don't leave in me freeze here. I guess, frankly, unless we get

Unknown Speaker 12:08

the best we can because sometimes it's very difficult. Right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:12

Little little things self respecting nature, Fantasy Life. So educating them, like EPG go out swimming industry, explaining people, why not to touch them? It's not necessarily because they get fine, but it's really not healthy. But animals. Can I do get him about that too? And they're like, keeping distance, you know, we are coming through any notion. And as they were saying, so when we can be the beach cleaner, and just get people really aware that it's, you know, it's an issue and like, anybody can help to eliminate the pollution and stuff. And genuinely, I think people are quite aware. They kind of know and everybody seems to be really keen like to participate and our

Unknown Speaker 12:54

our guests. Yes, yeah. I think that's a cool thing about our tooling. You know, like I don't know, maybe I'm alone. I mean, both years I like to consider myself a Hawaiian even if I love to learn about the Hawaiian culture, I still do a lot of this I'm not even modeling some of it. How I'm boys but

Unknown Speaker 13:16

yeah, a lot of stories. All the title

Unknown Speaker 13:22

is something unique, you know, like, when you go from yourself and you go we have a car, you can rent your car, you can go around there, you're gonna see it with us because we're also tour guides, we know the lead and you know, Phyllis chair the lay of the land of the gentleman, how do you know like, all these little of the flower of the you know, like some of the reduced now Parker you know, like to for the goals, you know, for the for the Walker. But wow, you know what I mean? stuff like that, like, I know. Thank

Bryan Murphy 13:59

you. you incorporate some of that into the camp yeah

Unknown Speaker 14:04

that's cool because you know like our normal day would be and but only can make these delicious breakfasts

Unknown Speaker 14:11

Of course

Unknown Speaker 14:12

like seven in the morning

Unknown Speaker 14:14


Unknown Speaker 14:17

in the morning so I'm gonna go a fever thing and then you know they we may we can stretch a little and then not like some of the breakfast There we go. After surfing, we come back home, we ate something on home lunch, and then we go for adventures. So all tourists you know, like something something we don't go for. Maybe it's a short hike, but we go I don't know we go all the sites and we know we are trying to explain here there we go. Where am I now Oh, we got these places like people normally will not do it and you go Yes, in the tool box, you know, of course. respectful. I know the statue. This is

Unknown Speaker 14:58

like the best time so normally when we Picking places that's when Daniel

Unknown Speaker 15:06

and seeing being you know, playing someone who lay lay.

Unknown Speaker 15:18

Right? is like a fun thing you know, like, people are like baking dancing hula dance is like, you know, the whole thing about purpose. The whole mindset on the project is like friends hanging out. It's not really I mean, if we could if we could not make money and just do before leaving, it will be amazing when charged

Unknown Speaker 15:47

to leave, right? Because

Unknown Speaker 15:52

then people in the world come here. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 15:55

I think love it.

Unknown Speaker 15:58

from Europe, you know Sweet sweets in Germany friends, can we have room for Sweden for up to them or Australia?

Unknown Speaker 16:09

United States,

Unknown Speaker 16:11

it's really cool to get to know everybody then getting to know each other.

Unknown Speaker 16:16

And in the house, we also have all the toys, you know, like we have in the board and the people table and the slackline. Yeah, they're

Unknown Speaker 16:27

all the important thing.

Bryan Murphy 16:31

Maybe talk a little bit about that. This is experience for,

Unknown Speaker 16:35

you know, like, actually, it's funny you asked him, because, I mean, definitely. You have to be if it was our requirements. Yeah. You gotta be at least 18. Then after that, it's like there's no age limit. I mean, if you are 65 and you want to come, sir, I will not say no to you, but mostly of the people who Come here, we'll sell in between 1840 before. I mean, the youngest one was 18 once the oldest one was maybe like 4546. And but the average is in between 2228 20 some 32, you know, big enough? 30 That's cool. You know, I've been in there everybody.

Bryan Murphy 17:28

As far as maybe like surfing experience, then like, Whoa, is there a requirement for that? No.

Unknown Speaker 17:34

90% of our customer service.

