Episode 103: Supporting Lahaina’s Artists After Tragedy: Patrick Parker’s Campaign for Maui’s Artist Community

by | Aug 30, 2023

Join host Bryan Murphy as he delves into the struggles faced by local artists in Lahaina, Maui, focusing on the impact that the fires have made. Through a conversation with Maui artist Patrick Parker, you’ll gain insight into the challenges and losses experienced by artists in the community.

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Learn how, out of aloha and love for the community, Patrick’s GoFundMe campaign has helped Lahaina artists to keep creating. Find out in this gripping episode of Hawai’s Best podcast.

What we discuss with Patrick Parker:

  • The implications of current events on the creative life of local artists on Maui.
  • How Maui’s art community’s steadfast passion and determination keep it flourishing.
  • Learn about Lahaina artists’ empowering tool in the form of Patrick Parker’s GoFundMe campaign.
  • The process and criticality of commission work in artists’ sustenance and artistic expression.
  • The concept of responsible tourism on Maui and understanding why it holds a pivotal role in the island’s preservation.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit hawaiisbesttravel.com/art to directly access the GoFundMe page for Lahaina artists affected by the fires.
  • Support local businesses and artists on Maui by buying their art or dining at local restaurants.
  • Consider commissioning a piece of art from Patrick Parker or another artist to support their work and passion.
  • Share the GoFundMe link and spread the word about supporting the art community in Lahaina.

The previous episode with Patrick Parker.

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Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy

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