Episode 92: Kelly Boy DeLima of Kapena: A Life Infused with Hawaiian Music and Culture

by | Jun 21, 2023


Get ready to ride the waves while we jump on the Raggae Train of Hawaiian and music as we talk story with the legendary Kelly Boy DeLima, founder and leader of the group Kapena.

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Kelly Boy takes us on a journey through his life growing up in Waianae, Makaha, and Waikiki – sharing unforgettable experiences like surfing at Turtle Beach and exploring Kaena Point. Join us to discover the rich history, traditions, and magic that make Hawaii one of the most incredible places in the world.

In this heartwarming conversation, Kelly Boy shares his impressive musical career, from winning Brown Bags in 1984 to securing numerous Na Hoku Hanohano awards. We gain valuable insight into his songwriting process and the inspiration behind his song ‘Kalena Ku,’ written for his daughter.

Kelly Boy’s immense pride in Hawaiian culture shines through as we discuss the importance of family and legacy in his life and career.

Kelly Boy reveals his story of transitioning from his original group to the family band and how Tonga’s culture and family importance heavily influenced this decision. Hear about his experiences as a coach for his kids, pushing them to hone their musical talents, and how it all worked out in the end.

Don’t miss this captivating conversation that truly highlights the beauty of Hawaii’s culture, history, and music. Mahalo!

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