Unknown Speaker 17:37

Yeah. Yeah. Like, we can split it. So we normally do ask people, when when they register, we send them a form to see whether they're beginner intermediate, and mostly people say that beginner or they do say like, yeah, I've serve, I know what I'm doing. But once we get them in the water, we can, you know, we can see what their level really is. So after a few days, we kind of figure out where the person is at and we try to To separate it into two groups. So once there is somebody that's like really, really beginner, they go wild with the local surf schools repeaters and to stay with them. And if you have people that kind of know what they're doing, they want to try to bigger ways or you know, further out in your stuff. That's when we sort of get involved and we just take them out. Yeah, and then it's more likely coaching. So we will, you know, we won't be pushing them into waves, we just love them. Waves help help them take waves actually pray.

Unknown Speaker 18:26

I'm laughing because nobody wants to say that I begin. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:34

And then we do some trials, a different day of introduction, we, we also explained him a lot about safety with the rubber currents, with the double door like how was going to happen, you know, like, something's gonna push you we're gonna hear they're happy if you fail. You know what to do, how to ask for help. All these Vanguard, we have never had any problem and even Nobody knows. So it's good to have a camera outside because the cameras always checking everybody

Unknown Speaker 19:07

beside you for filming. Yeah. So a Yeah, you know something going on so you know,

Unknown Speaker 19:15

it just felt you know, before we go in the water sort of advocates in explaining people once there's somebody in a way try to just not open away unless they go straight or yeah just sort of explained to be aware they pull up the boards to come up with their hands first so they don't get hit by the board to make sure that they're safe out there to you, especially people that are very new to surfing you know, approach every person when we see they can improve something and we tell them Oh, try this you know, this works for you. So there is a lot of like personal approach, which is really good because you really get the attention so people can learn. Yeah, sort of Oh, you all doing this try and change. It's like Oh, you're doing this try and this instead and then approaching out a person Oh, you doing this robot. You can work on that thing.

Bryan Murphy 19:57

In your guys's opinion. What are some things that you're Looking for before you get into the water you're reading the waves What are maybe a few tips to prep yourself for you get in my advice. My thing I fully like surface strong

Unknown Speaker 20:14

Don't be fluffy in the water try to really make you want to not be against something like become a dog and go the ocean or the ocean can yes movie around whatever they want to be a strong you know don't be and this is one of the things that we said also in the in the video and we say okay, chest up no straw.

Unknown Speaker 20:37

So we watch some videos, we've talked to people, we try this pop ups, we talk about health and safety and water. And you just genuinely sort of how to pop up how to pitch ways how to paddle. So we give people a little bit of an insight before we go in the water and then once we get to the beach. We do it's fun like see there is a current here. Why is that here? to peak more advanced 30 out and weeks on how to pedal you know to get out get caught inside this catch wave coming, dude

Unknown Speaker 21:09

come on do it Come on go oh yeah these oh come on no really power we are very passionate to

Bryan Murphy 21:16

do on the shore like yeah we know you're doing it wrong you're doing it wrong we try

Unknown Speaker 21:24

to support you there and all your friends call your father.

Unknown Speaker 21:27

Yes. He says father we like ohana like family when we hang out there. And always, you know I always make sure that if there was a program for people to tell us that deluxino laid in front of everybody. They can always approach as this because

Unknown Speaker 21:41

it really freed me up the main thing of our soup GM which is the name but the sudak

Unknown Speaker 21:50

was like I

Unknown Speaker 21:53

don't know how to say yeah, it's really funny

Unknown Speaker 21:59

to say I have a whole super cool been meaning like pasta in Spanish. It's like a it's a leg. It's an animal leg. But you can say You can also set your own leg all right fair. Well, a part of my pata hurts. But we call pata slang also a friend who you need for something because you know, like one leg up I don't want to walk. You know, give me one path to walk really. So a pass is like someone like you need for a specific purpose like mostly Veronica to come on be my partner to go surfing now 5 billion Mr. Lesko. Hey, you know you call you know your best friend bro. You know like my girlfriend. Come on, come on, be my father to drink tonight. You know like something Oh, my like a bar. homie you know like, but it's more someone for the purpose of Hold on, we can rely on father to go to Hawaii. And the reason was 90% of our guests are solo fathers. Okay. You know, they go by, they come by itself. So they need a partner to come to Hawaii. So we are the partners. You know, we are the friend, as I love it. Yeah. It's cool. Yeah. It's kind of like over the bottom. Come on, come on. Let's go. This is how we talk to each other, we're going to count as Suda essentially slang for Southern American. So instead of said, Oh, I'm from South America, he said, Oh, this guy sadaqa which, which is in one country in one, because recently offensive I heard after. But for us in Ecuador. You know, this is kind of cool. It's like a coolest slack. We don't get offended. So it's a better soccer channel like this American friends, I'm going to combine it and that's America, because we also have Do surf camps in Ecuador beside Hawaii. Okay, is that experience very similar to that of Hawaii? Yeah, very similar. You know, like, you know, the water in Ecuador is also very, it's also very warm, and the way are very good, but it's also a tropical place. Going on some mango and avocado, you know, it's very close to the equator. This Africa, we have a lot more salads a different experience. I'm laughing. A lot of us are dancing, you know, so ha, no. That time, you know, so we normally do the surf camps here. Once a month, 10 days or so people can come for seven days for five days minimum. But we we do encourage people to come 10 days because it's the entire program. A computer and it's very worth it. You know, like Much to see there's so much to see you know that you know like Hawaii we've gone for two weeks if nothing then days people have walked in this past already. Yeah, yeah. We you know we've been surfing and going and waterfalls going to go up the mountain dive you know? You Yeah. Or if you don't have a when do you offer the camp is a year round or seasonal or with change but this year we are doing may every we have an summer July. We have October, November, December. Okay, so we are we're not doing either September. I mean, we did that on September but it's already full. Now. We have April, May, July, October, November, December. Okay. Okay. I hear for some people that sometimes they're surprised about the price, right. We charge 2500 for the 10 days. You know, Hawaii, and even my partner something he's done a little you know, but when you do the numbers, component with experience, it's like a really, really good price just to say, you know, with the people who come to Hawaii on like, their travels. So the show so far, because you know, we're in the middle of the Pacific. So you want to be sure you have a good time, you know, you can stay in the doors, you're in a beautiful house in front of the beach, or you can stay awake again, the wholesale sharing with both people.

Unknown Speaker 26:34

It's a different experience,

Unknown Speaker 26:36

as well as if people want to do it

Unknown Speaker 26:41

separately by booking tours or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 26:46

Yeah, you know the time though, the last

Unknown Speaker 26:52

thing as well is that sometimes in places just follow, you pay prices to look forward but then you get there. have to

Unknown Speaker 27:04

say that it's all

Unknown Speaker 27:08

yeah. I hate

Unknown Speaker 27:11

you know Nike for what we've seen in the past, you know, the food that these they all this session experience even you know like sometimes when we go on the west side day because we will north, south, east and west, we visit all sides of every South Island. And you know, to the west side, nobody goes we go How do we know where to go? And then we will look for dolphins, which is not bright enough for stuff like this, you know? Soon with all your friends and clear water and feel safe you know, rest of your life. You take that experience. Yeah, you can't

Bryan Murphy 27:49

put it. Yeah, I'm curious. So what about you guys? Like what are your some of your guys's favorite spots

Unknown Speaker 27:56

on the island for surfing North Shore, but also South Shore. I like a lot man you know we have very good swells and thousand rice balls I surf a lot though and all this you know like highway like Panama Panama everyone is so beautiful here the other day I was on my way past you know like you see the people there but you know we went we went very far in so beautiful and karma you know suddenly you'll see some fishes like they're so colorful and then the the turtle and Amina you're in the middle of a crater you're inside the crater now this is and then you go Waimanalo with the the water is so clear that the sand is is super fine and why dissolve then you go to Bali highway and do the Luma hotel beautiful bamboo forest with a beautiful waterfall you know Then you go, like, beautiful, you know, and then you find a token and somewhere Your friend is drink. I'm like this. I'm always

Unknown Speaker 29:10

like we got it.

Unknown Speaker 29:12

Every time we go we have pineapple and coconut. I love

Unknown Speaker 29:17

pineapple for the people after surfing after something pineapple, you know? Oh yes, open a coconut and during the day I open a coconut with a Swiss knife, or all the Swiss gales were like oh my god. Yeah. Let's go good every day, even if I see this mountain, these ocean every day because I'm a third guy. So I go a lot around the island. Every time it's so beautiful. It's so beautiful everywhere. I figured it's so nice.

Unknown Speaker 29:51

I like each side for different reasons. So I was like Waikiki if I need to shop and I want to party I feel like isolated on the other side. He's a bit of like people and buildings.

Unknown Speaker 30:03

Not sure for ways Sure, sir.

Unknown Speaker 30:09

Then I really love to eat by the high end of each day. It is. I think that's

Unknown Speaker 30:16

so high

Unknown Speaker 30:18

Yeah, so hi so each time that kind of stuff in in the west side I would normally

Unknown Speaker 30:26

get away from

Unknown Speaker 30:28

there yes, it is we do so there was a wave in the nurture Yeah, it's so good to have you know, we don't get served very good. No, it's a very for the girls in the camp. It's very cool to see or do not like a girl charging they're like going big wave. etc. You know, it gives me motivation. Yeah, yeah, no, I'm those things I want to say.

Unknown Speaker 30:51

Yeah. And I like the girls to know like girls.

Bryan Murphy 30:59

Tell people How they can find out more about you guys and where they can go.

Unknown Speaker 31:03

Okay, so I think generally, most information exactly

Unknown Speaker 31:11

what we do, there's a little section for each thing we focus on. And then of course, like an Instagram story too, especially when you run into camps that are like almost daily.

Unknown Speaker 31:24

Almost, I think during the club, it's almost like people are just there when they're washed experience, which we do a lot in real time. All the time, sort of little bit

Unknown Speaker 31:36

by the players, Facebook, videos,

Unknown Speaker 31:43

videos, I mean, to be honest, round, you go to a website, that's our email that is our phone numbers are like super. Yeah, we are. We want to keep like this. You cannot get more than 10 people in a survey. But that's the only thing Max of 10 max okay yeah we don't want it to be like something here we're gonna be asked if you call to the number in the website is my number what's up How you doing?

Unknown Speaker 32:13

It's not like Hi welcome to

Unknown Speaker 32:18

number one for around ago These are his holidays and things like that you know like really how the local experience with someone you know with like no like as like we are we love what we do and you know we just want to share this with people and and and many people have the experience of surfing and I look these beautiful things because as I said when I came for the first time I wish someone told me like it took me years to know what I we know they know how you know like first of all what what is easier faster this and that you know and I see so many people here wake up. Yes Really maps all the time. Yes. You know, like the Know where they are. And yeah, nearly everyday as a true guy, you know, people tend to be our vacation. Thank you so much. I went to visit Switzerland in the summertime. With our friend there. A lot of people they went to the camp went to see me and you know, our beer was amazing to see all these people, like now like friends not like fire. Because it's such a personal experience. As I said, it's not like the farmer. It's like yeah, it's not like this. Like, like that, like all see, like, whatever it's like, as making it happen, you know, a

Unknown Speaker 33:37

good time, everybody.

Bryan Murphy 33:39

Yeah, I just want to thank you guys. Um, you probably, I'm sure by now maybe realize but the impact not just like creating these experiences and memories, but you're impacting lives. And that is huge. I mean, that's got to give so much purpose to what you do. Right.

Unknown Speaker 33:59

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, shout it out.

Bryan Murphy 34:03

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much. Hello, Lola. Well, I just want to thank Veronica and Daniel again for coming on today's episode. And to find out more about pattice udoka. Go to patterns, Hidaka, surf trips calm. We'll link that in the show notes as well, to find all the info and all the links mentioned in today's podcast, go to live Hawaii's Best comm slash Episode 005. Well, my key takeaways from my conversation with Veronica and Daniel were simply this. It's so obvious that that their heart is about creating a great experience and to sharing the island of Oahu with anyone who comes to their surf camps. And what's also great about their camp is that is great for people of all levels of expertise in surfing, and it's also great for someone who's travelling to the islands as a solo traveler. I can also See this being great for couples as well. So, to find out when their next opening is just go to their website pattice udoka surf trips.com or you can follow them on Instagram at pattice Hidaka underscore surf camp. So here's today's social media challenge of the week is to go to our Instagram page Hawaii's Best give us a follow and tag us in one of your images and be entered in to a chance to be shouted out on our Instagram stories. So until next time, be well, Aloha.

Unknown Speaker 35:36

Thanks for listening to Hawaii's Best podcasts. Stay up to date on future episodes, be sure to hit the subscribe button and follow us on Instagram at Hawaii's

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